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Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy In January? 2 Pot Stocks With Declines This Month

Top Pot Stocks For Your Long Term Portfolio

Are you looking for top marijuana stocks while the cannabis sector is down? For almost a year the best cannabis stocks have been experiencing declines with most setting new lows in the last 2 months. For the most part, these declines can be attributed mostly to delays with federal cannabis reform in the US. As these delays continue the cannabis sector is pricing in 2022 without federal legalization or reform. In recent weeks one of the best performing parts of the cannabis sector has also experienced significant declines.

NutraLife Accelerates Expansion Into the Rapidly Growing $11 Billion CBD Industry

NutraLife Biosciences Inc. (OTC: NLBS) announces a feature article released by CFN Enterprises Inc. (OTCQB: CNFN), owner and operator of CFN Media, covering NutraLife’s rapidly growing expansion plans.

CBD has become one of the fastest-growing wellness products globally, reaching more than $11 billion in global sales last year. According to Market Data Forecast, these sales will continue to grow at a 22.2% annual pace to nearly $31 billion by 2026. As a result, companies building an early presence in the industry could be in a great position to profit.

Medical marijuana users brace for shortages as Montana’s recreational market opens

More than a year after voters approved legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Montana, anyone older than 21 can now walk into a dispensary and buy cannabis. That has medical marijuana user Joylynn Mane Wright worried.

Wright lives in Prairie County, the state’s fifth-least-populated county, with nearly 1,100 people. She already drives about 35 minutes to get to the marijuana dispensary nearest her home, which is 2½ hours northeast of Billings. And now she wonders how much more difficult it will be to get the cannabis she uses to relieve the chronic pain she developed after a 2017 spinal surgery.

“I’m really worried about supplies and what it’s going to cost,” she said.

Almost Half of New York Towns Opt Out of Pot, for Now

‘Not in my backyard,’ towns say

Around half of New York cities and towns don’t want marijuana dispensaries or consumption lounges, a cautionary signal for companies hoping to do business in the Empire State.

New York is expected to start recreational marijuana sales in the next year or so, likely becoming the second-biggest market after California, with around $4.2 billion in projected sales. Yet when given a Dec. 31 deadline to opt out of participating, 47% of the state’s 1,521 municipalities opted out of having dispensaries and 54% opted out of having consumption sites, according to data compiled by the Rockefeller Institute of Government as of Jan. 7.

Michigan Collects $271 Million In Cannabis Tax Revenue Since 2019

As the cannabis industry expands, Michigan can expect greater tax revenue. Since 2019, the state has collected about $271 million in adult-use marijuana tax revenue, a website called The Center Square reports:  In March 2021, the Michigan Treasury described what adult-use cannabis taxes collected in fiscal year 2020 will fund:

“Aside from the nearly $10 million in disbursements to municipalities and counties, around $11.6 million will be sent to the School Aid Fund for K-12 education and another $11.6 million to the Michigan Transportation Fund, upon appropriation. The remaining $12.5 million amount will be used toward start-up and administrative costs.”

2 Stocks That Could Turn $10,000 Into $50,000 by 2025

This high-growth duo could deliver jaw-dropping returns over the next three years.

Since the end of the Great Recession in 2009, growth stocks have been a powerful force on Wall Street. Historically low lending rates and the Federal Reserve's easy money policies have allowed fast-paced companies to hire, innovate, acquire, and invest in their businesses.

Even with the Fed hinting at raising rates to control runaway inflation, these dynamics are unlikely to change to a large degree anytime soon, which makes growth stocks still a good bet to continue to outperform.

Oregon Cannabis Commission to Implement New Rules Through 2022

The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission has spent the last 18 months crafting new rules to improve the state’s cannabis industry.

The OLCC announced in a December 28 press release that it would be implementing new cannabis rules that will take effect between 2022 and 2023. Steve Marks, OLCC executive director, addressed the need for these changes, expressing the desired outcome after the changes go live. 

“These rules try to balance a number of different concerns—consumer health and safety, interests of small and large operators in our industry and public safety concerns around loopholes in the Federal Farm Bill of 2018, and the illicit farm production taking place in Oregon,” Marks said. 

Limitless Cannabis Industry Still Limits Minority Participants

We've been making a noted effort to highlight the potential of psychedelics and cannabis as it pertains to the medical industry and the investing ecosystem.

Today, we chatted with Melanie Davis, COO &  Director of Managed Service of The People's Ecosystem. Davis has decades of experience in the cannabis industry with extraordinary expertise in partnering, building, and growing businesses in the cannabis space. The People's Ecosystem is an organization focused on providing cannabis education, services and products while elevating resources and capital for minority canna-business owners. 

Schaeffer's: What opportunities does The People's Ecosystem see for the cannabis industry as a whole?

Walmart to sell cannabis products by this Toronto company

Buy weed at Walmart, at least in Mexico

Flora Growth Corp. will launch 12 cannabis skincare products on  Walmart's website and Coppel  “initially on e-commerce with plans to sell in brick-and-mortar retail locations,” the Toronto-based company announced earlier this week.

While Walmart is one of the leading retail chains in Central America, Coppel, a nationwide department chain, has 1,253 stores in Mexico.

The launch takes place through the company’s  Mind Naturals portfolio . “We are excited to begin bringing high-quality, sustainable CBD skincare products to Mexico,” Luis Merchan, CEO of Flora Growth Corp, was quoted saying.

Founded in 2019, this is the company’s first entry into the Mexican market.


Bayou City Hemp Company Launches Cannabis-Infused, Ranch Water-Flavored CBD Seltzer in Texas


Canned Soft Seltzer Inspired by the Iconic Texas Cocktail is Crafted with Nanoemulsion Technology to Emphasize Absorption and Taste

 Bayou City Hemp Co., Texas' first and leading hemp processing and extraction company, has released its first CBD seltzer under its flagship brand, Mixer Elixir. Handcrafted in Houston, the Mixer Elixir Ranch Water seltzer is a zero-proof (non-alcoholic), zero-calorie, and zero-sugar sparkling water. Ranch Water contains 25mg of hemp-derived CBD and is designed as a ready-to-drink beverage or cocktail mixer.

Marijuana Stocks To Buy While The Sector Is Down? 2 With Analysts Giving Higher Price Targets

Top Cannabis Stocks In The US Cannabis Industry

In January many top marijuana stocks to buy are trading near their 52-week lows to start 2022. For new investors looking for opportunities in the cannabis sector, it could be a good time to start a watchlist of the best cannabis stocks to invest in for 2022. During last year’s trading, some of the best US pot stocks saw significant declines once it became evident the US would not pass federal cannabis reform in 2021.

Rise of the farmers: Small NY group becomes cannabis power player

One of the most influential groups helping set policy for New York’s legal cannabis industry is led mostly by farmers with little prior political experience — but with early success in representing small to mid-sized marijuana businesses, the group is punching above its weight.

Highway to Hemp: ‘Wild West’ of the CBD Market

Industry Waits On FDA Approval To Reach Its Full Potential, But Producers Are Still Hopeful

Across the country, bags of hemp grown as long ago as 2019 still sit in barns, waiting to be sold and extracted. 

When the 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp, most growers grew hemp for cannabidiol (CBD) extraction, because it had a high profit-to-acreage ratio. With an estimated 455% increase in U.S. hemp producers, the CBD industry quickly found itself with a glut of product and not enough consumer demand. Moreover, there wasn’t enough processing capacity to make the crop profitable. 

COVID-19, Cannabis & Culture: The Rapid Evolution of Employment Law



When discussing employment law in 2022, it is important to first consider its fluidity.

“What we’ve said today could change tomorrow,” says Catherine Wells, member and chair of the Chiesa, Shahinian & Giantomasi P.C. Employment Law Group in West Orange.

“Employers need to ensure they remain mindful and updated on all of the changes in the law to remain compliant,” adds Joshua Weiner, partner and co-chair of the Lindabury, McCormick, Estabrook & Cooper P.C. Employment and Labor Law Group in Westfield.

Is Big Pharma Weed Coming With Pfizer’s Recent Purchase?

Pfizer wants in on the cannabis game. Will you be buying Pharma Weed? Most consumers say absolutely not.

You may not have heard the wonderful news. Our great overlords and global saviors at Pfizer announced their intentions to get into the medical cannabis market via their $6.7 billion acquisition of Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc. Of course, the giant pharmaceutical company has a lot of “expendable cash” available due to the pandemic.

Clark County preparing for cannabis lounges

Clark County officials are closely monitoring the state’s efforts to regulate cannabis consumption lounges, a process that will largely inform how the county sets its own expectations for the marijuana industry’s expansion.

When they open this year in Nevada as expected, following approval in the state Legislature last summer, lounges will provide locals and tourists with places to consume marijuana. But first, the state’s Cannabis Compliance Board must finalize regulations, which local jurisdictions may then strengthen if they wish.

Curaleaf vs. Trulieve: Which Cannabis Company Will Generate More Revenue in 2022?

Trulieve's acquisition of Harvest Health puts it in a neck-and-neck race with Curaleaf.

Today, two of the top companies in the marijuana industry are Curaleaf Holdings (OTC:CURLF) and Trulieve Cannabis (OTC:TCNNF). Both are cannabis producers with a presence in many states across the country, and they generated similar revenue in their most recent quarterly results. Trulieve has gotten a big boost due to its recent acquisition of Harvest Health, which closed last year and gave the company many more growth opportunities.

Below, I'll look at which business will likely bring in more revenue in 2022. That could be key in determining which stock generates better returns for its investors.

38 companies want Coshocton medical marijuana dispensary

If dispensary is awarded, it will be at the former Family Video on Second Street.

Almost 40 companies have filed for a medical marijuana dispensary license for a facility to be located in Coshocton. The Ohio Board of Pharmacy recently released the company names and addresses for 1,462 applicants for 73 dispensary licenses to be awarded in the coming months.

About 230 entities submitted applications, with 16 submitting more than 10 applications each. A district containing Coshocton, Muskingum and Morgan counties was fifth overall with 101 licenses applied for, 38 were in Coshocton. Application cost was $5,000 each. 

Curbside service rules may change for marijuana businesses

Big Rapids officials consider changes to ordinance

Big Rapids city commissioners are considering changes to the city's marijuana ordinance that could eliminate curbside service for businesses in the downtown area.

During a meeting this week, community development director Paula Priebe told the board there is a proposed substantive change to the marijuana ordinance regarding curbside sales and dispensing that she wanted to present to the board for feedback.

$200M Cannabis and Marijuana Lending Fund Established by the StandardC Network

 StandardC, a leader in cannabis & marijuana banking and financial services, announced today that its lending partner had closed the first $5 million loan from their newly established $200M fund for a leading marijuana cultivator using the StandardC platform.  This partner has extensive experience in the cannabis lending industry, facilitating real estate loans and deploying growth capital for companies like Harborside, Caliva, and other multi-state operators (MSOs).