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There’s Never Been A Better Time To Be An Edibles Chef

As edibles continue to grow in popularity and more states legalize recreational weed, the need for quality culinary cannabis professionals will grow as well.

It’s safe to say the cannabis culinary palate has moved beyond brownies. In fact, the flavors and cuisine involving marijuana has become so exciting that several talented chefs have packed up their knives and left jobs at Michelin starred restaurants to pursue a life in culinary cannabis.

Accordingn to CNBC, edibles chefs normally make between $50,000 to $100,000 per year, depending on the experience level and job requirements. This salary range is similar to that of a restaurant chef. But unlike typical restaurants, which have faced a plethora of difficulties and red tape throughout the pandemic, the life of a cannabis chef seems to be infused with more opportunity every day.

In 2021, the documented legal sale of edibles continued to skyrocket, reaching almost $3.6 billion. This growth is expected to continue. “Sales of food and beverages infused with cannabis are expected to increase to an estimated 8.24 billion U.S. dollars by 2025,” according to  Statista. 

The market has grown so much that even higher education has grown hip to the developing need for cannabis chefs in the workforce. The American Culinary Federation (ACF) now offers a certificate that culinary students can earn in order to make them proficient in cooking with cannabis. 

The “Specialized Certificate of Culinary Cannabis and Edibles” was created to prove that the chef possesses the “proficiency on the skills, knowledge and competencies for safely handling culinary cannabis and edibles,” according to the American Culinary Federation. 

One of the biggest names in culinary cannabis right now is Andrea Drummer. This LA based chef is making waves and headlines with America’s first legal cannabis restaurant, Original Cannabis Cafe. This popular West Hollywood eatery “represents the first of what many potential legal cannabis cafes and lounges around the country could look like,” according to Food & Wine.

There is also great “side hustle” potential for cannabis chefs that can grow into blossoming businesses. The cannabis culinary world is churning out everything from private dinners to cannabis cookbooks, and the masses are biting.

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Pocket-Sized, Potent Cannabis Beverage Drink Loud Launches in California


Cannabis beverage Drink Loud has launched its tiny-but-mighty cannabis potion into dispensaries throughout California. Made with 100 milligrams of cannabis packed into a 1.8 ounce bottle using proprietary nanotechnology,  Drink Loud is both the smallest and most potent cannabis beverage for a fun, discreet, affordable and fast-acting uplift.

Manufactured and distributed by Rove Brands, Drink Loud is shelf-stable and candy-flavored, available in four tropical flavors: Chill; Kush Berry, Spark; Cucumber Haze, Maui Blast; Pina Colada and Cruise; and Pink Lemonade. Its pocket size, nano-fast onset and high potency, makes Drink Loud potions more like a liquid vape than a traditional cannabis beverage.

Meant to be enjoyed like a 420-take on five-hour energy, or stirred into a canna-cocktail, the range of personalization is nearly limitless. While best served cold, refrigeration is never required, even after opening. When sipping, product onset takes as little as five minutes to set in, or up to 30 on a full stomach. Drink Loud’s juicy-candy flavor means they are equally as delicious enjoyed as a shot, stirred into a slushy or sipped slowly at your favorite music festival. All potion flavors are vegan, gluten-free, contain no GMOs and are sweetened with a combination of sugar and xylitol.

Led by CEO and president Paul Jacobson, Rove manufactures Drink Loud as well as all of its award-winning vapes, flower and tinctures in-house. Always optimizing for quality, Rove has developed a new, proprietary nanotechnology and emulsification process for Drink Loud that ensures no bitter taste and a fast-acting onset of THC that can take as little as five minutes. Drink Loud’s flavors and terpene blends are developed by an in-house chef whose background in restaurants and cannabis food pairing complement Rove’s nanotech for a beverage that’s uniquely functional and delicious.

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Missouri Introduces Recreational Cannabis Legalization Measure

Missouri is trying to introduce legal cannabis. It remains to be seen if it will pass or remain unattainable for the state.

A Missouri lawmaker introduced a comprehensive bill to legalize recreational cannabis on Tuesday. The measure, titled the Cannabis Freedom Act (HB 2704), was introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives by Representative Ron Hicks, a Republican from St. Charles.

If passed, the bill would legalize cannabis for adult-use, regulate recreational cannabis commerce and expunge convictions for past cannabis-related offenses. In a statement, Hicks acknowledged the assistance from interested parties and an Oklahoma colleague in drafting the legislation.

“The Cannabis Freedom Act is the product of input from many different stakeholders including members of law enforcement and those who have endured incarceration for conduct that society now deems acceptable,” Hicks said. “I am particularly grateful for input from Oklahoma State Representative Scott Fetgatter for his assistance in creating a free market program that is also strictly regulated.”

Bill Legalizes Recreational Cannabis Possession and Sales

Under the bill, adults 21 and older would be permitted to purchase and use recreational cannabis. Adults would be also be allowed to grow up to 12 cannabis plants at home for personal use.

The bill tasks the Missouri Department of Agriculture with regulating the recreational cannabis program. The department would draft the rules for the program and issue licenses for cannabis producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, without caps on the number of licenses that could be issued to qualified cannabis businesses.

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5 Marijuana Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Experience

Want to make the most of your weed? Here’s how compact discs, honey, pennies, and other common objects can help.

By the time you’ve become a seasoned marijuana consumer, you’ll likely learn all of the little tricks you need to help make the most of your weed. From extending the life of your stash, grinding your own flower when you’re in a pinch, and enhancing your experience in general, here are some hacks that will improve your smoking significantly.


Photo by Christopher Williams via Unsplash

When the munchies strike, there’s very little you can do except indulge. Seasoned cannabis users usually learn to curb their urges, but for newcomers, mints are a good option. Mints can help you focus on something else, distracting you from the urge of eating food. Just like people who stop smoking tend to chew gum, mints can help keep your mind off blowing your diet.


A Penny

Photo by Elsa Olofsson via Unsplash

While you should always invest in a grinder, there are ways of cutting your marijuana neatly and evenly when in a bind. Take a penny and clean it thoroughly, then put your marijuana in a pillbox, drop the penny inside, close it up, and shake. Keep on shaking. After a vigorous workout, you’ll be left with some evenly cut marijuana.

Link Between Cannabis And The Munchies Is More Complicated Than You Might Think
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Kentucky Bill Proposing To Ban Delta-8 Products Could Cost The State Billions Of Dollars

The Kentucky legislature is seeking to ban all forms of "intoxicating products" made from industrial hemp, such as delta-8 THC, a form of THC distinguished from the more common delta-9 THC found in cannabis plants, Hemp Today writes. (article originally appeared on Benzinga)

According to a bill proposed this week, smokable hemp would also be prohibited by the law – in the form of cigarettes or cigars – as well as smokeless products including chew or dip, whole hemp buds, hemp teas and ground hemp flowers and leaves.

The legislation, which expands existing language in the state's law, is also designed to outlaw other hemp-derived minor cannabinoids like delta-10 THC, THC-O, and THC-P,  as per an unofficial copy of the proposal.

While hemp stakeholders in the Bluegrass State have been interpreting the 2018 Farm Bill to their favor claiming that delta-8 THC is legal under the legislation's provisions, regulators have pushed back, emphasizing that the compound is not naturally derived from the hemp plant.

The Kentucky Hemp Association highlighted that a ban on delta-8 THC would result in the loss of potentially billions of dollars by Kentucky's cannabis economy, including growers, producers and retail operators.

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Synthetic THC from hemp may soon compete with marijuana in Michigan

There’s a process that turns extracted hemp concentrate that doesn’t get you high into synthetic concentrate that does, similar to THC naturally produced by marijuana.

The Marijuana Regulatory agency (MRA), soon to be renamed the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Feb. 11 executive order that takes effect April 13, will assume oversight of processing, distribution, licensing, safety compliance and sales of hemp, currently regulated by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).
Hemp growers may be allowed to sell to marijuana processors, who could then synthesize it to THC for use in edibles, vaping cartridges, tinctures or other products already being sold in the licensed marijuana market, based on draft rules proposed by the MRA on Jan. 27.
The changes present new market opportunities for hemp farmers but also new competition for growers in the state’s existing marijuana industry. The rules require any new products being sold using synthesized THC to be clearly labeled as such.
The Marijuana Regulatory Agency is holding a public comment session on proposed rules to increase its oversight at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 16 at its offices located at 2407 North Grand River Avenue in Lansing. The meeting will also be broadcast online using Zoom at this link with the passcode: “100616.” Public comment during the meeting is restricted to in-person attendees, but the MRA is accepting written comments sent by email to MRA-legal@michigan.gov until 5 p.m. on Feb. 16.
Whitmer’s executive order already transfers MDARD’s oversight of hemp processors to the MRA, now tasked with creating the administrative rules that guide them. MDARD will continue to oversee licensing for hemp farming.
Howell-based marijuana attorney Denise Pollicella said the proposed rules, combined with currently easy-to-obtain, “cheap” hemp farming licenses, will cause hemp to proliferate across the state.
“Michigan’s municipalities will be covered in fields of hemp that looks and smells exactly like marijuana,” Pollicella said.
It currently costs $100 for an annual hemp farming license and $1,350 for hemp processing license. In comparison, Michigan marijuana grow facilities pay $6,000 for application processing and up to $40,000 in annual license fees. Those same fees are paid by licensed marijuana processors.
The 2014 U.S. Farm Bill authorized state departments of agriculture to implement agricultural pilot programs for hemp, which Michigan did in 2019. There were 631 state-registered hemp growers and 517 hemp processors in 2020, according to the 2020 pilot program report. So far this year, MDARD has issued 175 grow licenses and 297 processing and handling licenses.
Also giving hemp a competitive edge over Michigan grown marijuana: it can be imported, according to the proposed rules.
If implemented, the rules will “induce a huge amount of hemp importation from all over the country into Michigan, which will drop the price of marijuana and hemp down to almost nothing,” Pollicella said. “The profit margins on marijuana products will be so low that this will, in turn drive the dispensaries out of business.”
Hemp and marijuana are the same plant: cannabis. Except, the government defines hemp as cannabis with less then .3% THC, the psychoactive compound produced in marijuana at much higher levels.
Hemp has traditionally been grown for its cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD, an extract that can be added to oils, lotions, food and drink, used as a natural remedy for anxiety, insomnia, depression and pain; but also for use as a livestock feed grain, textiles, an alternative to plastics and even building materials, said David Crabill, president of the hemp farming trade group iHemp Michigan and a hemp farmer himself.
In recent years, hemp conversion to synthetic THC has increased in popularity, including to what’s known as delta-8 THC. Delta-8 THC induces similar effects to delta-9 THC that is produced by marijuana, the compound that induces the high, and was unregulated in Michigan until a package of bills were signed into law last July, granting the MRA regulatory powers.
“The Department of Agriculture really doesn’t have the resources to do the compliance on the consumable (hemp) products, was the biggest issue,” Crabill said. “And (the MRA) is better suited to do that kind of compliance because they’re already doing it for marijuana.”
Crabill said he interprets the proposed rules to mean that CBD, which hasn’t previously been regulated by the MRA, may now come under the agency’s control.
Crabill said there is likely going to be a tradeoff for the new market opportunities within the existing marijuana market in the form of higher regulatory fees for hemp farmers.
“We haven’t had a market,” he said. “Well, now we have a market if we can sell to marijuana businesses I’m sure we’re going to see movement in the licensing fees because some of these large outdoor grows for marijuana, they’re not going to be sustainable at their current expense level.
“They’re not going to be able to compete with hemp, so I can just see the state going after the hemp growers for more money.”
Crabill, who identified himself as a “free-market guy,” said it’s just important that any fees imposed on Michigan hemp farmers are in line with other states.
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Studying the impacts of combining cannabis and exercise

University of Colorado Boulder launched SPACE, the Study on Physical Activity and Cannabis Effects.

DENVER — The steps to finding balance in life can be found in the rhythmic cadence of a long run for people across Colorado. For Josiah Hesse, he prefers it in a truly Colorado way.

"I never run without cannabis," Hesse said.

Hesse runs routinely in and around Cheesman Park in Denver. But, he said running never used to be a part of his life.

"I couldn't imagine running a mile 10 years ago," Hesse said. "I was drinking too much. I was using cocaine. I was chain smoking cigarettes and I was eating bad food."

He decided to start running because Hesse said he was struggling in life.

"I read that it was helpful with depression and anxiety," Hesse said.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Cannabis

Willie Nelson called Marijuana an herb and a flower. Others would call it a science, with experts running the business including data analysts, dispensary owners, growers, cannabis infusion specialists, and more. While cannabis is not yet legal in every state, according to a recent Gallop poll, 68% of Americans believe it should be legalized.

Cannabis, a scientific term always in italics, refers to the genus of the plant. “Cannabis” refers to marijuana. There is also hemp, a common name for plants of the genus Cannabis which contain only small amounts of THC. While presently eight states allow adult use and 36 states allow cannabis for medical use, the substance is expected to become a $100 billion industry within the decade.
CV Sciences, a pharmaceutical company, makes high-quality, safe, and effective hemp CBD oil products. They are also the makers of PlusCBD, the No. 1 top-selling brand of hemp-derived CBD in the U.S.  "Hi5 is a safer alternative to alcohol for those looking to try something different,” says Dr. Jamie Corroon ND, MPH, Founder & Medical Director of the Center for Medical Cannabis Education and Medical Advisor to CV Sciences.
“Our product normalizes cannabis consumption in a way that does not smell, require a device, or broadcast that you are enjoying cannabis. Unlike traditional edibles, which can take 45-60 minutes to express their effects, Hi5 has a rapid onset, making the effects more controllable. It's a new way to socially enjoy cannabis, without the baggage." It also has zero caffeine, zero carbs, zero sugar, and zero calories. Hi5 takes effect in just five minutes and wears off after 45-minutes, offering more control compared to standard edibles. I spoke to Dr. Jamie Corroon and asked:

What kind of ailments can cannabis help?  

Consumers, advocates, and devotees of natural therapies offer symptoms and medical conditions from autoimmune diseases to seizure disorders. Healthcare professionals and clinical researchers are more conservative, but often cite nausea and vomiting, anorexia, symptoms of, anxiety, sleep disorders, chronic pain and other disorders which can be helped by cannabis. 

CBD, the primary active ingredient in hemp, has been approved by the FDA to treat seizure disorders. Clinical trials have demonstrated efficacy in treating conditions including anxiety, PTSD, and others.

How does a customer know what kind of product they’re getting?  

For hemp-derived CBD products consumers should only purchase products from companies that offer a Certificate of Analysis (i.e., CoA) to ensure that the product is not contaminated with heavy metals, microbes, Delta-8 THC or other compounds that could lead to harm.  

With so many different products, how does a customer know how much to take?  

For cannabis products, consumers are often at the mercy of salespeople at state licensed dispensaries. Most of these individuals may be qualified to guide consumers to an amount of THC that will likely not overwhelm them (i.e., make them feel overtly impaired), but they aren’t qualified to recommend dosing for medical conditions, nor are they licensed to practice medicine. For medical use, consumers should seek out licensed, trained healthcare professionals.  

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Charlotte's Web Exploring New CBD Beverage

DENVER, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ - (TSX: CWEB) (OTCQX: CWBHF) Charlotte's Web Holdings, Inc. ("Charlotte's Web" or the "Company"), the market leader in cannabidiol ("CBD") hemp extract wellness products, is exploring the entry into the CBD wellness beverage market with new CBD social elixirs currently under development with an expected launch date later in the calendar year.

"Entering the beverage category is reflective of our increased focus on new product categories and formats to drive our topline growth," said Jacques Tortoroli, Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte's Web. "This allows us to enter this fast-growing portion of the market." 

The Company looks to introduce CBD sparkling elixirs powered by Charlotte's Web full spectrum hemp extracts derived from the Company's proprietary patented hemp cultivars.  The beverages will be developed with best-in-class formulations blended with other functional botanicals and natural flavors and are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and non-GMO.

According to The Brightfield Group, the CBD beverage market is set to achieve $245 million in sales in 2021, up 50% from 2020, and is expected to reach $1.3 billion in 2026, representing a 40% CAGR.

Charlotte's Web executive suite has substantial experience in the beverage category. Jacques Tortoroli has over 20 years of global beverage experience through previous roles with PepsiCo, and Pepsi-Cola International and more recently with Bermuda based family-owned Bacardi Ltd. Charlotte's Web Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Wes Booysen, has more than a decade of experience in the beverage industry at Molson-Coors where he was most recently Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Asia Pacific and ‎Africa.

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Papa Johns Puts Hemp on the Menu in U.K. and Russia


Papa Johns has become the first global quick-service restaurant brand to put superfood hemp seeds on the menu, with the launch of its new limited-edition Hemp Sticks in two key markets. 

Now available in the UK and Russia, the launch marks Papa Johns’ first major product innovation of 2022, as it seeks to further strengthen its ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ commitment to food superiority, a key component in last year’s rebrand announcement.

Handmade using Papa Johns’ fresh never frozen, six ingredient dough, the Russian Hemp Sticks recipe uses Papa Johns’ special garlic sauce and a sprinkle of shelled hemp seeds, while the UK recipe swaps special garlic sauce for garlic butter sauce and also includes mozzarella.

In recent years, Gen Z and millennials have become the biggest purchasers of better-for-you foods, a trend which Papa Johns has responded to with its enhanced and award-winning plant-based, flexitarian and healthier choice menu options.

The new product launch is being supported via an integrated marketing campaign, in association with independent nutritionists and media personalities, to drive consumer trial of hemp seeds by debunking popular misconceptions.

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Super Bowl LVI: Marijuana sales in California go high during Sunday game


A joint, edible or any other cannabis product. All of that will be a first for the Super Bowl. On Sunday, some fans will enter a marijuana dispensary, located less than two miles from SoFi Stadium.

Consumers not only find pre-rolled joints, but also cannabis-infused edibles, beverages and candies, identified with the colors of the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans at least 21 years old can purchase cannabis at the licensed dispensary without a medical marijuana card or fear of arrest. This is the first Super Bowl to be played in a state where recreational marijuana is legal.
State voters approved the required proposition in November 2016. The Los Angeles area, in particular, has become a thriving market for the legal sale and consumption of recreational marijuana.

Licensed dispensaries selling recreational cannabis in SoFi Stadium

Within two miles of SoFi Stadium, there are two licensed dispensaries that sell recreational cannabis, and there are about 200 such dispensaries in Los Angeles County.

They have names like SkyhighLa, Puff Los Angeles and LA Wonderland Marijuana, and Pineapple Express is among several retailers offering home and hotel delivery.

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Willie Nelson’s Super Bowl Ad For Sketchers Is Really About Legal Weed

Willie Nelson and Sketchers partnered up for a Super Bowl ad that’s about shoes, but really, it’s about legal cannabis.

If you weren’t already aware, Willie Nelson wants to legalize marijuana. That’s the message of his Super Bowl ad, only he can’t say it outright, so instead, he’s promoting legalizing comfort with Sketchers.

While never mentioning the word cannabis, the Sketchers commercial is still a significant marijuana moment. Using a weed icon to air a message of legalization during the Super Bowl in the midst of this current wave of legalization doesn’t ask much of viewers to put two and two together, while also being able to skirt the NFL’s rules for their ads.

The commercial is called “Sketchers Legalized Comfort,” and it features and exchange between Nelson and the commercial’s director.

While wearing a black tee that reads Legalize, Willie introduces himself, saying, “I fought for the legalization of the one thing that can bring comfort to millions. Sketchers.” At this point, the commercial cuts to the director, who looks down at the script in confusion. “You see, Skechers should be legal,” says Nelson. The director interrupts him. “Willie, I don’t think Skechers are illegal anywhere.” Willie shrugs. “But they feel so good I just assumed the man made them illegal.”

In a statement, Nelson explained everyone’s right to feel comfortable, sending another pro-legalization message in disguise. “I can’t resist making an appearance during the Super Bowl. And I’m doing this because of a message we can all agree on—everyone deserves the right to feel comfortable. From the bus to the stage to a jog around the ranch, staying healthy and feeling good is how I can keep doing what I love.”

Sketchers also released a statement. “We know featuring Willie’s genuine personality and well-known passions in a pair of commercials will make an impression for the millions watching the game.”

Marijuana ads and the Super Bowl have a little bit of history. While a variety of weed companies have tried to run cannabis ads in the country’s most important televised event, the NFL has restricted cannabis use, which means weed ads are a no-no.

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What is It Like to Smoke THC-O Dominant Flower?

What is it like to smoke THC-O joints and pre-rolls?

THC acetate ester, popularly called THC-O or THC-O-acetate, is one of the common synthetic forms of cannabinoids.

Over the years, chemists all around the globe have tried to create a perfect synthetic product with the precise effects offered by cannabis plants. To do this, cannabis compounds have been modified into various chemical structures, some of which are not naturally produced in the plant. There are currently dozens of cannabis variants, each with its own unique qualities and side effects. Some of these cannabinoids have been extensively modified for specific uses, while the rest can be extracted from hemp and cannabis plants.

What is THC-O?

THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid with higher potency than most synthetic products. The compound was developed to give users a more intense high, although, like natural cannabis, the level of reception in users varies. But most of the time, the product offers users a magical and enchanting experience.

Bay Smokes, a well-known cannabis brand that produces pre-rolled joints, revealed that some of its products are filled with premium THC-O flowers and concentrates. The company cultivates hybrid THC-O buds indoors and works hand-in-hand with licensed labs to test the potency and general features of the cannabinoid before they are infused into regular cannabis products and dispensed to the public. The company has most of these test results on its website for consumers to confirm that the products are fit for consumption.

Cannabis lovers who have tried THC-O and other THC forms claim that the first is more potent than the latter. They pointed out that THC acetate ester induces more relaxing effects, accompanied by a trippy high. The Feds are yet to acknowledge the existence of this form of THC because it was prepared in a laboratory. Some scientists have also clarified that the drug has yet to undergo standard drug-identifying procedures.

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Women and marijuana: Women have better sex when smoking


Women and weed are a match made in heaven! And according to the latest research, this relationship extends to the bedroom, with female weed smokers achieving stronger and more frequent orgasms. 


What Does the on Data Women and Cannabis Data Say?

Researchers at Stanford conducted a survey of 452 women to establish the relationship between marijuana and female sexual function. The key areas of sexual functions analyzed included desire, arousal, lubrication, orgasm, satisfaction, and pain. The results revealed that increasing the use of weed led to more frequent and stronger orgasms and higher levels of arousal and desire.

Based on this study, the effects of marijuana on women were clearly positive! Women who smoked weed 3 times or more a week reported greater overall sexual satisfaction than women who smoked weed less than 3 times per week. Researchers found that each additional day of taking marijuana led to a 21% increase in sexual satisfaction!

Interestingly, researchers did not find a relationship between sexual function and the type of marijuana used. Both THC and CBD users achieved the same frequency and orgasm intensity. Also, based on this study, the ingestion method does not play a role in sexual function, so no matter if you are a smoker or prefer edibles, you can still get a boost in the bedroom!

Why Does Cannabis Increase Sexual Satisfaction?

Researchers have established that women and cannabis equal good sex, but they are unsure why. Here are some of the theories that they came up with!

Anxiety reduction – Many women use marijuana to reduce their anxiety, and studies have shown that CBD, in particular, can significantly reduce stress and panic attacks. Anxiety can prevent women from achieving an orgasm or enjoying sex as their minds are preoccupied with stressful thoughts. Thanks to marijuana, women can lower their anxiety to fully enjoy sex and get more frequent orgasms.Marijuana can alter time perception – One interesting side effect of marijuana is that it can stretch time and make moments feel like they last for an eternity. With the average female orgasm lasting around 30 seconds, thanks to marijuana, this blissful moment may feel like minutes!Boost to serotonin – Serotonin plays an important role getting women in the mood for sex and helps them reach climax. Cannabis can increase serotonin through the CB1 receptor, and this extra serotonin bump may be helping women raise their sexual desire!

There are numerous factors causing marijuana to help women have better sex. While scientists have not quite figured out the underlying causes, the evidence is pretty clear that ingesting marijuana will help you step up your bedroom game!

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What is a cannabis concierge and are they worth your money?

Many dispensaries already offer concierge services through one-on-one consultations with expert budtenders. However, other services take the concierge concept up a notch.

If you live in a cannabis-friendly state, you may have come across the term cannabis concierge. Cannabis concierges represent a new wave of customer service in the marijuana industry. Inspired by the humble hotel concierge, whose sole job is to make the guest happy by providing them with a customized itinerary or organize a VIP trip, cannabis concierges do pretty much the same thing.

Depending on the company, cannabis concierges can provide any range of services from 420-friendly travel to organizing special events and social gatherings, sourcing premium cannabis for you in a new city, custom cannabis advice on products, and so much more.

Benefits of a Cannabis Concierge

No matter what kind of cannabis concierge it is, there is one thing they all have in common: personalized service. Many dispensaries already offer concierge services through one-on-one consultations with expert budtenders. However, other services take the concierge concept up a notch.

There are many scenarios when you could make use of a cannabis concierge. Traveling, for one; if you are visiting a new city and want to know where it’s safe to smoke, seek out some cannabis social clubs, and want some help in sourcing weed, these are some of the services they can do for you. While you can also find this information on Google, what makes them so special (and worth the extra cash) is that they go the distance to give you personalized information, most of which is only known to locals.

Some concierge services also take care of organizing special events such as weddings, when couples and the guests want to put marijuana in the middle of it all. We all know that planning big events can be a daunting task especially if you don’t have the experience, connections, and knowledge. That’s definitely where a concierge can come in handy: they make sure that you will have an unforgettable event while staying classy. They know the cannabis-friendly venues in town, where to look for smoke-friendly limos, locate caterers who can design cannabis-infused wedding and party menus, and so much more.

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Embarc's Lauren Carpenter on rethinking cannabis in retail and events

How the industry's challenges and regulations are really opportunities

Lauren Carpenter has over a decade of experience building prolific teams and leading successful strategy for some of the most diverse business coalitions and campaigns in California, including dozens of Fortune 50 companies.

Before Carpenter co-founded cannabis retailer Embarc, she served as chief strategy officer for Sweet Flower, and director of government affairs for Western states at MedMen. Carpenter brought her extensive cannabis experience in government, regulatory, public and community affairs to Embarc and into her role as CEO. Carpenter has become a trusted advisor to elected officials and continues to work with government agencies throughout the state and across the country to implement thoughtful cannabis regulations within communities to create mutually beneficial operations.

We spoke with Lauren for our Higher Calling series, where we chat with leaders in the cannabis space.

Lauren, tell us...

Where you grew up, and where you live now.

I was born in San Francisco and my earliest memories are in the city, but I spent my childhood beginning at about 5 years old in Sacramento. Like many 18-year-olds, I left for college swearing I'd never return to my hometown. Fast forward and I'm back in Sacramento, as my pre-cannabis career was in public affairs on legislative issues, and living here now allows me to travel to any of our stores and be home in time to sleep in my own bed that night.

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Scottish hemp products specialist Voyager launches dedicated skincare division

Scottish CBD health and wellness business Voyager has launched a bespoke skincare division as it looks to tap into a fast-growing market.

The rollout of VoyagerCann follows the group’s acquisition of a specialist maker of skincare and face serum products after the parent company went bust.

In December, the hemp products specialist said it had bought the brands and assets of Cannafull, which is also based in Perth.

Voyager, which employs 20 people with plans to add more, said it has worked to re-establish trading in the business and is in the process of contacting Cannafull’s customers and other potential customers offering a full service for the development and launch of CBD skincare products.

Perth-headquartered Voyager has a growing range of CBD and hemp seed oil products.

Bosses said the new business-to-business service will operate as an integral part of the group’s existing operations and customers will be able to benefit from the company’s “experience and presence” in the UK’s CBD and plant-based wellness sector.

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Effects of marijuana on dogs – Ultimate facts


Marijuana is an ingredient found in smoke that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC, which has psychotropic effects on humans and animals. AnimalFacet is a platform, a personal blog by Ibrahim who writes unique facts about animals has written on this topic which subsequently improved my knowledge a lot.   As rules alter, it’s becoming more acceptable to discuss marijuana use. Some people are evaluating its medical potential, while others are looking for ways to flush it out of their systems due to drug tests or a desire to eliminate contaminants.

Remnants of Marijuana

You can feel significant and instant effects when you smoke or ingest marijuana which has an effect on dogs and other animals as well. Marijuana metabolites, on the other hand, persist even after the effects have faded. This signifies that the plant’s chemical residues are still present in your body. Cannabinoids are the leftovers of the cannabis plant. They can be found in saliva, hair, fingernails, blood, and urine.

Marijuana as Most Used Illegal Drug

Marijuana is the most widely used federally prohibited drug in the US, with an estimated 48.2 million users in 2019. 2 Marijuana use has a variety of health implications for the body and mind. To read more about how marijuana usage can affect your health. This article will give more details

Effects on Physical Health of Humans

The following are some of the most prevalent physical symptoms of marijuana use:

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Cannabis users just want one kind of flower for Valentine's day

Chocolates, roses and oysters aren't the ultimate aphrodisiacs after all, poll finds

Who wants candy and flowers for Valentine’s Day? Possibly a lot of people, even if those go-to gifts aren’t the most imaginative choices.

Cannabis fans, on the other hand, would be happy to skip those traditional symbols of romance and affection. Their message to friends, crushes and partners: nothing says “I heart you” more than weed.

According to a new study from MariMed and the Harris Poll, 63% of cannafans would rather receive weed than boxes of chocolate or floral arrangements for the upcoming holiday.

Further, 72% said they plan to incorporate cannabis into their Valentine’s Day plans, with 53% leaning toward edibles—one of the fastest-growing categories—rather than flower or other popular weed formats.

The study, backed by the multi-state operator that recently unleashed a media frenzy around its 850-pound pot brownie, looks beyond the February flirtation celebration and dives into the broader sex lives of cannabis users.

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Retail Bakers of America partners with Love’s Oven for cannabis baking workshop

The Retail Bakers of America (RBA) has partnered with Love’s Oven in Denver, Colorado to host an in-person, two-day workshop at The Cook Street School in Denver on May 15-16, 2022. “Fresh Baked” will feature everything attendees need to know about the business of baking with cannabis, in-depth baking demos and tours of some of Denver’s finest cannabis bakeries and dispensaries.

Love’s Oven is one of the most recognizable cannabis brands in the state of Colorado. For the event, Peggy Moore, chief executive officer of Love’s Oven, will provide insider knowledge on how to start a cannabis bakery and Hope Frahm, Love’s Oven’s corporate chef, will share her expertise of baking with cannabis and in-depth demos. The event will also include a bus tour of Denver’s top cannabis bakeries and dispensaries.

“We here at Love’s Oven are so excited to partner with the Retail Bakers of America for this event,” says Peggy Moore. “When they reached out to us, we were thrilled that this group wanted to give its members a look behind the curtains at how legal marijuana bakeries work, the challenges, and the excitement of being part of a new industry. Looking forward to spending time with the Retail Bakers of America members in May!”

“It is so important as the national association for retail bakers that the RBA set the standards and educate our bakers on all topics,” says Bernadette Shanahan-Hass, RBA’s director of operations.

“Baking with cannabis is an exciting new lane for most bakers. Teaming with Love’s Oven, the leaders in the baking with cannabis industry, will allow us to ensure our attendees are getting every morsel of correct and useable information.”

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