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THC vs CBD: Differences and Benefits

Cannabis contains more than 100 cannabinoids. However, there are two that are the main and the most popular ones. These two cannabinoids differ in effects and legal status. We talk about THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). Each one produces something different and contributes both to the sensation that marijuana produces and its therapeutic applications. Knowing both compounds allows you to better choose the variety when growing, as well as knowing what to look for according to whether you want something recreational or medicinal. The other components can also influence our body, but they are more difficult to isolate and we know less about their possible effects.


Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most abundant compound in Cannabis sativa, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. CBD possesses some unique capabilities that THC cannot match. It is also the main ingredient in CBD oil, an increasingly popular wellness supplement.THC is the main compound in Cannabis sativa. Concentration aside, THC’s fame stems from its psychotropic side effects.

While CBD can influence well-being without major side effects, THC interacts with specific regions of the brain and causes a feeling of euphoria that temporarily affects the way we think and feel. In other words, CBD does not contain any psychoactive component and does not make you high. Many products used to relieve pain or to take care of your skin contain CBD. CBD products, like the purest CBD oil for a healthy lifestyle, are getting more and more popular day by day. In contrast, THC is the principal psychoactive component of the plant.  

Benefits of CBD

Pain Relieving Effect

CBD is incorporated in many products that are used daily. Soaps, lotions, oils, and other skincare goods are highly recommended to relieve pain. People that have used these oils or lotions claim that they felt pain alley nearly immediately after the use. It is believed that CBD containing products reduce muscular, chronic pain, alley painful effects of chemotherapy and similar therapies. 

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression have an impact on our mental health causing also physical disorders. CBD containing oils are recommended as an alternative treatment for both depression and anxiety. Many users of CBD oils claim that drugs prescribed to treat anxiety and depression have many side effects, meanwhile, CBD does not have any known negative effect and acts faster than medical drugs. CBD acts on the brain’s receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior.

Treats Insomnia

While talking about insomnia some issues should be considered. CBD containing oils have a positive effect on insomnia when it is caused by external effects. Grogginess is a symptom of insomnia. CBD also affects positively grogginess which is one of the causes of insomnia. Thus it can be stated that CBD improves sleep because it tackles the root causes of insomnia. Research is being done to find out how CBD really works as a sleeplessness reducing component. 

Reduce Acne

Nearly 10% of the population is affected by acne. It is a skin condition and sometimes is really difficult or even impossible to treat. Based on recent scientific studies, CBD oil may help treat acne due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to reduce sebum production.

CBD has many other benefits too, such as reducing heart attack probabilities or anti-tumor effects. 

Benefits of THC 

The benefits of THC are similar to those of CBD. Some of these effects are Pain relief, treatment of muscle spasticity, glaucoma, insomnia. It is also believed that the use of THC can help with insomnia and in low appetite cases. THC is also used to help with anxiety and nausea. Nevertheless, if the choice falls on THC it is very important to consider that THC binds with the cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors in the brain. It produces a high or sense of euphoria (in other words: high). 

How to Consume

Some of the most popular ways of consuming CBD or THC products are through gummies, truffles, mint, and other edible things. Edible products depend on the taste. Some consumers claim not being able to tolerate the weedy taste of the products. 

Another way of consuming is topical. These products are directly applied to the skin. The wide use of CBD in soaps, lotions, oils has huge demand and this demand is rising incredibly year by year. These topicals provide concentrated relief on a particular area where they are applied. 

A popular way to use cannabis containing goods is through vaping and smoking. This method makes the substance go directly to the bloodstream, so the effect is nearly immediate (nearly in 10 minutes you feel the difference).

There are other options as well, like sublingual products. These products are absorbed under your tongue. They can be in the form of sprays, oils, or lozenges. 

Are CBD and THC Legal?

Laws are changing on cannabis very frequently. In the USA many states already allow medical use of THC containing products, nevertheless, according to federal law it is still illegal.  33 states plus Washington, D.C., have passed cannabis-related laws, making medical cannabis with high levels of THC legal. The cannabis may need to be prescribed by a licensed physician. In the states where CBD and THC are legal, you should be able to buy products without difficulty. In Europe, it differs from country to country. The tolerance for cannabis-related crime varies massively from country to country in Europe. This affects the solution of the government on the legality of CBD containing products.

If your choice is to use CBD or THC containing products it is essential to consult a specialist. Because, sometimes, these products can have some side effects, like changes in appetite, diarrhea, dry mouth, dizziness, or nausea. 


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