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Cannabis products firm Love Hemp hit by Trading Suspension

Temporary de-list imposed in addition to £100,000 fine reduced to £70,000.

Cannabis-based products business Love Hemp has been slapped with a £100,000 fine and de-listed from alternative market Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) due to a fundraising issue. 

The company backed by two-time world heavyweight champion boxer Anthony Joshua specialises in cannabis oil (CBD) and other hemp products, including  edibles and capsules, and has now agreed to pay a reduced fee of £70,000 after falling foul of an AQSE investigation. 

What new Federal Investments in THC Breathalyzers mean for the Future of Testing

Even with elaborate and accurate equipment, there are likely to be many legal battles fought over how legitimate the equipment is.

As marijuana becomes legal and regulated in many states, law enforcement is often struggling to keep up with the times. There is definitely a learning curve when something that was illegal suddenly becomes legal, and this is particularly true with marijuana. In fact, determining whether someone is under the influence of cannabis remains a difficult thing to prove in a court of law.

Study shows people who use Cannabis are more likely to consume Nicotine Products

The study, published in the American Journal on Addictions, is among the first to examine nicotine use among patients of a medical marijuana dispensary.

What are the substances, which enhance one's nicotine addiction? In a first, a study published in the American Journal on Addictions, is among the first to examine nicotine use among patients of a medical marijuana dispensary. According to a study, people who use medicinal cannabis are more prone to consumption of nicotine products than the general population. 

Is this Cannabis Stock going up in Flames?

Innovative Industrial Properties (NYSE: IIPR) -- often referred to as IIP -- quickly became one of the hottest growth stocks in the cannabis industry.

The real estate investment trust (REIT), buys and leases industrial properties to licensed medical marijuana operators. At its peak in February 2021, it had grown 916% in five years.

But its stellar growth has come to a screeching halt. Concern over the legalization of cannabis, followed by a class action lawsuit, and now a default from its largest tenant have pushed shares down 64% from recent highs.

Investors rightfully are wondering if the stock is going up in flames, or if it's bound to recover. Here's what's going on, and where the stock could be headed in the future.

New Mexico has approved 1,000 cannabis licenses in about a year, 40% to minorities

New Mexico has approved more than 1,000 licenses for businesses to manufacture, produce, test and sell cannabis in the first year-plus of the new industry.

The vast majority of those who hold a controlling interest in those businesses — 70 percent — are men, and 67 percent report they are white, according to a presentation Tuesday before lawmakers on the Legislature’s interim Courts, Corrections and Justice Committee.

Thirty-eight percent of those who identified as white also cited some Latino, Hispanic or Spanish origin, according to the report.

What does Good Weed look like?

Good weed has been grown and harvested properly. It has been cured and trimmed well, and doesn’t have any mold, mildew, or contaminants.

Here are some other visual clues to look for. When you go to a dispensary for the first time, it can be hard to know what good weed looks like. A lot of novice cannabis consumers make the mistake of spending too much money on low-quality cannabis because they don’t know what good weed looks like.

By the time you’re done reading this article, you will be able to visually identify high-quality cannabis so that you can make the most out of your dispensary visits.

What does weed look like?

Before we answer the question “what does good weed look like” let’s dive into the basics: “what does weed look like?”

Toronto is getting the World's first Cannabis Store in a major Transportation Hub

Toronto will soon be home to the world’s first cannabis store in a major transportation hub.

Marking a “significant industry milestone,” FIKA is set to open a new flagship location inside Union Station in September.

Located in the Bay Street Promenade, FIKA joins retailers like Sephora in the newly-renovated space.

With the storefront, FIKA’s famed elevated approach to cannabis will be available to over 75,000 local residents and more than 300,000 daily commuters.

“Shopping in a FIKA is unlike any other cannabis store in North America. Our uncompromising approach to service and design makes the experience effortless and enjoyable for anyone – from the novice to the most seasoned cannabis shopper,” said Christopher Kane, COO at FIKA.

North Pole now hiring a trimmer - not for Christmas - for cannabis

SAVANNAH - Even with all of the fall vibes on the horizon, it won’t be long before some are imagining rows upon rows of evergreens standing tall in the North Pole, providing the scent of fresh pine. 

For those who might want to get there early, there is a job opportunity at the North Pole that is available now. However, before heading to the attic in search of those reindeer antlers headbands and matching mittens it might be important to take note.

Frontier Grow Lab, located in the North Pole is currently hiring someone to help them with some trimming, not for Christmas, but for cannabis.

Does Lompoc have too many Cannabis Shops? Some Businesses want a cap

Lompoc leaders could enact a moratorium on new cannabis businesses in the city amid concerns that a glut in the market is resulting in too much competition.

The request for changes comes from existing cannabis businesses which say there are too many pot shops in a city of just 45,000 people, especially at a time when inflation has dampened demand for cannabis and other non-essential items.

Unlike many other municipalities, Lompoc took a laissez-faire approach to commercial cannabis.

“It would vastly change the current ordinance on the books so we want to be very careful about how we move forward on that,” Lompoc Mayor Jenelle Osborne told KSBY.

The city has issued 46 cannabis licenses with another 16 applications pending.

SC Labs Completes rebrand of National Cannabis and Hemp Testing Network

SANTA CRUZ - SC Labs today announced it has rebranded Agricor, Botanacor, and Can-Lab to become one company under the SC Labs name.

The company now offers seamless testing services for cannabis across California, Michigan, Oregon, and Colorado, as well as hemp testing capabilities nationwide. This represents the first stage of expansion that will deliver significant value to multi-state cannabis operators and large wellness brands in need of streamlined and accurate testing across state lines.

Does Cannabis help with recovery after a Workout?

Cannabis is such an effective recovery aid that many professional athletes have secretly used cannabis to help them recover, even when it might have cost them their career.

We all know exercise is good for us. But sometimes we forget recovery is just as important. To get back to the activity you love, you need to recover in an optimal amount of time. The body has natural mechanisms of recovery, but with work, kids and social obligations, sometimes life gets in the way and recovery takes a backseat to training. But if you repeatedly exercise without letting your body recover, you can put yourself in a state of overreaching that can negatively affect your mood and energy levels.

Buckfield voters pass $2.4 million budget Marijuana Ordinance

BUCKFIELD - Residents passed the $2.4 million budget and a new marijuana ordinance in Tuesday's Town Meeting referendum vote, but it was not a good day for incumbents.

The town is one of a few municipalities that holds its Town Meeting with a daylong vote by secret ballot instead of a traditional in-person meeting. That method will continue for at least another year as voters passed a question to continue the referendum format by a 127-117 vote, against the recommendation of the Select Board.

Hemp Production: an intriguing Option for Wisconsin

Our recent story about an area farmer studying the potential for industrial hemp has more implications than what people might realize at a glance. We think this is a potential winner for the state.

Hemp, as most people are aware, is the same basic plant as marijuana. But industrial hemp has much, much less THC in it. You could probably smoke it, but even a joint the size of a telephone poll is going to give you more of a headache than a high.

What hemp does have is an impressive flexibility for industrial use.

University of Idaho partners with Idaho company for research on Hemp Insulation

IDAHO - A partnership between the University of Idaho and a local company Hempitecture is looking to turn the world a little greener by using hemp as an environmentally friendly building material.

Home insulation made out of hemp is what the University of Idaho's Boise-based Integrated Design Lab is testing right now using a $200,000 state grant to research and compare typical insulation materials to hemp insulation created by Idaho-based company Hempitecture.

Cannabis Smuggling on the Decline Between Mexico and U.S.A.

Cannabis advocates have long pointed out that when cannabis is prohibited, people still consume it. That may seem obvious, however, cannabis prohibitionists try very hard to pretend that it’s not the case.

Under prohibition, cartels largely control cannabis sales. That is not to say that every single piece of cannabis is cartel controlled. Surely there are people cultivating small amounts where cannabis is prohibited and presumably some of them are selling it to other people.

In a regulated cannabis system, many consumers and patients will gladly make their purchases at licensed outlets, even if it is a little more expensive compared to unregulated sources.

Hollyweed Launches Delta 8 Flower: Raises the Standards of the Hemp Industry

GLENDALE - Hollyweed, an emerging cannabis beauty and holistic company, has launched its line of products that may help Americans to keep up with their mental, spiritual, emotional and holistic fitness. 

Hollyweed has emerged as the leading company that manufactures cannabinoid and hemp products ever since the Californian Government lifted the ban on cannabis. The famous plant advocate and Multimedia artist Zach Fernandez played an essential role in the company's setup as he changed the famous Hollywood logo to the Hollyweed sign on New Year’s Eve in 2017.

National Cannabis Company will grant over $1 Million to Nonprofits fighting War on Drugs

Green Thumb Industries Inc., the owner of RISE Dispensaries, established a grant program to help organizations seeking to amend the horrific effects of the war on drugs.

According to a company press release, fall 2021 was the initial launch of the Good Green Grant Program. The company aims to donate more than $1 million by the end of the year. It has granted over $500,000 to eight organizations whose focal points are education, employment, and expungement of individuals convicted of selling cannabis.

“We want to reduce the harms caused by the war on drugs,” Jai Kensey, director of social impact for Green Thumb Industries, said to a news outlet.

Investing in cannabis is Becoming a Real Deal

Cannabis is becoming a hot commodity on the stock market.

Recently, Tilray Brands' CEO Irwin Simon, who leads a company that is among the largest cannabis brands on the planet, and one publicly traded on NASDAQ, said he thinks cannabis can become a seriously profitable industry within the United States.

"The U.S. is a $100 billion opportunity in cannabis," Simon told Yahoo Finance.

"If you look at cannabis today in the U.S., 93 percent of Americans want medical cannabis legalized and about 63-65 percent want adult use. Today, it's legal in about 33 states, plus D.C."

CBD Gummies - What Happens When You Consume Them?

GLENDALE - Hollyweed, the California-based platform that excels in hemp plant-based products is now selling the most potent CBD gummies.

For users who are concerned about the after effects of consumption of cannabinoids, CBD gummies are a great place to start. As they do not contain the THC component, people find them more conducive to being taken during social meetings. The positive effects of these edibles are also too hard to ignore. And this website excels at supplying the best quality of edibles out there.

Why other Countries are Legalizing Weed before the US

The US has ample reasons to choose from, but has yet to pick one singular cause strong enough to push the country into a post-prohibition era for marijuana.

Marijuana policy in the United States has been in the news a lot, but often it is the lack of action the country is making that is making headlines. Whether it is the MORE Act floating in limbo and failing, and a strongly worded letter urging a change in marijuana laws to the President from his strongest allies, America’s federal policy on marijuana is not “visionary” at the moment.