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Forget Croptober. Here Comes Crashtober.

With major cannabis companies posting massive losses and investor capital drying up, the fall of fail may be upon us.

Like California fire season, “Croptober”—the term for the annual flood of sungrown cannabis entering the market during the fall harvest and the subsequent price shock, as supply on hand far outstrips demand—is now a yearlong phenomenon. 

But this year aims to be worse for everyone, as October is due to bring bad tidings for c-suite types and investors in Big Weed. With the third quarter closing Sept. 30 and the next earnings reports for publicly traded companies due beginning Oct. 15, “Croptober” is on track to be “Crashtober,” the autumn of major cannabis companies’ serious problems.

Top 5 most popular types of Marijuana Packaging

Here are some of the most popular and noteworthy approaches to weed packaging today to help you get a sense of how far this simple afterthought has evolved into a deciding factor in the industry.

Marijuana used to come in little, difficult to open yet easy to rip baggies. If the supplier happened to be in a festive mood, maybe the bag had some trees or smiley faces on it. Times sure have changed.

With the major shifts in marijuana legalization and production over the last decade, it’s easy to forget the old days when it was illegal and there were no frills involved in the packaging.

Midwest marijuana: Of the 2 local states where recreational weed is legal, Michigan outpaces Illinois in many areas


“Pure Michigan” may evoke visions of beaches and cherry pie to some, but for cannabis consumers, it means clouds of smoke and bargains on weed.

The state’s brand is clear in the online social media site Reddit, which features a page dedicated to Illinois marijuana users — who often make longing references to Michigan’s cannabis scene.

“Why can’t Illinois be like Michigan?” wrote one commentator.

“Never shopping in IL again,” wrote another.

“Appreciate the hospitality in Michigan. Nothing even close to this good in IL.”

East Bay city adds its first downtown Cannabis Dispensary

Retail FUEL dispensary will be located at former dance studio site.

ANTIOCH - Antioch has approved its first downtown cannabis dispensary after revisiting a proposal that was denied weeks earlier.

Mayor Lamar Thorpe brought back the item to the council after a check with the city’s legal team revealed that City Councilwoman Monica Wilson did not need to recuse herself at the previous hearing, which failed on a split vote.

Cannabis data helping Regulators warm up to Industry

The leading executive for a company that provides cannabis tracking software told INN that strong data is helping US state officials warm up to the industry.

The leader of a cannabis-focused software company sees the industry maturing as data brings clarity to regulators.

Metrc is a provider of cannabis regulatory systems in the US, offering a software-as-a-service program for tracking cannabis along the supply chain. CEO Michael Johnson told the Investing News Network (INN) that access to this type of data has made regulatory officials far more comfortable with the cannabis industry by giving them a clearer picture of the seed-to-sale process.

Dozens of cities and counties could approve new Cannabis Markets this November

Cities and counties across the state will give voters the option to legalize commercial marijuana markets this November, potentially creating up to 150 new licenses.

At least 28 jurisdictions have cannabis ballot measures going before voters this fall. According to Marijuana Business Daily, that’s the largest cohort since California began regulating adult use cannabis sales in 2018.

Cities that could usher in new marijuana markets include:


·Baldwin Park


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Water War breaks out over Cannabis Cultivation in Santa Barbara County

Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Files Legal Papers Accusing 22 Cannabis Operations Wells of Improperly Drawing Water from Santa Ynez River.

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis filed an administrative action that if successful could wreak havoc on 22 major cannabis cultivation sites that are now drawing water from wells that draw from the Santa Ynez River.

According to legal papers attorney filed Tuesday, attorney Marc Chytilo is demanding the state’s Water Resources Control Board issue a cease-and-desist order to each of cannabis cultivators improperly drawing water from the river.

He also requested the state water board join with Fish and Wildlife to initiate a comprehensive investigation of cannabis cultivation along the Santa Ynez River. 

Should Reno allow marijuana consumption lounges? City council begins debate

RENO - Should the city of Reno allow marijuana consumption lounges? The city council started debating some of the important questions surrounding lounges Wednesday.

It comes after the Nevada legislature voted to legalize lounges last year — four years after recreational marijuana was made legal by a statewide ballot initiative.

Should Reno allow marijuana consumption lounges? City council begins debate

Since the legalization of weed, a tricky problem has existed for tourists, who are often prohibited from consuming in their hotel rooms. The marijuana lounge law was intended to give local jurisdictions the authority to regulate lounges and give tourists a safe, legal place to consume.

How inflation impacts Cannabis consumers

Survey: Half of Dispensary Customers Would Buy Less if Weed Prices Rose Due to Inflation.

Inflation is going to start affecting weed prices at the dispensary very soon, and our survey shows that over half of customers will buy less weed as a result. Here’s what economists say and how the cannabis industry can respond.

Takeaways from Our Conversation on Cannatourism

Cannabis tourism, or more colloquially, “cannatourism,” is a billion-dollar and counting industry that includes everything from cannabis lounges to posh winery-tour style getaways with 4-star meals and messages.

It’s a novel and unique industry with promise, and of a fair share of developing and yet to be fully understood risks and perils.

We covered the industry and where it’s going and the associated risks in the latest episode of our Insuring Cannabis podcast

For that podcast we spoke with Georgi Bohrod Gordon, a principal with GBG & Associates, and membership chair of the Cannabis Travel Association, and Lee Woodruff, vice president of business development for Jencap, who is a specialized cannabis insurance broker.

Local dispensary offers Mike Tyson’s new Cannabis line

A cannabis dispensary in Allegan County recently was selected as a distributer of Mike Tyson’s new product line.

The former professional boxer is offering his Tyson 2.0 products at City Hall Provisions, 222 S. Maple St. in Fennville.

The dispensary said Tyson has been “highly selective” in determining which stores around the U.S. will offer his line.

“Cannabis has always played an important role in my life,” Tyson said. “It has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share this gift with other people who are also seeking relief.”

The Tyson 2.0 line offers pre-rolls, flower and “Mike Bite” ear-shaped gummies.

Pa. Law protects Workers approved for Medical Marijuana — once they use it, it's a different story

Vague legal safeguards for medical marijuana users in Pennsylvania are forcing patients to choose between their job and a drug they say has changed their life, and leaving skittish employers vulnerable to lawsuits, according to a three-month Spotlight PA investigation.

While state law protects workers from being fired or denied a job just for having a doctor’s permission to use marijuana, those protections become opaque when people actually take the drug — regardless of whether they do it in their personal time.

“It essentially makes no sense,” Pittsburgh attorney John McCreary Jr., who represents employers, told Spotlight PA.

Best Cannabis terpenes for Creativity

Best terpenes to encourage out-of-the-box thinking and imagination.

Cannabis has different compounds that make it what it is. Yes, certain strains are known to increase that creative drive, but it’s not all about the strain. There are other components of cannabis that also potentially enhance your creativity and get the imagination juices flowing.

We’re talking terpenes. 

Terpenes are not only responsible for giving a unique aroma and flavor to each strain, but they are also the ally of the cannabinoids to enhance their effectiveness in the entourage effect. This is the synergy of all the components of the plant acting together.

Why Rep. David Joyce says 'Education is the Key' to Cannabis Reform

What does the future hold for the cannabis industry in legislative terms? (Benzinga)

“We've made tremendous progress and I like to say we're getting closer and closer,” U.S. Rep. David Joyce, an Ohio Republican, said Tuesday at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Chicago.

As co-chair of the Congressional Cannabis Caucus, Joyce is fighting for federal cannabis reform. Joyce’s efforts were honored this year with the Benzinga Cannabis Friend of the Industry Award. 

‘Losing The War On Drugs'

What drew Joyce to the marijuana industry and legislation fight was his experience working as a prosecutor, he said, adding that he quickly realized “we were losing the war on drugs.”

Law prof criticizes ‘Pernicious Myth’ that Marijuana prosecutions drive Mass Incarceration

A Fordham University (FU) School of Law professor is challenging the prevailing narrative that mass incarceration is driven by unjust drug convictions and that this trend is to blame for racial disparities in incarceration rates. 

Dr. John Pfaff, who specializes in prisons and criminal justice, issued his most recent criticisms in response to an Aug. 16 Vice News article on WNBA player Brittney Griner’s marijuana conviction in Russia.

The Vice piece attempted to draw a comparison between Russia’s harsh sentencing measures and similar trends in the United States, which “regularly doles out harsh sentences to people, especially Black Americans, for weed crimes," the article claims.

Black Market Weed is still the Buyer’s choice over Legal Marijuana in Hawaii

Market structure and regulation have made medical cannabis far more expensive than illegal products, and consumers are choosing the cheaper option.

A new state report estimates only about 20% of the marijuana sold in Hawaii last year came from local marijuana dispensaries, and blames “market structure and regulation” for driving consumers to buy from illegal growers and sellers.

The report by the Tax Working Group of the Dual Use of Cannabis Task Force estimates the existing marijuana market in Hawaii is worth about $240 million a year, and a mature market could grow to about $354 million annually if recreational marijuana is legalized.

New Medical Cannabis dispensary opens in Panama City Beach

PANAMA CITY BEACH - Cresco Labs Inc. announced the opening of a new medical cannabis dispensary in Bay County.

Sunnyside Dispensary is now open in Panama City Beach, offering a local array of medical cannabis products, including flower, live rosin concentrates, vapes, tinctures, topicals and edibles.

The store is located at 10916 Hutchison Blvd., in the heart of Panama City Beach, for easy access to residents, visitors and commuters, as well as shopping, dining and the beach, which is home to numerous resorts.

“We are thrilled to expand Sunnyside’s reach in Florida’s Panhandle with our third location joining our Tallahassee and Pensacola locations,” said Cris Rivera, Florida regional president at Cresco Labs, in a news release.

Phoenix nonproft plans to seek grant from fund created by Marijuana Legalization

Proposition 207 authors carved out money from the legalization and regulation of recreational marijuana for what they called a justice reinvestment program.

A local nonprofit is asking people to tell them how cash from a namesake fund should be spent.

Project Roots plans to seek a grant once government officials send out a request for proposals.

State law says justice reinvestment programs can be an effort to address the underlying causes of crime or a push to reduce the prison population.

Right now the nonprofit’s Executive Director Dionne Washington is inviting people to voice their thoughts at listening sessions scheduled for each Thursday in September.

Will NY’s medical marijuana operators supply first-round dispensaries?

Rumors abound over MSO buy-in to the recreational market, as well as how important they’ll be for supplying product to the new industry.

From whence cometh ample weed to supply the Empire State’s potentially large and lucrative market? All options appear to be open.

Both query and response loom large over New York’s cannabis regulatory process as the Office of Cannabis Management continues to issue its first round of adult-use retail, cultivator and processor licenses. Will there be enough product for processors to refine, for retailers to sell, and where will it all come from?

Group supporting Arkansas Recreational Marijuana initiative contends it’s exceeded State’s Standards

A group proposing a referendum to legalize recreational marijuana argues in a recently filed Arkansas Supreme Court reply that it not only met but exceeded state requirements when informing voters about amendments in a proposed referendum.

Responsible Growth Arkansas filed its response Friday to an Arkansas attorney general's brief that supports a decision by the State Board of Election Commissioners to keep the referendum off the November ballot. The commission's decision focused on the ballot title's not setting a limit on the level of THC in marijuana products.