Have you recently started your very own cannabis business but don’t really know what you’re doing or how to be successful? Do you want to know what you can be doing to improve your cannabis business to be as successful as possible?

Now is a great time to get into the cannabis industry. The legalization of marijuana in some states has brought their business out of the black market and into mainstream society, making it an excellent time for anyone with entrepreneurial spirits to start their own cannabis business.

Apple no longer prohibits marijuana delivery services from being hosted on its App Store, and Amazon now excludes marijuana from its pre-employment drug screening.

Will more companies start making similar changes and come on board, especially since Wall Street investors are paying more attention to U.S. and Canadian cannabis companies?

Granted, many of these developments, including investing criteria, come with restrictions and stipulations, but as some of the biggest tech companies push for transformation and change, others are sure to follow.

Who Needs a License? New York Weed Dispensaries Are Already Opening

The most hyped weed spot in upper Manhattan right now is a hitched trailer parked on the side of a busy intersection. Approach its dual windows during daylight hours and, under an LED banner, you’ll find two friendly brokers of THC tidings ready to dish out bags of pot or edibles for the correct amount of cash. A whiteboard behind them does not list prices, per se, but “Suggested Donations,” starting at $20. The packages offered in return are thank you “gifts.”

“We don’t sell anything,” says one register operator at Uncle Budd’s weed truck, speaking under a condition of anonymity. “Every donation is going back into the community.”

A group of entrepreneurs and social justice advocates believes it is poised to become Woodstock’s first recreational marijuana dispensary once the state opens applications for licenses for such facilities.

“We want a dispensary that Woodstock could be proud of, and that’s a good neighbor and contributes to the town. We just decided in order to have that we’d have to do it ourselves,” said Eliza Kunkel, who along with Erin Cadigan and Lisa Montanus, hope to open Illuminated Leaf at 33 Rock City Road. Each partner of the all-woman-owned business has specific roles and for now, Kunkel will be in charge of social justice, equity, operations and compliance.

Eighty-six percent of North American family offices report that their wealth increased over 2020 and 2021, well ahead of the global average of 79%, according to a recent study from Campden Research. These family offices’ assets under management grew by 58%, just three percentage points below the global average. 

They were also more likely then family offices elsewhere to say they were investing in cannabis or cryptocurrency, or would consider doing so.

Black Friday is expected to bring in another $88 million, up 71% from daily average sales. It will likely become another top 10 sales day for 2021.The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, sometimes called “Green Wednesday” due to the high cannabis sales figures usually registered on that date, could be the second-highest sales day of the year.

In fact, according to business intelligence from Akerna U.S. cannabis consumers will spend $251 million over the four days around Thanksgiving(11/24-11/27), a 60% increase over daily average sales.


2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch Before December Begins.

Currently, many marijuana stocks are feeling the downside of the battle with federal cannabis reform. Yet this is not all bad news even with the bulk of the sector facing some pullback. Even though in the first 2 weeks of November the sector was showing more upward consistency. Nevertheless, with the sector back down there is another chance to find top marijuana stocks to buy. With bigger support from all parties of congress, federal reform is on its way. Meaning with each party of congress pushing its own bill. So with that in mind, it’s only a matter of time before cannabis prohibition is over.

Wave Rider Standardizes on MegaDrive® LED system by California Lightworks

Pressure on cannabis prices is pushing California greenhouse cannabis cultivators to adopt cutting-edge supplemental lighting technology. This comes as cultivators must also grapple with the impending California Title 24 Energy Code requiring high-efficiency lighting for new indoor and greenhouse operations.

Sunny Salinas California's cannabis cultivator Wave Rider Nursery, which spans 231,000 sq. ft., just standardized on California Lightworks' MegaDrive® LED lighting system. The traditional greenhouse was transitioned to cultivate cannabis and has been in operation for over four years.

Proposed laws on the cusp of passage in Brazil and Argentina could lead to “a radical change in the global dynamics of production of industrial hemp and medicinal cannabis,” according to Latin America’s leading hemp industry group.

Lorenzo Rolim da Silva, president of the Latin-American Industrial Hemp Association said if the new cannabis laws are enacted, they will let the two countries realize their full potential in international markets.

“Both designs are quite robust and modern, and would bring both countries in line with current regulations in the European Union and North America,” Rolim da Silva said.


CEO Jonathan Wilson said Crystal Cure is the first to roll out Cannabis NB’s FarmGate program and among the first in Canada to roll out an on-site store.

“It’s a huge deal for us. To be able to sell directly to customers is absolutely huge. It gets people coming to our facility as we build it up, modernized and evolve to become a great destination,” said Wilson.

Crystal Cure opened its Le Backdoor retail site November 18 and Wilson noted its first FarmGate customers were members of its 12-person staff.

Like craft brewers, craft cannabis growers can’t compete in size or price with established businesses in their industry, so they’d better stand out with unique products and strong partnerships.

That was the advice that established dispensary pros dished out at a recent gathering of newly licensed entrepreneurs. With startup businesses aiming to create higher-quality specialty products, the resulting industry should be more diverse, both in ownership and in the variety of products for consumers.

Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.N) will allow users in Ontario, Canada, to place orders for cannabis on its Uber Eats app, marking the ride-hailing giant's foray into the booming business, a company spokesperson said on Monday.

Uber Eats will list cannabis retailer Tokyo Smoke on its marketplace on Monday, following which customers can place orders from the Uber Eats app and then pick it up at their nearest Tokyo Smoke store, the spokesperson said.

Here's what she wants you to know.

Kim Stuck, the first cannabis and hemp specialist for a major metropolitan public health authority in the U.S., disposed of about US$28 million ($35 million) worth of cannabis products in 2015.

She was working in Denver, at the time, and there was no specific code the companies behind the products flouted. In fact, they weren’t aware they had done anything wrong.

“At the time they were following the health department laws which didn’t have enough regulations in place yet,” Stuck tells The GrowthOp from Oregon.


Florida-based medical cannabis company Trulieve Cannabis Corp. launched a new line of cannabis concentrates made through a hydrocarbon extraction process using propane and butane.

Live Resin, a high-terpene, single-source extract, is the first offering from Trulieve’s new hydrocarbon line. It is created in the company’s hydrocarbon extraction lab using a blend of propane and butane on TruFlower, which has been frozen immediately after harvest.

Hydrocarbon extraction uses solvents to gently process cannabis, allowing for the retention of high levels of the plant’s original flavor and terpene and cannabinoid profiles at a lower temperature.

In some recipes, tripling one ingredient might lead to disaster. But in Honeybee's line of popular Blood Orange Strawberry fruit gumdrops, tripling the THC content — from 100mg to 300mg — has made no difference to the fruit flavors imbued into each drop by chef Dave Owens.

"It's still such a small amount," says Owens, the director of culinary for Proper Brands and its line of Honeybee edibles. "Even with these high-potency versions, we didn't find any real impact so far in the taste or in the consistency."

The stores in Uptown and West Town are being sold to Miami-based Ayr Wellness, which grows and sells cannabis across multiple states.

A Florida-based pot giant is planning to purchase a pair of popular Chicago weed stores in a blockbuster $55 million deal, sources told the Chicago Sun-Times on Sunday.

Dispensary 33’s two shops in Uptown and West Town are being sold to Miami-based Ayr Wellness, which grows and sells cannabis across multiple states and trades publicly on the Canadian Securities Exchange and the U.S. “penny stocks” market. A public announcement was expected Monday morning.

Thinking about applying for a cannabis business license in New Jersey? According to Emily Seelman, Founder and CEO of Canna Business Services, you will need to act fast.

New Jersey is what we would consider a "competitive state" for licensing. This means that many MSOs (multi-state operators) and newcomers alike will be clamoring for licenses because the round opens quickly and priority will be given to those that get their applications in first. With the State's cap on cultivation licenses, limiting the number of licenses that will be awarded, hopeful applicants are aiming to submit the most robust and competitive applications possible.

Cannabis delivery businesses hoping to set up shop in Novato will now have fewer location options under new restrictions passed by the city this week.

The Novato City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to require delivery businesses to be at least 600 feet away from residentially zoned areas. At the same time, the council loosened location restrictions for cannabis testing laboratories.

The new restrictions for delivery businesses are a response to concerns raised by San Marin residents earlier this year about a delivery service that sought to set up in their neighborhood.

The saga of Ignite, Instagram celebrity-turned conservative culture warrior Dan Bilzerian’s marijuana-adjacent lifestyle brand, took a few unexpected turns in 2021.

A year removed from 2020—a rollercoaster year in which Ignite posted a $50 million loss, ventured into the legal adult-use cannabis market in Canada, and scored $1 million in free money from the federal government’s Payment Protection Plan—Ignite is now out of the marijuana game, as the company announced last month.

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ - Village Farms International, Inc. ("Village Farms" or the "Company") (NASDAQ: VFF) (TSX: VFF) today reported that the Delta, British Columbia operations of both Pure Sunfarms (cannabis) and Village Farms Fresh (produce) have not incurred any disruption from the severe weather recently experienced in the region and, to date, continue to operate as usual. A previous "State of Emergency" declared for the Delta area has since been cancelled.