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What we can gather from this report, and other consumer reports like this one, is that Americans are past ready for cannabis legalization, especially after the stress of 2020.

The cannabis industry’s proof was in 2020’s revenue, but a new report from consumer data firm Brightfield shows consumer behavior to match exactly what the cannabis industry already knew: people consumed more cannabis during the pandemic than they were before.

Gen Z makes up a large part of new consumers

A clear factor is stress and anxiety, and the Brightfield report confirms that. New recreational cannabis consumers made up 6% of all consumers in 2020, with 22% being Gen Z. If you thought Generation Z wasn’t old enough to consume cannabis, so did we (kidding), but many of them are now 21 which means legal access to cannabis if they live somewhere where it’s legal.

Photo by Eliott Reyna via Unsplash

Consumers seeking relaxation, sleep, and emotional relief from cannabis

New recreational customers saw the heaviest consumption, specifically in Q4 2020, with 22% of new consumers reporting they utilized cannabis multiple times a day. This declined a little bit in Q1 2021, but nonetheless, new cannabis consumers are entering the market at a faster rate than pre-pandemic. The top three desired cannabis product effects are relaxation, sleep, and emotional relief. Over half, 54%, of new recreational consumers reported utilizing cannabis for anxiety, while a whopping 74% of consumers sought cannabis for relaxation.

Vaping THC Can Be Riskier For Teens Than Smoking It, Study Shows

Maine’s adult-use cannabis retailers sold over $5 million worth of marijuana products in May, a new record for the state’s nascent legal market. 

The state’s 34 licensed adult-use retailers reported 71,843 sales transactions totaling nearly $5.4 million last month, earning the state roughly $536,000 in tax revenue. 


Recreational cannabis sales figures in Maine have climbed steadily since the market launched in October, with retailers bringing in about $1.1 million in the first month.

May’s $5.4 million record broke the previous record, set in April, by over $1 million. 

So far, the legal adult-use market has reported about $22.7 million in sales, earning the state more than $2.2 million in sales tax revenue, according to data from the Maine Office of Marijuana Policy.

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American attitudes towards the legalization of marijuana have shifted in the last few years. In 2019, 66% of Americans say the use of marijuana should be legal, which represents a stark difference from the 33% of Americans who supported the measure in 2009.

As a result, a growing number of states have legalized recreational marijuana. Nine states are currently selling marijuana recreationally and several other states have legalized marijuana but are still setting up the retail and tax structure. 

Source: Tax Foundation 2020


States currently selling recreational marijuana:

AlaskaCaliforniaColoradoIllinois MassachusettsMichiganNevadaOregonWashington

States where marijuana is legal, but not sold yet:


Selling marijuana recreationally is a fairly new trend, so as you might expect, the tax codes are still evolving. 

Nevada seemed like a sure bet before the pandemic for cannabis companies. A seemingly never-ending stream of tourists from states where cannabis isn’t legal or the legal product offerings were meager. Several companies made huge investments in the state, especially in Las Vegas, to capitalize on tourists happy to plunk down big bucks to sneak some products back home. Of course, it isn’t legal to take cannabis products across state lines, but that doesn’t stop many tourists from taking the risk. The pandemic, of course, caused that market to crash as tourism dried up and the operations were left to depend on the business of residents only. Now it looks like the cannabis comeback is underway.

Planet 13 Holdings Inc. (CSE: PLTH)(OTCQB: PLNHF) reported record sales in May of $11.2 million with gross margins above 50%. The company said that May represents the third consecutive month of record sales as Las Vegas and America return to normal. In a statement, Planet 13 said that hotels across the Las Vegas strip have reported having hotel rooms sold out for the foreseeable future and Planet 13 expects continued strong sales on the back of increased tourist traffic. In May, Planet 13 reported that its first-quarter revenue rose 41% to $23.8 over 2020 before the pandemic had really settled in and lockdowns began. So, there is a great deal of optimism about the second quarter.

“Tourism and business are looking up in Nevada and our operations are mirroring this trend by experiencing consistent, month-on-month growth. We are thrilled to share that the momentum gathered over the past few months is continuing, with yet another month of record sales in May. Planet 13 has built a successful retail cannabis brand that resonates with Americans. We remain confident about the continuation of this upward trend as Las Vegas reopens to its full potential as well as the upcoming opening of our Orange County SuperStore in July,” said Larry Scheffler, Co-CEO of Planet 13. The company is opening its California Super Store on June 24, which will feature electronic waves, a 16-foot octopus, an Instagrammable Planet 13 bus, and 50 registers.

Consumption Lounges

One of the biggest issues that Las Vegas had faced with cannabis sales was the lack of anywhere for the tourists to consume. Flower sales are always the biggest seller, but there was nowhere to smoke. Hotels often don’t allow smoking in rooms or on balconies. While cigarette smoking is allowed in some spaces, cannabis smoking isn’t. This caused the state to pass Assembly Bill 341 in early June that allows adults 21 and older to purchase and consume adult-use cannabis products on-site at any licensed “cannabis consumption lounge.”

According to NORML, “The measure establishes regulations for two distinct types cannabis consumption lounges. One group would be reserved for existing marijuana dispensary license holders who can then apply to operate an on-site cannabis consumption lounge. The other designation would be for new, independent businesses to apply for a license to operate an “independent cannabis consumption lounge” which is not attached to or adjacent to an existing retailer. The bill also provides for reduced license application fees for qualifying social equity applicants. Local governments can enact policies restricting access to cannabis consumption lounges under this bill.”

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Now that Michigan has legally approved the process of expunging past cannabis convictions, it’s time to put plans into action and get some of these past convictions overturned. In order to do so, the state held its first expungement fair last Wednesday to help clear records in record time.

Yvonne Morrow is one of the people who came out to Michigan’s first expungement fair to get her 20-year-old possession charge cleared. Even though the conviction happened so long ago, it still plagues her as a mark on her record.

“If it takes 20 years for somebody to get their record expunged for marijuana, I mean, come on,” she said as she waited in line for her record to be cleared.

The fair is a chance for people to either get their record completely cleared, or get help with the process. Currently, expungements for cannabis misdemeanors and select felony cases are on the table to be cleared, and folks with prior convictions are flooding in to make it happen and start with a clean slate.

“Today marks the day in history where the lives of 718 people will be set free, dignity restored, family trees changed forever,” said Sheriff Christopher Swanson regarding the move and the fact that lives will be changed positively by this exciting step in the right direction.

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The state Senate passed legislation that would legalize recreational cannabis just before 2 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The bill passed 19-17, with six Democrats voting against and one Republican voting in favor. Sen. Heather Somers, R-Groton, and Sen. Paul Formica, R-East Lyme, both voted and stood to argue against the measure.

While the state House is expected to debate the bill over the next few days, time is dwindling to push the bill through the legislature, as the legislative session ends Wednesday at midnight.

House leaders acknowledged the tight deadline, especially given the fact that the House plans on taking up the state budget on Tuesday, but maintained confidence that the bill would become law.

House Majority Leader Jason Rojas, D-East Hartford, said he believes the votes are in place to pass the bill.

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We’re at in interesting point in our society where, not only is cannabis becoming further integrated in our daily lives, but as a society, we’re leaning more towards natural remedies, DIY solutions, and overall freedom and independence. In that vein, it makes sense that consumers are trying to figure out the best ways to grow their own cannabis, as well as manufacture products in the comfort of their own homes.

Just like food and most other consumable products, the healthiest way to do pretty much anything these days is to do it yourself. And with all the health benefits achievable through using cannabis, it’s almost a travesty to use low-end products that are tainted with heavy metals, absorbing toxins through crappy packaging and vape carts, and filling your body with carcinogens. And above all, DIY cannabis isn’t rocket science, but in many cases a simple process that will allow you to make your own medicine…

With the rise of DIY technologies, you can make most of your favorite cannabis products in the comfort of your own home. In today’s market, you can buy supplies to grow the flowers yourself, extract the compounds, and make a variety of high-quality and very pure products, without worrying about any possible mystery ingredients that could be harmful to your health.

Growing your own flower and making cannabis products at home has never been easier… but it’s still sometimes fun (and much easier) to buy product that you already know are reliable. To learn more about cannabis, and for exclusive deals on flowers and other products, make sure to subscribe to The CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter. If you want to get the latest deals on Delta 8 THC, please subscribe to the Delta 8 weekly.


Extract at home

Until recently, consumers who wanted to make their own extracts and concentrates were reduced to using various types of kitchenware and flammable solvents. Although effective, these methods are dangerous and lead to many housefires, explosions, and other deadly outcomes.

Some people might find it reckless, but what it really showed the world is that there was a serious demand for these types of products, but no safe and efficient way for the average consumer to make it themselves. “There was definitely an incredible amount of interest from the market,” says Troy Ivan, CEO of Colorado-based ExtractCraft. “Consumers were happily paying $350 down for a product which had a 4-month wait with a company which had never existed,” Ivan continued.

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If you are trying to reduce the amount of coffee you’re drinking every morning, save some money by slowing down on your twice-a-day cafe run or just cut down on caffeine in general, there are energizing cannabis strains that you can still enjoy in the morning or midday that won’t leave you feeling drained, sleepy or low on energy. As a bonus, some of them can even help melt away tension in your body like a tight neck and shoulders and improve your mood all while stimulating your mind.

For people who need a little help staying focused, getting motivated or boosting their creativity, a quick sesh can make a big difference but it’s all about the strain choice. Need some help? Check out these hybrid and sativa-dominant energizing cannabis strains that are known for their uplifting effects that still allow you to focus, be productive and stay mentally clear as you blast through a day full of activities or catch your breath while you get your second wind.

This bright, citrusy strain tastes just as good as it smells thanks to its limonene content. This potent terpene can aid in increasing energy, improving your mood and helping you feel invigorated when you need a bit of a kick and. It also has some great medical benefits from boosting your immune system to reducing inflammation which can help on days that you’re not feeling your best or a little tense from sitting at your desk all day.

PHOTO SeedFinder.Eu

Green Crack

Although the name might sound a little daunting for the uninitiated, those who are familiar with this powerful strain will swear by its ability to beat fatigue and a bad mood without fail. It has a euphoric, long-lasting buzz that may have your head in the clouds if you overdo it, so less is definitely more if it’s your first time trying it out or if you need to remain present and focused without mentally floating away.

Super Lemon Haze from CRAFT cannabis

American workers are increasingly turning to weed – at least, according to new numbers released by U.S. drug-testing behemoth and clinical laboratory Quest Diagnostics Inc.

Approximately 2.7 per cent of the drug tests issued by Quest came back positive for cannabis in 2020, during which roughly nine million tests were conducted by the lab. And while the number may seem negligible, it’s up from 2.5 per cent the previous year, and just two per cent in 2016.


While worker’s weed consumption seems to be on an upswing, the trend did not increase the overall numbers of positive drug tests, which hit a plateau in 2020. In 2019, however, the number of positive tests was flagged as the greatest number the company had seen in 16 years.

The percentage of Quest-tested U.S. workers with urinalyses that came back positive for illicit drugs has remained consistently around 4.4 per cent since before the start of the pandemic.

“Driven largely by surging rates of marijuana general U.S. workforce positives and steady rates of amphetamines positives, the rate of drug positivity remained stubbornly high despite seismic shifts to the workplace caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Barry Sample, Ph.D., senior director of science and technology, Quest Diagnostics in a press release.

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When Maine's adult-use recreational marijuana market came online last October, it was tough to set expectations as the program opened in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the pandemic's harsh grip on our daily life relaxed slowly, the growth of the recreational program in Maine grew exponentially. The growth budding to another month of record sales in May.

Although the official numbers won't be released until next week, Erik Gunderson, the Director of the Office of Marijuana Policy estimated dispensaries across Maine collected more than $5M in sales. He added that includes nearly $1M worth of product being sold on Memorial Day Weekend alone. "I think it’s a sign of things to come," Gunderson said.

This will be the first summer that folks age 21 and over can buy marijuana products legally in Maine. Gunderson said the timing is perfect as more licenses are being granted around the state, established stores are working with more local vendors, and shops are selling more products to consumers.

“[The program is] continuing to head in the right direction both in terms of revenue, in terms of active licenses, and when you talk about accessibility more and more towns start to opt. in," he added.

Increased research into cannabis has made more people conscious of what happens inside their bodies, and this has further popularized the presence of the endocannabinoid system.

The body’s endocannabinoid system is a universal regulator for almost all other systems in the body. There are times when our bodies produce very low endocannabinoids, thus leading to a deficiency that births different health conditions. As crucial as this discourse is, you want to know what causes such defects and how you can resolve them.

It is sometimes shocking to cannabis novices to discover the connection between their body’s function and cannabis-like molecules. They are always stunned to learn that the cannabis-like molecules affect almost every part of their body.

Photo by About time/Getty Images

The human body makes chemicals similar to what is in the cannabis plant and uses these chemicals to regulate essential body functions. Some of the parts include immunity, skin health, brain function, and even our appetite.

endocannabinoid system

If you're applying for a job in Philadelphia in 2022, you don't need to worry about the weed you smoked over the weekend. 

A new law going into effect next year prohibits any business from making the passage of a marijuana drug test a pre-condition for employment. The decision by the Philadelphia City Council and Mayor Jim Kenney made the City of Brotherly Love one of a handful of governments to put such a law on the books. New York City and Nevada have similar laws, as does Atlanta, Washington D.C., and Maine.

But there are exceptions. So every job seeker in Philadelphia and business owner should become familiar with the details of the law.

New Philadelphia law

Philadelphia City Councilmember Derek Green, who filed the bill that led to the new law, told the Philadelphia Inquirer that it's a step in the right direction.

"We're using pre-employment testing for a product that is being recommended by physicians, for individuals within the city of Philadelphia, that's authorized for them to be used. That seems very contradictory," said Green.

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A new batch of data shows that despite cannabis earning its legal status in several U.S. states, young people aren’t exactly getting their hands on the stuff any easier.

This data adds to a growing body of evidence that indicates legal marijuana doesn’t make it more likely for teens to consume it.


The data came from the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System and was submitted by high schoolers between the years 2009 and 2019. The analysis demonstrated that there was not a significant change or increase in the percentage of students who consumed cannabis within the past 30 days.

Per the data, the year where teens reported their highest percentage of marijuana use was in 2011 before legal cannabis programs were approved in the U.S.

Opponents of legal marijuana programs have cited cannabis use in teenagers and its side effects as a means of dissuading people who may be considering supporting legal cannabis. Among the related beliefs is that legal marijuana could facilitate drug access for youths during a period when their brains are developing and, thus, could make them more susceptible to the drug.

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Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is gaining popularity in the list of hangover cures. If you’ve ever consumed too much alcohol at a party, you will definitely look for a remedy for the nausea and headache as soon as you wake up. Want something aside from a cold compress, aspirin, and Alka Seltzer? Try out CBD! In case you ask yourself, “how many CBD gummies should I take?,”this article will explain how this miracle wonder may help with your hangover.

Clear Away Hangover with CBD Gummies

How Is It a Hangover Cure?

Your endocannabinoid (ECS) and nervous systems control and produce the entire nausea and headache sensation. The former is a series of cellular receptors that control the stress, mood, inflammation, and pain in your body. These receptors determine and coordinate with your bodily functions and systems.

Additionally, CBD works with the ECS to relieve discomfort and pain. According to a number of studies, it was found that vomiting and nausea can be controlled by the ECS. More so, CBD can relieve your nausea through its potent and dominant anti-inflammatory properties.

This miracle wonder is known for its proven effectiveness to decrease pain and reduce inflammation. However, just like any other hangover cure, you still have to re-hydrate your system to wipe out the root cause of dehydration.

Other Ways CBD Can Help with Your Hangover

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Clinical trials have shown that the world is about to unlock this potent cannabinoid that will enhance the benefits we get from cannabis.

One of the most exciting things to discuss regarding cannabis are cannabinoids. Yes, those excellent chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. But most conversations on cannabinoids are always hung up on THC and CBD, as these are the most utilized and significant cannabinoids known.

However, within the cannabis plant lies many other cannabinoids that hold the potential of making a tremendous impact in the lives of those who use cannabis. One such cannabinoid is cannabidivarin (CBDV).

Photo by Bacsica/Getty Image

The cannabis plant is one attractive component to consider because of the myriad of advantages it provides users, but for now, the spotlight is on cannabidivarin. What makes this chemical so unique?

How Marijuana's THCV Can Positively Impact Your Life

People smoke cannabis and get high for different reasons, and in some cases, your reason for smoking can determine when you should smoke.

Anyone who starts smoking pot and enjoys the exhilarating feel it brings will want to know the best time to get high. Of course, you don’t want to get high at crucial meetings or close to someone uncomfortable with cannabis. There are different times, and we will highlight all of them, so work with a time that best suits your schedule.

In the morning

Getting high in the morning is often referred to as “wake and bake.” When we wake up, our body comes alive, but we also have to get the body energized, which is why some people go to the gym first thing in the morning.

Photo by rawpixel.com

Just as you enjoy the working out in the morning, you can also enjoy weed in the morning to get that kick into your day so that you show up at work ready to take over the day.

A Deep Dive Into What Cannabis' THCA Can Do For You

Marijuana, also referred to as weed, pot, dope, or cannabis, is the dried flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant. "It contains mind-altering (e.g., psychoactive) compounds like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, as well as other active compounds like cannabidiol, or CBD, that are not mind-altering," explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Marijuana is used for many reasons, some recreational and others medicinal. However, no matter what you are using it for, there can be side effects, explains Niket Sonpal, MD, NYC Internist and Gastroenterologist, Faculty Member Touro College of Medicine. Read on to learn about the surprising side effects of marijuana. Read on—and to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these 19 Ways You're Ruining Your Body, Say Health Experts.

  1 There May Be a Lowered Reaction Time


Mature man with bad headache at home

One potential short-term negative effect of marijuana is a lowered reaction time. "Slower reaction times may occur due to the THC, the main psychoactive in marijuana. It's believed that the thalamo-cortico-striatal circuit network in the brain (portion related to the perception of time) contains many receptors that bind with THC," explains Dr. Sonpal. "When this binding happens, your internal clock speeds us, thus leading you to feel as if everything has slowed down around you." 

  2 It May Promote Severe Anxiety


Woman suffering an anxiety attack alone in the night

While marijuana has a calming effect on some people, others experience severe anxiety. "Someone may experience increased feelings of anxiety because high THC levels cause the brain to receive more cannabinoids than usual. This over-stimulates the amygdala, which causes some people to feel anxious," says Dr. Sonpal. 

Mature man with bad headache at home

We already do C02 extractions and create concentrates from compression. We already consume cannabis as a smokable product, as edibles, topicals, and inserts. What’s the one thing missing? Juicing it! That’s right, just like with your vegetables, raw cannabis juice provides one of the best ways of getting all the good stuff that cannabis has to offer.

Honey? Shatter? BHO? Resin? Dabbing? Vapes? Edibles? There are so many ways to consume cannabis that it’s hard to figure out the best one. If you haven’t tried them all, you might not know which is right for you. Just like if you’ve been smoking regular delta-9 THC, you might not know there’s an alternate form – delta-8 THC – which won’t cause anxiety, has a clear-headed high, and less psychoactive effect. Sometimes it’s just about knowing what’s out there. Take a look at our collection of Delta-8 THC deals, and figure out the best product for you.


What is juicing?

First of all, we all know what juice is. Whether its from a peach dripping down your face when you bite it, or the carton in the drinks section of the super market, we fully understand that juice comes from fruit. And vegetables. Really, from any plant. Juicing simply means squeezing the liquid out of the plant. It really is that simple. It’s not using a more complicated extraction method, or trying to make a concentrate. It’s just squeezing out the life blood, and all the nutrients therein. Think of an orange press and how it takes all the juice out of the orange. That’s juicing. Plain and simple.

This isn’t to say all juices are created equally, they are not. Much of the juice you see in the supermarket barely contains plant products, instead relying on sugar, chemicals, and food dye, without all the good stuff. Savvy shoppers will know to make sure their juice is not pasteurized, as that process tends to ruin plant constituents, and that its not from concentrate either.

Savvy shoppers will know to look at the expiry date since real juice doesn’t last forever, and should spoil relatively fast. They will look for ‘cold-pressed’ on the labeling, which means it wasn’t processed in a high-speed and high-temperature centrifuge. A savvy consumer also knows to stay away from anything that boasts ‘fruit-flavored’, ‘natural-flavoring’, or ‘contains real fruit juice’, as these tend to be indicators that what is being purchased isn’t juice at all.

vegetable juice
The pandemic initially disrupted the legal cannabis industry, but 2020 saw record sales of R245 billion.Dispensaries navigated changing regulations and markets to find new ways to reach customers.A cannabis producer in Las Vegas told The New York Times sales in Nevada alone could top R14 billion in 2021.For more stories go to www.BusinessInsider.co.za.

Shortly after Nevada officials announced that licensed cannabis stores and medical dispensaries could reopen after lockdown, Nicolas MacLean said cars were lined up for five blocks waiting for curbside pickup.

Like many industries in Las Vegas, the cannabis industry used to rely on tourists for sales, but that changed when the pandemic hit, MacLean, who serves as the CEO of Las Vegas-based cannabis producer Aether Gardens, told The New York Times.


"Locals are very discerning - they want something they aren't going to find on the black market," MacLean said. "Especially when you are stuck at home."


The year of 2020 saw extraordinarily strong sales of legal cannabis in the US, up 46% from 2019 to a record $17.5 billion (R245 billion), according to cannabinoid market research firm BDSA.

"I expect this will be the first year Nevada does over a billion in cannabis sales," MacLean said. "And it happened on the back of what I think no one expected."

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The cannabis plants have had a bad reputation for many years. Campaigns against the use of marijuana as a “gateway drug” portrayed the plant and its products in a negative light, but more recently studies have shown that cannabis can be useful for human health, while the negative effects of using it are not so dramatic.

CBD oil is a an extract of the Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica plants, the same ones that are dried up to make marijuana. Unlike marijuana, CBD oil does not have any psychoactive effects, and is thus considered a better way to use cannabis for medical purposes.

CBD oil is often called hemp oil because the cannabis extract in it is usually mixed with hemp seed oil, which is used as a carrier. CBD oil can be purchased in the form of capsules, sprays, and even chewable candy, and can be used in the treatment of numerous common health conditions.

Health Benefits of Hemp Oil

Source: pixabay.com

The exact effects of hemp oil have not yet been fully researched, which is one of the reason that some are skeptical about its use. However, initial studies show that CBD oil can have positive effects in more than one way. The active components in the oil seem to influence opioid receptors in the brain, which helps with pain management, as well as the glycine receptors which regulate the production of serotonin.