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Best Marijuana Stocks To Buy? 3 To Watch Next Week

Could Top Cannabis Stocks To Invest In Rebound In May?

Are top marijuana stocks setting up for a rebound in the market? After 3 months of declines in market value, the best cannabis stocks to invest in have started to show signs of some upside in May. At the present time, cannabis legalization and reform are the biggest catalysts for the cannabis sector. As early as next week Senate leaders could reintroduce a bill to federally legalize marijuana.

Are Marijuana Stock Investors Worried About Inflation?

With an influx of states transitioning to adult-use markets and the U.S. Senate signaling its intention to move forward on cannabis reform, federal legalization is imminent. Industry stakeholders and mainstream business leaders alike are preparing for the seismic shift that legal cannabis will likely experience once federal prohibition ends.

In the near future, the cannabis industry may finally have access to interstate commerce and mainstream financial and banking services. These long-awaited changes will not only generate windfall profits but also have a tremendous impact on cannabis retail, especially within the e-commerce space.

It wasn’t that long ago that cannabis industry investment opportunities were very limited as policy change happens often. In some ways they still are, but not nearly as limited as in years past.

Thanks to cannabis reform victories the legal cannabis industry is allowed to operate in more regions than during the prohibition era.

Many countries still prohibit medical cannabis, and a vast majority of countries do not permit adult-use cannabis, however, the winds of change have been picking up for years now.

Brightfield Releases New CBD Report

Cannabis and CBD consumer data analytics company, The Brightfield Group, is announcing the release of their newest report analyzing the CBD market in 2020 and laying out their predictions for 2021. Some key information from the report includes: 

The U.S. cannabis industry is growing at an incredibly fast rate and bursting with opportunity for shrewd long-term investors. A number of pot stocks have reported double- or even triple-digit balance sheet gains during the pandemic and surged to new all-time highs in the process. And it's not too late for new investors to seize on the upside potential these top marijuana stocks have to offer.

Today, we're going to take a look at two such companies that have built on a strong track record of growth throughout the pandemic and have plenty of growth left for investors to tap into. 

Let's jump right in. 

Illinois' cannabis industry is growing up fast with adult-use recreational cannabis sales expected to hit $1 billion by year-end.

In March alone, Illinoisans spent $110 million on weed for fun, Newsweek reported.

Todd Maisch, president and CEO of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, said one factor contributing to Illinois' explosive growth is that most neighboring states haven't legalized marijuana yet.

Move over, nutrition facts – food companies and consumer packaged goods manufacturers are adding carbon-footprint labels to their products in an effort to be transparent about their environmental impact. Now hemp and marijuana companies are considering whether to jump on a trend experts say will intensify as governments double down on climate goals.

President Biden pledged last week to cut U.S. greenhouse gas pollution in half by 2030.

A leading lawmaker in the Nevada Legislature said on Nevada Newsmakers the state's cannabis industry needs help in cracking down on black-market marijuana sales.
Assemblyman Steve Yeager, D-Las Vegas and the chair of the Judiciary Committee, said the lack of attention on the lucrative illegal marijuana industry has to do with manpower and priorities.
"What we can do with the Cannabis Compliance Board is to step up the enforcement of that," Yeager told host Sam Shad.

All outdoor cannabis crops have the potential to be destroyed by one or two of the various problems lurking in the wilderness, unlike indoor growing where plants are protected. In checking on the crop, make sure to keep an eye on the little details that will spell trouble later. There are a few different things to look for:

Following Brexit, European cannabidiol (CBD) companies seeking to obtain “novel food” authorization in the U.K. are engaging in a separate process than the European Union (EU) has established. This means more applications, more tests and more scrutiny from regulators.

Photo courtesy of Pureis

Chanelle McCoy, left, and Caroline Glynn

Fifth-generation farmer Mark Davidson spent his entire life in chronic pain — until he tried CBD oil, and it changed his life. 

Davidson jumped on board when Indiana legalized growing hemp for CBD, a non-psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant that is used for relieving pain, anxiety and other health issues, hoping to help others who were suffering. 

But then his best-laid plans went up in smoke. Literally.

In 2019, Davidson was forced to burn 1.5 acres of his hemp crop. 

“We had to burn more than $100,000 worth of product, which was heartbreaking and disheartening,” he said. “It was like seeing all this medicine going up in smoke.”

CBD is somewhat magical in more ways than just its natural, wide-ranging therapeutic effects. If you think about it – it’s pretty extraordinary that a seemingly unsuspecting plant gets transformed into beneficial oils, and other types of goods. So, what happens on this magical journey of a cannabis hemp plant, getting extracted and processed into the goods we know and love?

The burgeoning industry continues to seek diversity among its employees, as evidenced by the opportunities within all cannabis verticals for minority candidates.

With 320,000 full-time cannabis jobs in 2021, legal adult-use cannabis in 17 states and D.C., and medical marijuana in 36 states, the U.S. cannabis industry continues to prove its strength and resiliency.

Seeking to provide a clearer picture of the industry, cannabis-focused executive search and staffing firm CannabizTeam has released its 2021 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide – Second Quarter Update.

2 Marijuana Stocks To Watch As The Sector Slowly Starts To Rise

With marijuana stocks still working to reach even higher market levels, the sector has been a bit volatile this month. Many people felt May might bring with it a boost in momentum. However, the first week of the new month followed in the same downward pattern as the previous month. Currently, some marijuana stocks have slowly started to inch back up in the market. Yet for those cannabis plays that have not fully recovered there is still a chance to find marijuana stocks to buy.

Job growth for the United States in April 2021 might not have quite matched expectations with a disappointing increase of 266,000 jobs and an unemployment rate rise for the first time since 2020, but executive search and staffing firm Cannabiz Team’s latest Cannabis Industry Salary Guide for Q2 2021 tells a different story for the cannabis market. With 320,000 full-time cannabis jobs in the U.S., the cannabis industry ranks as the fastest-growing industry in America. As cannabis legalization spreads, projections have cannabis hitting $35 billion dollars in sales and providing 500,000 full-time jobs by 2024.

In early 2021, the Massachusetts Commonwealth Dispensary Association (CDA) filed a lawsuit against the state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) to block a new type of delivery license created by the agency in autumn of 2020. 

The new license is an attempt to increase the number of minority-owned operators in the state’s fledgling cannabis industry.

What angered some members of the CDA was the CCC’s decision to make the delivery and courier-style license only available to applicants in social equity programs for the first three years.

In other words, all the state’s existing dispensaries would be barred from delivery until at least 2024.

The CDA has since withdrawn their lawsuit, stating that many of its members had pressured them to drop the case.

Promoters of Medical Cannabis in Missouri said the fledgling business continues to see major success.

Medical Cannabis officials said dispensaries seem to be the only business without a hiring problem.

In fact, they are dealing with the opposite, too many people want to work there.

They said Missouri dispensaries are setting records for tax revenue and it's only going to get better.

The spokesperson for Missouri Medical Cannabis Trade Association, Jack Cardetti, said the revenue has been massive.

Following the celebration of both 4/20 and Earth Day, it brings an opportunity to take a good, hard look at the environmental impacts of the cannabis industry as well as legislative responses to those challenges. Resource use and extraction, air and water quality, and waste management are just a few of the environmental issues confronting indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivation operations. Worth a staggering $61 billion, the cannabis industry is profiting heavily from its current practices, so it stands to reason that legislators are looking to heightened restrictions, green incentives, and higher permitting and licensing fees to offset some of the environmental costs of production and manufacturing.