The more a person uses cannabis, the more likely it will be to develop a tolerance. As with many other substances, cannabis tolerance occurs naturally as the body gets used to weed and reduces its response to the drug.

While tolerance may be a fix for such issues as bad highs, wild munchies and paranoia, it usually also ushers in a new set of problems.Fortunately, cannabis tolerance is a fairly simple enough problem to solve.

Tolerance breaks are popular for a reason, and by taking a break from weed for a couple of weeks, the body is likely to experience a stronger and revitalized response to the drug.

It’s best to keep an eye out for these three problems associated with developing a high THC tolerance.

Less therapeutic effect

Developing a high tolerance for cannabis means that a person won’t get as high as previously. For everyday users, this can be a bummer, but for people who use cannabis for therapeutic or relief purposes, it’s likely to be more significant.

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The movement to legalize cannabis (marijuana) for medical and/or recreational use is spreading across the world to a limited but expanding extent. However, what is meant by “legalization” differs greatly by country. Canada, Mexico, Uruguay and some states in the United States have legalized the recreational use of cannabis. On the other hand, many other countries have not yet permitted the use of the substance or have limited it to medical applications.

In 2019, Thailand was the first Southeast Asian country to legalize cannabis for medical purposes. The country has further loosened restrictions and now allows food and cosmetics products containing cannabis leaves, stems, stalks and roots. Cannabis is “not illegal” anymore in Thailand, but there are still certain limitations on its use. This has made companies hold back from an accelerated entrance into the market. Consumer preferences also remain unknown.

To uncover the latest consumers’ intentions and attitudes towards the deregulation of cannabis products, Nikkei Research conducted a survey targeting people aged 20 to 59 in Greater Bangkok, Thailand. A total of 700 responses were collected through an online survey in June 2021, and the data was weighted by age group for analysis.

Nearly 90% (the cumulative total of “I am very aware” and “I have heard about it but don’t know the details”) knew about the recent deregulations allowing cannabis in herbal cosmetics, food products and medical products in Thailand.

Among respondents, 64% are willing to try products containing low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive substance found in cannabis, within the legal range. Over 70% can be said to be "intenders," including those who are willing to use it if it is recommended by friends or family (7%).

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The Board of Selectmen has still not granted a temporary alcohol license to the company planning to throw a music festival and cannabis cultivation competition in Somerset, tabling the discussion for a second time with just over a week to go before the event.

“The long and short of it is there are things that still have to be done. Time is short with this,” Chair of the board Lorne Lawless said during a board meeting on Wednesday night.

Last week, the CEO of local dispensary Solar Therapeutics, which is planning to hold its Cultivators Cup event in early September, presented a safety plan for the event.

The inaugural Cultivators Cup is being planned for Friday, Sept. 3 and Saturday, Sept. 4. Friday’s portion will be a private VIP award ceremony to announce the winners of the Cultivator’s Cup. Saturday is planned as an all-day music festival to celebrate the competition with performances from a lineup that includes hip hop group Cypress Hill and artists Method Man and Redman. The music festival is a 21+ event, with ticket prices ranging from $99.99 to $420.


Judging for the competition is done ahead of time by delivering cannabis to judges to be consumed off-site.

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 Glass House Farms, one of the top-selling cannabis flower brands in California, today announced the launch of its first-ever line of live resin- and diamond-infused prerolls (IPR) to reach consumers looking for potent, fast-onset highs. Glass House Farms is the flagship flower label of Glass House Brands Inc. ("Glass House" or the "Company") (NEO: GLAS.A.U) (NEO: GLAS.WT.U) (OTCQX: GLASF) (OTCQX: GHBWF), one of the fastest-growing, vertically integrated cannabis and hemp companies in the U.S.

The Company's new format contains five power-packed, flavor-forward half-gram pre-rolls, each infused with full-spectrum live resin and THCa diamonds extracted from hand-selected, fresh-frozen flower by the experts at partner FIELD Extracts to lift consumers "up, up, and away." This initial offering includes four mouthwatering varieties: an energetic sativa-dominant-hybrid, Marine Layer; two relaxing indica-dominant offerings, Citrus Apricot and Papaya Tarts; and an evenly balanced hybrid, Ice Cream Cloud. Each high-potency pre-roll contains sustainably grown cannabis from the Santa Barbara Coast, tests at 35-40% THC, and uses no distillate, no added terpenes, nor any other "refined" or "shortcut" extraction techniques.

On social media and in person, Glass House has noted consumers' growing enthusiasm for infused pre-rolls' short-onset, "head-smacking" effects, and the Company has found that infused pre-rolls are one of the fastest-growing product segments in the cannabis industry.

"These joints are 'to-the-moon' level," said Graham Farrar, President of Glass House Brands. "Their flavor and effects provide the kind of rich, unforgettable cannabis experience that we aim for in everything we do. The cannabis is sustainably grown, the extract is pure and un-messed-with, and the MSRP of $31 is just right. We're super-proud to bring these to market, and we think people are going to have a blast with them."

Glass House Farms Infused Pre-Rolls are currently available in licensed dispensaries across California. For more information and to find them at a retailer near you, visit


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The Aug. 16 target opening of the city’s first medicinal marijuana dispensary in a former west side bank turned out to be more ambitious than successful.

But the opening of the Mill Plain Road dispensary, which has been rebranded The Botanist, is not far off, an executive for the parent company said last week.


“We just have to pass one last state inspection,” said Carl Tirella, general manager of New York-based Acreage Holdings, which owns three medicinal pot dispensaries in Connecticut. “Construction will be complete in two weeks.”

The delayed opening of the city’s first cannabis dispensary means patients with medical marijuana cards will continue to buy products at the Compassionate Care Center of Connecticut in Bethel, which Acreage bought late last decade along with dispensaries in Montville and South Windsor.

The Bethel location will close and staff will move to a larger two-story building in Danbury in as soon as a month, Tirella said.

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Today producer and DJ Grant Kwiecinski, aka GRiZ, announced the launch of Telescope, a hemp-derived CBD line of products available in every state, and Astro Hippie, a full line of THC-rich cannabis products in Michigan.

GRiZ is no stranger to the cannabis industry—previously having been involved in the business for years, including an award-winning strain several years ago. The DJ is known for producing what he calls “future funk,” and a longtime affinity for the saxophone—amassing a large following of fans and filling amphitheaters regularly.

Recently, GRiZ focused his personal energy on two product lines that embrace the DIY stoner culture he has been immersed in since his youth, including gummies, tinctures and other products that he uses as replacements for pharmaceutical drugs. GRiZ has respect for both the CBD and cannabis industries.


“It’s because of a belief,” GRiZ says. “I really believe in both of those kinds of products. The classic weed thing—that’s something I’ve had to do for probably longer than I’d like to admit. But something that was introduced to me a lot more recently, in the past few years, was the CBD side of the marijuana plant, or the hemp plant.”


The THC-focused cannabis line, Astro Hippie, is launching in his home state of Michigan, personally crafted with inclusivity in mind and colorful, vibrant colors. Telescope is available in every state, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. The brand is geared towards “experimenters and tokers who want to explore life in maximum color; who want to listen to music that tickles their ears and blows their minds.”

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Hemp and CBD-infused beverages are just one of the trends that is set to shake up the global soft drinks industry over the coming years, according to new research from GlobalData.

The non-alcoholic drinks sector saw growth of 0.9% between 2015 and 2020, due to a challenging landscape that has seen producers battle rising costs, sugar taxes, packaging legislation and the COVID-19 pandemic.

This in turn has led to increase efforts to reformulate products, develop novel new flavours and seek new ways to engage with shoppers, GlobalData said.

“Beverage flavours are arguably the most important factor in determining consumer purchasing decisions, with 29% of global consumers stating they would happily try a new drink flavour out of simple curiosity," commented Holly Inglis, beverages analyst at GlobalData.

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HOLTWOOD, Pa. — Corn mazes have become a reliable way for farmers to connect with and educate the public about agriculture while also adding to the farm’s bottom line. (Image credit- Eric Hurlock)

Cover Crop Coach Steve Groff thought he’d go one step further this year and plant an industrial hemp maze at his farm.

The 4-acre fiber hemp labyrinth sits along the farm lane at his Cedar Meadow Farm in Holtwood, Lancaster County, and is set to open to the public next Saturday, Sept. 4.


Groff’s been a leader in local and national agriculture for years, pioneering the Tillage Radish and singing the gospel of no-till farming.

Hemp farmer Steve Groff inspects one of the fiber hemp plants in the hemp maze at CedarMeadow farm in Holtwood. The maze opens to the public Sept. 4.


At the age of 17, Rick Wershe Jr. was sentenced to prison for cocaine possession after having been used by the FBI as an informant since he was a boy of 14. (As originally seen on Benzinga by Maureen Meehan)

Known as White Boy Rick, Wershe, now 52, was released in July 2020 for good behavior after serving 33 years in federal prison under Michigan's 650-Lifer Law. Exactly a year later, he sued the FBI and Detroit Police for $100 million for having recruited him at such a young and impressionable age. 

And now he’s getting into the cannabis industry. His home state of Michigan is just the place to be. 

The "8th"

Wershe will call his company “The 8th,” a double entendre, he told Detroit Metro Times.

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Connected Cannabis Co., a premier cannabis cultivator, and its partner brand, Alien Labs, have received four first-place wins in the 2021 High Times Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition across the Sativa flower, Hybrid flower, Indica flower and Preroll categories.


Cannabis Cup Arizona 2021 is the first award of its kind open to and judged by Arizona adults ages 21 and over. A total of 1,400 judges submitted scores and feedback for 120 entries across eight categories. Exclusive strains bred and cultivated by Connected Cannabis and Alien Labs swept all four Cannabis

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(Originally posted on Westword-Herbert Fuego)

Denver history was made last week when the city's first legal recreational marijuana deliveries took place. After a soft launch, Doobba, Denver's first marijuana delivery service, is now handling orders from the public for Strawberry Fields dispensary, with plans to partner with more stores in the near future.

We were lucky enough to get on the list for Doobba's first round of deliveries, and the transaction was smooth and simple enough. But ordering weed isn't the same as ordering pizza or booze, and you'll need  to know a few things before getting text updates regarding your ounce of GMO ZKittlez.

There will be speed bumps
Hey, this isn't just new. It's unique. Marijuana delivery has more rules than alcohol or prescription drug deliveries, and more rules usually bring extra steps and a longer wait. That's not factoring in the geographical size of Denver, either. Until dozens of dispensaries offer the service in Denver and employees are up to speed, expect deliveries to take an hour or longer. Drivers are only allowed to carry a certain amount of product in their cars, and they're not rolling dispensaries — they need to return to the store to fill your order. Text alerts should keep you updated, though, so it's not like your weed dealer texting "On my way," only to show up twelve hours later.

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The Department of Health has backed the introduction of the Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill but warned that some health and safety issues will need to be addressed.

Presenting to parliament on Tuesday (24 August), the department said that the legal decision to decriminalise cannabis for private use is correct.

It said it is not appropriate from a human rights perspective to lock up people who use cannabis, give them a criminal record and waste state resources.

However, it said that the proposed draft Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill does not go far enough in addressing concerns around children, second-hand smoke and the impact on road users.

“The bill does address the need to protect children, defined as persons under the age of 18, but does not refer specifically to adolescents and does not go far enough in protecting adolescents from access and exposure to cannabis,” it said.

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With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp became legal across the country. The new regulation led to a booming industry for hemp-derived goods. Due to progress in machinery and procedures, hemp producers now have different technologies for obtaining cannabinoids other than CBD, such as delta 8 THC.

There are various forms of THC molecules, the most prevalent of which is the delta 9 THC. Delta 8 THC, on the other hand, is swiftly gaining favor, owing to its gentler euphoric effects and reduced anxiety levels. Such goods are legalized federally due to their hemp origins.

Gummies are undoubtedly the most common form among people who consume delta 8 THC. Their base is exactly like that of CBD gummies with the addition of delta 8 THC distillate that happens to have a high purity value.


The greatest delta 8 THC gummies for 2021 are the focus of this article. We examine a few renowned products in the delta 8 THC market to help you find the best ones. Before going on, we want to give a brief insight into why they are preferred by so many people.

Why Are Delta 8 THC Gummies More Popular Than Delta 9 THC Gummies?

A number of cannabis consumers are now shifting from ordinary marijuana gummies to delta 8 THC gummies. This is mainly due to the milder effects on mental and physical well-being as compared to the delta 9 THC products that can sometimes cause problems for individuals.

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Is high driving becoming an issue that society needs to take seriously? The data on this subject is mixed.

Commercial drivers are testing positive for marijuana more these days than any other drug, according to a recent report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

It’s an issue that many trucking companies and courier services must contend with as parts of the United States have gone legal. However, federal restrictions make testing positive for pot a big, fat no-no for commercial driver’s license (CDL) holders. Therefore, drivers can face a wealth of repercussions if they can’t pass a drug test.

Photo by Jed Villejo via Unsplash

During the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS) Federal Forum Plus online conference last November, attendees were shown statistics revealing that marijuana is the number one substance to look out for when drug testing truckers. The data shows that 98% of all positive drug screens in the first half of 2020 were for drugs, not alcohol — a completely legal substance. Only 892 CDL holders failed because of booze. Meanwhile, more than half (52%) of the 40,433 tests showed a positive result for marijuana.

If a CDL holder fails a drug test, which is mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT), they could find themselves in a heap of trouble. They may be forced to attend a drug and alcohol program and take a Return to Duty test, including a drug screen, before being allowed to drive again. From there, the driver could be subject to a minimum of six random drug tests and have to attend more drug classes and jump through additional hoops for the next five years to keep working.

Fortunately, a CDL holder isn’t at risk of losing their license because of a failed drug test — at least not the first one. But repeat offenses could put the driver in a position where their driving privileges could be revoked. And yes, that even includes commercial drivers living in legal marijuana states. Since the herb is still prohibited at the federal level, FMCSA isn’t changing its anti-drug policies.

It can’t.

Study Finds CBD Doesn't Impair Driving And THC's Effects Fade Within Hours

These are just some of the basic ways that you can benefit from taking a toke before going out for the evening.

There are a lot of great ways to make a date special. While some people want to go out to the bar and tie one on for a fun evening, others have something different in mind. With all the changes that are happening regarding the views of marijuana usage, it’s not unusual for people who are romantically involved to smoke cannabis instead of using alcohol. Is that a good idea? Absolutely, and we’re going to show you why!

Improves appetite and metabolism

There is nothing worse than having someone over for dinner and they’re too worried or nervous to want to eat. Fortunately, a quick hit off a dab pen or a joint will help people get some of their appetites back. That means you can start off the date with a quick smoke and by the time dinner rolls around, you’ll be ready to have a good meal and dessert with each other!

Photo by Tristan Gassert via Unsplash


Like we’ve said before, every kind of cannabis affects a person differently, so make sure that your partner has some experience with marijuana if they’re looking to get hungry instead of worrying about any adverse effects. Best of all, you can combine the two by getting your hands on some tasty edibles, allowing you to sate your hunger and get into a much better frame of mind.

Improves the mood

Photo by

How Not To Blow Your Diet When The Munchies Hit



Marijuana is allowed at the New York State Fair this year, and officials say it hasn’t caused issues so far.

April Stec and her family got in line for their traditional visit to the Fair on Sunday.


What You Need To Know

Due to New York’s new cannabis law, marijuana is allowed at the New York State FairgroundsThere are certain areas where it is not allowedSo far, the fair’s director says smokers have been respectful


“I love the Dairy Barn,” Stec said. “I just go to the Dairy Barn. I love the milk and the butter sculpture.”

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Hemp edibles have become one of the most popular ways to consume CBD. Here are some of the best and most important tips on how to consume them.

What Is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is believed to have good benefits for the body because it binds to certain receptors which can be found on every organ in the body. It has also been shown that it impacts many physiological processes, and most importantly, it does it without the psychoactive high and other known effects that THC has. CBD and THC are members of the same family,  only THC comes from marijuana,  and CBD comes from hemp, which contains 0.3% or less of THC in total. Almost all CBD is found in commercially available drinks, and food comes from industrial hemp.

Go For The Classic

Edibles have become one of the most rapidly growing ways of consuming hemp edibles in terms of popularity. One simple way is to add CBD oil to your food if you don’t like how it tastes on its own.  Furthermore, as the creators of delta 8 CBD note,  CBD edibles in the form of lollipops or gummies and vapes are also great options because they are tasty and ultimately the most discreet way of consuming hemp edibles. This is especially true if you have to take a dose while you are working or if you are in a public place. Ultimately,  you can always go for the classic and simply make  CBD brownies.

Find The Perfect Dose

Making and consuming your hemp edibles will heavily depend on the kind of dose you want. If you want a stronger CBD component in your edibles, do a trial and error run beforehand. You can try with 1mg at first and see if that does work for you; if not, you can start increasing the dose per mg and try to hit the golden spot. This might take some time to get right, but hemp edibles are usually made with premade CBD oil which is convenient to use. If you are taking any other kind of hemps edible such as vapes or gummies, be sure to take it gradually and see which dose works for you.

Be Patient

Ingested cannabinoids are absorbed through the digestive system (obviously), which means they need a longer time to be processed and to take effect. Furthermore, if you are consuming other hemp edibles such as vapes, the effect will be much faster, and this will ultimately be the better option if you don’t plan on waiting around. If you don’t mind this, though, you can always take a couple of brownies, gummies, or an edible hemp lollipop and enjoy yourself. Just be sure to pace yourself and not take too many edibles if the effect doesn’t kick in right away; the chances are it just needs a bit more time.

Be sure to consider these important tips the next time you want to consume hemp edibles. It’s important to pick what kind of edible you want, be it a vape or edibles that are ingested, depending on the effect you want.

Very Important Tips: How To Consume Hemp Edibles

Using hemp and cannabis as an ingredient in dishes can be intimidating. You may not know where to start, what you need to start, or what you can get out of infused recipes. If you’re a vegan consumer, the list of fears can be even more daunting. For example, why is it so hard to find vegan edibles in dispensaries? Does everything need to have cannabutter in it? How much knowledge does crafting vegan cannabis cuisine need?

As a cannabis and plant-based PR firm, we’re here to help make your experience in the kitchen as enjoyable as possible. Follow these tips to get started. You’ll be whipping up vegan cannabis brownies in no time!

1. Choose Your Adventure

If you’re new to cooking with hemp and cannabis, it’s important to think about what you hope to gain from the activity. Are you hoping to cut down your trips to the dispensaries and become your own edible supplier? Are you looking for a customized high that you have complete control of? Are you looking for a new ingredient to inspire you in the kitchen? Or seeking to take advantage of a variety of health benefits?

Whatever the reason might be, it’s a good idea to flesh out your curiosities and create a game plan that will help you achieve your end goal.

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Controlling your food impulses is super difficult, especially when there’s weed involved. Here’s how to stay in control when the cravings hit.

Wanted or unwanted, the munchies are a reliable side effect of marijuana use. While they can be fun and therapeutic, they can also derail an otherwise healthy diet. The munchies make even the most average meals appetizing and special, and can result in super strong cravings, the kind that can result in late night cooking or ordering in.

Despite the deliciousness of the munchies, it is possible to avoid having them, or to curb their strength, by preparing ahead of time. Here’s how to not blow your diet when the munchies hit:

Buy your favorite healthy snacks

Photo by Irina Iriser via Unsplash

While a lot of people aren’t fans of healthy snacks, they’re an efficient way of curbing the munchies, and there are actually a lot of good snacks out there. Make sure to sample a lot of different things, from flavored popcorn to nuts, to pickled veggies, which are surprisingly delicious to eat while on a munchie binge.

Prepare snacks at home

Photo by udra/Getty Images

If you have some cooking skills, you can prepare some simple and delicious snacks at home, like home baked chips, egg free cookie dough, or puddings. 

5 healthy munchies to fit almost every diet
A man has been charged after allegedly attempting to smuggle over $1,000,000 worth of cannabis across the New South Wales – Queensland border.
Police allege the man attempted to cross the border into Queensland on Thursday night for the second time that day at the Griffith Street, Coolangatta checkpoint.
He told officers he was transporting goods in the Mercedes Sprinter van and had travelled from South Australia, but could not provide a valid permit.
A man has been charged after attempting to smuggle over $1,000,000 worth of cannabis across the New South Wales – Queensland border. (New South Wales Police)
Further inquiries revealed that the driver was from Greater Sydney before he was arrested, ordered to undertake a COVID test and had his vehicle seized.

The total amount of cannabis seized has an estimated potential street value of $1.2million. (New South Wales Police)

During a search of the vehicle, police allegedly found 145 kilograms of cannabis in vacuum-sealed bags concealed inside two large hot water systems and a toolbox.
Two mobile phones, a knife and other documentation, were also found during the search and will all undergo testing.
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The total amount of cannabis seized has an estimated potential street value of $1.2million.