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When 1606 Original Hemp ships a load, it crosses the country, from the company’s growing facilities in California to its manufacturing plants in New York, and back again. That means crossing dozens of state lines and navigating just as many hemp transport regulations — an overwhelming prospect.

And it's more than 1606 Original Hemp wanted to manage on its own, so it turned to specialty carrier 357 Hemp Logistics for help.

Cannabis Stocks Rally To Begin February

A hemp farming business has launched in Wiltshire with a strategy to revive growth of the crop throughout the South West countryside and reduce Britain's carbon footprint.

Operating from a mill in Warminster, the British Hemp Company is the first company to process exclusively UK-grown hemp at scale.

Last year the business secured licenses from the Home Office for 12 growing locations throughout the country, including Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and South Wales.

It hopes to process 150 tons of hemp from 700 and 800 acres over the next year and has unveiled a range of nutrition and body care products, from hemp seed oil to hand balm.

New Frontier Data, a cannabis data, analytics and business intelligence provider, released a new report regarding the future of the cannabis industry. The report reflects the resized market projections following the passing of six cannabis ballot initiatives in five states  — Arizona, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey, and South Dakota — and an analysis of cannabis consumer behaviors driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The announcement that the amount of marijuana in liquid form seized by customs officials in Tokyo in 2020 soared nearly 70 times from the previous year has attracted headlines in a country that still operates a zero-tolerance policy on all forms of narcotics. For Junichi Takayasu, founder of the Hemp Museum, the dramatic media coverage of the figures is deeply unfortunate.

All too often, he says, the Japanese media, local authorities, the police and public simply conflate cannabis with hemp, a crop that has a history that stretches back centuries in Japan, and which Takayasu would like to see once again flourishing in the fields.

Annette and Bruce Wiles are spending the snowy winter selling their hops equipment after six years of selling their fragrant flowers in the brewery supply chain. It was a good experience, Annette says now, and the learning curve has helped get them to where they want to be as the 2021 season opens: primed and ready for hemp cultivation.

Cannabis employment company Vangst recently released its new “Cannabis Industry Salary Guide” and while some news is encouraging, there is still a long way to go for cannabis companies.

As Arizona learns the ropes of legal, recreational marijuana, California has become the expert for preparing for, and adapting to the spike in customers.

Arizona cultivators are going to have to ramp up their marijuana production to keep up while still giving priority to medical patients.


There are now nearly 100 approved recreational licenses in Arizona.

Spencer Andrews, public affair director for March and Ash in Imperial says the dispensary saw a 20% increase in sales since it made the switch in August 2020. Although, it still provides options for medical customers.

Want practical experience growing marijuana, but have no idea how to get a plant? Or just not comfortable growing cannabis at home?

Try stinging nettle, which is a plant that’s distantly related to cannabis and has similar growth patterns.

That’s just one of many workarounds Dana Milstein had to learn as she developed curriculum for UC Riverside’s new extension program focused on cannabis, which is the first program of its kind at a public university in California.

Workers and business owners alike have new insight into the salary ranges and hiring trends for legal marijuana businesses with the release of a new guide from cannabis industry professional recruiting firm Vangst. Now in its third year of publication, the Vangst Cannabis Industry Salary Guide was released on Monday and is available via a free download.

Canadian Cannabis Stocks Rally

Growing cultivation of medical marijuana and exports will be bolstered by the New Democracy government keen to get the economy going after after being driven down hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A proposal presented by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis at a cabinet meeting showed the cannabis would not be subject to the same laws as that sold domestically, which must follow the existing legislation calling for approval by the Hellenic Organization of Pharmaceuticals, said Kathimerini.

Exported products will be solely subject to the laws in the country importing them, the scheme at boosting production and exports, especially in view of increased interest by investors, the report added.

Arizona voters approved the sales of adult use cannabis back in November and by January some providers were able to begin sales. It was called the Smart and Safe Arizona Act or Prop. 207, and it favored existing medical marijuana license holders. The companies that staked a flag in the state for the medical program were in a great position to quickly hit the ground running.


"Historically, this is massive. We're already one of the strongest medical markets in the country, and this is just going to make things bigger," said Pankaj Talwar, CEO of four Sol Flower dispensaries in the Metro Phoenix area.

Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will allow government agencies, private companies, farmers and the public to apply to grow hemp from January 29 after the Public Health Ministry removed the plant species from the category V narcotics list in November.

According to ministerial regulations, the import of hemp seeds for growing will be allowed within five years after being removed from the narcotics list.


“People can apply to grow hemp for any purpose – commercial, medical, educational, research or for traditional use,” said FDA vice secretary-general Supattra Boonserm.

“Hemp fiber and its oil extract are also allowed for use as material or ingredients in the textile, food and beverage, food supplementary, and cosmetics industries,” she said.

France’s Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) has chosen companies that will supply the country’s free medical cannabis pilot program.

In October last year, the French government announced it will be providing up to 3,000 patients with free medical cannabis products – and it won’t be the government picking up the tab, but companies supplying the medicines.

The first few years of a new cannabis market are usually the most lucrative for a cultivation business. Typically, there is great demand and limited supply. New medical markets are met with a growing patient base, while throngs of customers line the sidewalks outside of adult-use dispensaries. In both scenarios, cultivation businesses that launch quickly enjoy early market share and high price points.

Just one day before the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its final rule on hemp, Kentucky Senator Adrienne Southworth introduced legislation in the state to increase the allowable amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in hemp to 1%.

While the USDA’s final rule maintains its 0.3% THC limit, Southworth, who assumed office Jan. 1, is hoping that may still change at the federal level. And if it doesn’t, she’s hoping Kentucky can lead the charge in helping other states make the change at a local level.

Can Marijuana Stocks Continue To Climb In The Market?

For current investors, marijuana stocks represent a high growth industry that is expected to gain substantial momentum in the next five years. In reality, cannabis investors are already seeing revenue growth and gains in the market while investing in the top cannabis stocks.  Since the beginning of November, most of the best pot stock to buy have delivered returns to investors and have continued doing so until cooling down some in yesterday’s trading.

The USA’s National Hemp Association has produced an action plan touching on how hemp can be incorporated into the major climate initiatives identified by the Biden Administration. 

The plan, submitted to the White House, USDA and the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, indicates hemp can play an important role in a number of sectors; including transport, energy, housing and environmental justice. These and others are sectors will receive attention during the first 12 months of the new administration under the Biden-Harris National Climate Action Plan.

Never in my life did I expect to become an entrepreneur. For more than 20 years, I worked as a licensed compounding pharmacist. But in 2013, everything changed. I learned about CBD when I was introduced to it by my friend and talented entrepreneur, Arby Barroso, who struggled with health issues. He thought CBD could help, so I started making simple CBD oils and topicals for Arby and my friends and family. 

I was thrilled to see how much health and happiness it brought to their lives. It was incredibly fulfilling to use my expertise to create products from scratch and then see their impact. As word of mouth spread, I knew I had to leave my previous career behind and launch Green Roads.