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Regulatory Amendment to allow Farmers to grow higher THC Cannabis crops

The Ministry of Social Affairs is drawing up a regulatory amendment that will allow for varieties of Cannabis sativa with a higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content to be grown in Estonia.

The change will significantly increase the number of varieties hemp farmers can choose from to grow.

Currently, farmers in Estonia are only permitted to grow varieties of Cannabis sativa with a THC content of less than 0.2 percent. By the beginning of next year at the latest, that limit will be nearly doubled to nearly 0.3 percent.

The Ministry of Social Affairs is in the process of drawing up an amendment to its schedule of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The change isn't driven by a more liberal drug policy, however, but rather European farmers' concerns over a limited assortment of permitted hemp varieties.

Ago Siiner, CEO of longtime hemp seed importer Perfect Plant, noted that under local conditions, just two currently qualifying varieties of hemp are worth growing in Estonia.

"But this change would make another three to five varieties accessible that would be possible for us to grow for seed," Siiner said.

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4 Conservative Politicians you’ll be Shocked to find out Smoked Weed

Several politicians have become quite conservative since smoking weed, and a few even condemn its use and existence on American soil.


Politicians’ personal experiences with marijuana have a long and evolving history in America. From Bill Clinton’s famous claim that he smoked marijuana but didn’t inhale, to George W. Bush admitting to smoking weed in his youth in a private (recorded) conversation, the examples are plentiful.  

Regardless of how the information becomes public, marijuana in politicians’ personal lives can be a tricky path to navigate. This is understandable, as these politicians either currently or have previously had a hand in setting public policy, which as it stands still upholds a federal prohibition on marijuana. So the idea of someone who has experimented with marijuana but upholds its illegal status is, well, curious to say the least.

Barack Obama was open about his past marijuana use in his memoir, but many other politicians have been vague and apologetic about their past run-ins with Mary Jane. In fact, several politicians have become quite conservative since smoking weed, and a few even condemn its use and existence on American soil.

While many political figures have admitted to smoking weed, here are a few that have admitted to marijuana use while opposing its use for others.  

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Capping THC Levels is a bad Idea — Here’s Why

In order to find the solution, you need to first identify the problem. Unfortunately, the author of a new USA Today article only managed to identify a symptom of the problem, and failed to see the root of the problem.

It seems that every other week I’m here needing to cannasplain to people who have no idea about cannabis, potency, or any subjective experience with any real drug usage. Recently, USA Today opinion contributor Peg O’Connor wrote an article titled, “Not your grandma’s weed: Why potency limits must be part of any push to legalize cannabis.”

As one would expect, this article is riddled with assumptions, erroneous data, and faulty conclusions. It is my duty as a defendant of sanity to dismantle this hit piece by Peg and teach her the errors of her ways. Let’s jump into it!

The Three Assumptions

Peg starts off by telling us how cannabis has transformed in the public eye and claims that “no drug” had undergone such a transformation. But I’d like to point out that “alcohol” is a drug that had undergone such a transformation not even a hundred years earlier.

There was a time when alcohol was illegal in the United States mainly due to a puritanical movement spearheaded by women – but once prohibition stepped in and regulations went out the door — bootleg liquor became a dangerous thing. In fact, it because so dangerous that it was women who fought to legalize alcohol again. In many cases, the same women who fought to prohibit it years earlier!

Therefore, right off the bat we know that Peg’s knowledge of drug history is probably weak and that she’d be drawing all her data from official sources.

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Pet Talk: Marijuana toxicity in Dogs

Marijuana (cannabis) contains more than 100 different chemicals (or compounds) called cannabinoids.

Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors in their brains, which means the effects of cannabis are more dramatic and potentially more toxic when compared to humans.

A small amount of cannabis is all it takes to cause toxicity in dogs. Marijuana interferes with the brain's ability to interpret its surroundings. Affected animals usually get exposed by eating food contaminated with cannabis, second hand smoke, or eating human feces contaminated with cannabis. Affected animals may be restless, nervous, hypersensitive to their surroundings, and disoriented. Vomiting, diarrhea, urine leakage, tremors, wobbly stance, weakness, and dilated pupils may occur. Signs usually last 18-72 hours.

Diagnosis is based on history of exposure and compatible clinical signs. You can also test the urine of dogs using store bought drug tests, as marijuana compounds may be detected in the urine. To treat marijuana toxicity, it may be recommended to make your dog vomit. Inducing vomiting can only be helpful if the dog has been exposed somewhat recently. If they are already showing clinical signs, vomiting may be unsuccessful. Hospitalization may be recommended for supportive care to prevent self trauma. Supportive care also includes IV fluids to help flush the toxins and giving activated charcoal to bind the toxin.

Prognosis is excellent in most cases, with most effects going away after 18-72 hours. Please do not hesitate to tell your veterinarian if your animal got into marijuana. It can be critically important in their treatment and can help save their life!

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Farmer's Market Feature: Mountain Flowers Hemp

WATAUGA — Mountain Flowers Hemp takes an educational and sustainable approach to selling hemp products.

William Petty Johnson, of Mountain Flowers Hemp, has grown cannabis since 2013, getting his start in Washington. After “booneranging” back to Watauga County, Johnson worked to get his hemp growing license to open a shop. When the effects of COVID became more evident, he switched to a different approach by selling online and at farmer’s markets.

Johnson is a living-soil indoor hemp farmer who works to grow and sell ethically and sustainably. He specializes in smokable hemp flower and makes his own variations.

“I am a farmer and that is what I like doing and thankfully I can make a living doing it,” Johnson said.

According to the FDA, the 2018 Farm Bill set precedents for legalization of hemp products across the county. Under the bill, products with less than .3% THC are classified as hemp. This includes many genetic variations but are commonly sold as CBD and CBG.

Despite its rising popularity, Johnson personally chooses not to sell Delta-8 or other isomers due to a lack of knowledge on their long term effects.

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Swiss Pharmacies will price Medical Marijuana according to Black Market Prices

With the modification of the Swiss Narcotics Law, which changed the legal status of cannabis, patients can now obtain medical marijuana through a simple prescription from their doctor. (Benzinga)

Starting September 15, Basel City will begin the first Swiss project on the legal sale of cannabis in pharmacies. The project will help evaluate the effects of new regulations on the recreational use of cannabis and combat black market distribution.

The Federal Office of Public Health approved the pilot in April. As a part of the project, the University of Basel, its psychiatric clinics and health department will participate.” Six cannabinoid products – four types of cannabis flowers and two types of hashish – will be sold in nine pharmacies selected by the authorities,” said Lukas Engelberger, health minister.

Cannabis users over 18 can now register to participate, with the number of participants limited to 370. In addition, pharmacies will charge prices around those set on the black market for products with THC content. A gram will therefore cost CHF8-CHF12 ($8.40-$12.60).

The Swiss parliament laid the legal basis for such small-scale initiatives in September 2020. After that, also other local authorities, including Zurich, Geneva and Bern, applied to roll out similar trials.

Legal Prohibition For Adult-Use Cannabis

In 2008 almost two-thirds of Swiss voters rejected an initiative to decriminalize cannabis consumption. Despite a legal ban, the health office estimates there are 220,000 regular consumers of cannabis in Switzerland.

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Clear the Air: Weed Etiquette for Roommates

There are some drawbacks to living with another person, especially if you two do not live similar lifestyles or have different views on cannabis usage in the home. Here’s how to deal with it.

Marijuana legalization has liberated those who regularly use cannabis and live in states where it has recently become legal. While recreational marijuana has eliminated a lot of difficulties and roadblocks for those who indulge in smoking weed, it has created some new challenges, and magnified a few existing conflicts. One area that has grown increasingly more complicated is weed etiquette in the home when you have a roommate.

Having a roommate certainly has its pros and cons: they split your rent, walk your dog, and listen to you when you have something (or nothing at all) to say. There are, however, some drawbacks to living with another person, especially if you two do not live similar lifestyles or have different views on cannabis usage in the home. If you have a roommate, this might have you wondering what proper weed etiquette is these days now that we are in this new age of cannabis freedom. 

Check the Lease

Before you start wondering what is polite or impolite, you should first determine what is allowed and what is prohibited in your rental. More and more properties have very clear smoking policies. No-smoking policies do not simply refer to cigarettes. They can also apply to marijuana, and do not necessarily have to specify the type of smoke, as long as they are specific about the rules. 

According to the legal website Nolo, “A clear no-smoking policy prohibits all forms of smoking, including smoking marijuana for medical reasons.” These no-tolerance smoking policies are quite serious.


If you signed the lease and agreed to no-smoking terms, the violation can land you on the street. “A landlord who has included a no-smoking policy in a lease or rental agreement can terminate the tenancy of or evict a tenant who smokes,” the article continues. Make sure you are aware of your lease and its fine print, especially if you have a roommate or neighbor who is likely to rat you out to your landlord for smoking.

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California cops bust berry big Bud Farm

Squat berry plants do little to conceal tall hoop houses containing illegal cannabis.

A massive illegal cannabis grow-op made up of almost 300 greenhouses containing about 14,000 illegal plants was recently found amidst a berry farm in northern Monterey County, Calif.

“The illegal operation was hidden on a berry farm in unincorporated Salinas, Calif., nearly 300 hoop houses,” notes a statement from the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office (MCDAO). “Berries were planted along the perimeter of the hoop houses to conceal the true nature of the operation,” MCDAO adds.

In all, members of the Monterey County Cannabis Enforcement Unit found and destroyed 14,000-plus illegal weed plants and just shy of 13,610 kilograms of processed cannabis. The unit was aided by MCDAO’s Bureau of Investigations, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Monterey County Department of Public Works.

An investigation into the illegal operation is continuing.

Medicinal and recreational cannabis are both legal in California. That said, individuals 21 and older can only grow up to as six cannabis plants at home for personal use, while commercial cultivation requires a licence and adherence to local rules, including whether or not outdoor grows are even permitted.

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A lesson on marijuana and THC legislation shared in Pequot Lakes

PEQUOT LAKES — Pequot Lakes Police Sgt. Ryan Franz educated the city council on recent legislation that makes it legal in Minnesota to sell certain edibles and beverages infused with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the cannabis ingredient extracted from hemp.

“Every regional group I’m involved in … this has been a topic that has come up,” City Administrator Rich Spiczka told the council at its regular meeting Tuesday, Aug. 2, adding cities don't quite know what to do with it.

“They passed it without a lot of oversight,” Franz said after giving an overview of the legislation regarding cannabinoids.

“Most municipalities are unsure of how to best proceed and what steps are best so some are in the ‘wait and see’ realm, while others are attempting to pass ordinances banning the sale of these items,” Spiczka wrote in a memo to the council.

Franz said many municipalities are waiting for bigger cities to tackle the topic. He doesn’t feel the need to enact any moratorium now, though the legislation will present challenges.

It won’t change how police do their job, Franz said, adding he’s come across people in the past month who claim marijuana is legal.

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Ukraine’s battle for Medical Cannabis – the Campaigners on the Frontline

Advocates in Ukraine have called on the global cannabis community for support.

While the war against Russia rages on, medical cannabis advocates in Ukraine say access is vital as the country faces an impending mental health crisis. 

“The smell of cannabis in Europe always gave me a sense of freedom,” says Nazariy Sovsun, a resident in the city of Kyiv.

“This is something we want for Ukraine too.”

Nazariy has worked in drug policy since 2011. He and Maksym Kharkavyi, are members of Freedom March, a longstanding movement, which has advocated for the legalisation of cannabis in Ukraine since 2005.

“For generations we have been fighting for adoption and implementation of the drug policy strategy in Ukraine, organising rallies, campaigns and advocating for cannabis patients in the courts,” Nazariy explains.

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Colorado’s cannabis industry is enduring its first sustained downturn since Recreational Weed Sales Began

Colorado’s marijuana businesses adjust to inflation, market saturation and competition from other states. Municipalities face declining revenues as shine fades from legal weed.

Colorado’s legal marijuana industry is weathering its first sustained downturn since dispensaries began selling recreational weed in 2014.

Dispensaries are closing. New ventures, like delivery services and social clubs, are struggling. Tax revenues are plummeting. And across the industry, layoffs are sending marijuana workers packing. Colorado’s green boom is beginning to bust as more states legalize the sale and use of marijuana and inflation pinches spending. 

The contraction is proving a rare vulnerability for cannabis, which seemed immune to downturns as it soared every year since 2014 — reaching $2.2 billion in sales last year. 

“More people are going to get laid off. We are probably going to see more small shops close down and a lot of brands are going to go away,” said Spencer Ward, a longtime salesman for Bronnor Corp., which manufactures edibles and infused products for brands that are in 400 stores.

Through July, taxes and fees collected from retail marijuana sales reached $198.3 million, down $53.7 million — or 21% — from the same seven months in 2021. Last year set a record in Colorado, with dispensaries selling $2.2 billion worth of cannabis and the state collecting $423.5 million in taxes and fees. 

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5 great U.S. road trips for Weed Lovers

Legal cannabis states offer plenty of options, from desserts to forests, for the adventurous at heart

Road trips are back in fashion in a big way, with the pandemic catapulting them back into popularity so much so that vans and other road trip vehicles were snatched up and rented in record time. Current gas prices and uncertain economic times, however, may have some people in the U.S. are staying close to home. Still, if a person happens to be a cannabis lover getting a bit stir crazy while waiting for prices at the pump to return to normal, there are some great road trips in states where marijuana is legal that are worth investing in and investigating. Some might require saving, while others are more approachable if timed right.


Here are five unforgettable road trips that are worth saving up for if someone loves both the open road and recreational marijuana.

San Francisco to Humboldt County

This is, in many ways, the Mecca of weed road trips. It is best to start in San Francisco, as it is easier to load up on essentials and rent a car in the city rather than the wilderness. San Francisco is the first place to ever have a medical marijuana dispensary in the U.S., at The San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club, opened by Dennis Peron. Enjoy the slow pace of Route 1 along the coast, and soak up the natural beauty. Eventually drivers will arrive in the Emerald Triangle’s most famous area, Humboldt County. Humboldt is known for cultivating some of the best marijuana in the world, and its small towns have all sorts of cannabis-themed activities. This area is also home to some of the largest trees in the world. Avenue of The Giants is perhaps the most breathtaking wooded drive a person may take in his or her life. Visitors don’t even need any weed to marvel at the wonder of the ancient giant Redwoods throughout Humboldt county. Shelter Cove and Trinidad are two fantastic Humboldt coastal towns worth one’s time before beginning the return towards the Golden Gate. It is important to note that while this is certainly a must-do for any true marijuana and road trip lover, it is also a bit pricey. California gas, hotel and car rental prices are some of the highest in the entire U.S., so this might be a trip to save up for.

Arizona to New Mexico

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This Hemp Seed-Flavored Spirit Brand Is the Product of a Centuries-Old Legacy

The story of Tusk and its hemp seed-flavored rum began over 100 years ago, when Maurice Morton’s great-great-great-grandparents made a fortuitous, and hard-earned, purchase.

“In 1906, my great-great-great-grandparents, who were former slaves turned sharecroppers, purchased the land that they actually used to work on,” he says. Morton’s grandfather passed it to the next generation, and in 2019, his aunt decided to move to the property, in Halifax, VA, to build a home. Morton and his cousin presented her with a plan to plant hemp seed — which took some convincing. “She thought we were [going to] turn into a cartel family,” he says with a laugh. “Once she realized that we were talking about actual hemp and not marijuana, it turned into an ‘Okay, let’s do this.’”

With his aunt on board, Morton got to work. The first harvest, in late 2020, resulted in a CBD coconut oil, with plans to use the leftover seeds as the base of a textile product. However, as a fledgling operator, Morton didn’t have access to the equipment required to process the hemp. Things seemed to be at a standstill until Morton and his cousin came across an article about hemp spirits. Morton discovered that hemp-infused spirits were popular in Europe — so much so that bottles there were priced at absurd markups. “Their price ranges were ridiculous,” he says. “Like, they want $150 for a bottle.” Morton realized part of that markup was likely due to the cost of purchasing the seeds and then beginning the distillation process. From there, an idea took hold.

Tusk 1.0 centered on a hemp-infused whiskey. Morton had an in: He knew a friend who owned a whiskey brand; he’d been asked to invest in the company, but the timing hadn’t worked out. Plus, a hemp whiskey would be unique. “I’d never heard of a hemp whiskey, ever,” he says. “People wanna have a cigar with some hemp whiskey, and it’ll be unheard of.” But after realizing how long it would take to produce one — the average time to make whiskey is roughly three years — Morton pivoted. After “two or three” different formulations, Tusk 2.0 was officially born — in the form of a vodka and a white rum.

When I tested Hemp at a Tusk pop-up at Metrobar in June, the first thing I noticed was a surprising lack of bite to both spirits — I couldn’t believe how smooth they were. They didn’t have that typical “liquor” smell, either. Those successes belie the fact that Tusk almost didn’t come to fruition; there was a lot of back and forth between the ATF and Tusk to get approvals, much of it over the usage of hemp. That’s also been the sticking point (no weed pun intended) with local stores. Part of Morton’s job involves dispelling the myths around hemp. “I kind of try to educate [liquor store owners], but [there’s] still kind of that stigma there,” he says. 

The Metrobar pop-up is just one of many pavement-pounding tactics Morton’s used to get the word out about Tusk. That hard work is starting to pay off, with Tusk now in over 30 locations in the DMV, including Fat Boy’s Crabhouse in Crofton, which was the first place to stock it. Tusk will appear as one of the presenting sponsors for a party at the Virginia Black Business Expo this weekend. If you snag a bottle, Morton recommends using the vodka for a Lemon Drop and the rum for a Dark and Stormy. 

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Paradise in the desert lets you wake, bake and bird

Tucked away on the western flank of the Santa Catalina Mountain Foothills, Christopher (CJ) Vincent and his partner MaryEllen started a journey 25 years ago to preserve desert wildlife and plants, while adding their own type of “mother nature” to the mix.

Vincent, a naturalist and medicinal cannabis expert, purchased the three-acre plot of land and turned the desert into a nonprofit oasis for bird watching, photography, lodging and sitting back to enjoy some organically grown cannabis.

Wild Outdoor World (WOW) Arizona is a retreat with a plethora of colorful flora, fauna, birds and Vincent’s marijuana garden. He grows the legal amount of plants for his household size.

“We have 12 plants for two people, so that is the legal amount we can have,” Vincent said. “We cannot sell it, but we can give it away.”

Vincent said they prepare “Homeless Helpers,” or packages of cannabis treats they give to the homeless.

“I mean who needs it more than homeless people,” Vincent said of the packages.

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Grimsby looks to allow cannabis growing while reducing odour

While many in Grimsby were hoping to avoid allowing cannabis to be grown in the town at all, the municipality has started the process to allow for medical and commercial growth.

At a committee of the whole meeting on Aug. 2, council heard from consultants with SGL Planning and Design Inc. who were hired to do a land use study for cannabis growth operations in the town. These same consultants held a public meeting in June, where they heard concerns from residents and councillors.

As it stands, the town’s official plan makes no reference to cannabis. The study recommends the town allow commercial cannabis production licensed by Health Canada, and designated medical growth in areas zoned for specialty crops.

The plan proposes amendments to the official plan and zoning bylaw to specify that cultivation is to take place wholly in enclosed spaces, accessory uses must occur on the same lot as cultivation, and businesses must undergo a yearly licence renewal.

Buildings would also need to be equipped with air treatment control that prevents the escape of odour. Grimsby opted out of having recreational stores in 2019.

The consultants explained that the town could not completely ban the growing of cannabis, as it is legal agriculture.

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‘Weed would be the only thing that would help me eat’: Stars who use Marijuana for Medical Purposes

The use of marijuana for health purposes has been a big debate in recent years. It has been confirmed that cannabis can help alleviate certain medical issues, and it seems the following celebrities are aware of the fact. Find out which stars have used marijuana to keep themselves healthy!

It's helped them with a variety of symptoms!

Sir Patrick Stewart - Sir Patrick Stewart, known for his role ‘Star Trek’, told Esquire how he has used the substance to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. He said: "My hands don't work very well. But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it's just a spray that I put on."

Tommy Chong - Known as Leo on ‘That ‘70s Show’, actor Tommy Chong told CNN that he used hemp and cannabis oil to battle his prostate cancer after getting a stage one diagnosis. A year later Chong was declared cancer-free, but unfortunately the cancer returned. Following his second diagnosis, he used a combination of CBD treatments and radiation sessions and confirmed that he was "cancer-free" in 2019.

Lady Gaga - ‘Bad Romance’ singer Lady Gaga underwent hip surgery back in 2013 and turned to marijuana to alleviate the pain, but her use quickly escalated and she developed an addiction. Speaking on the radio show ‘Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’, she revealed she was smoking the substance 15 to 20 times every day. Luckily, she recovered from the addiction.

Whoopi Goldberg - ‘Sister Act’ actress Whoopi Goldberg teamed up with Maya Elisabeth to create their own line of medical cannabis products called Whoopi and Maya. The brand offers a variety of products ranging from balms, bath soaks, and edibles, which help minimize menstrual cramps. However, Whoopi’s favorite is a vape pen, which she claims has helped her deal with headaches caused by her glaucoma diagnosis. She once wrote for Cannabist: “I took a sip. It was beautiful. And my pen and I have been together ever since.” She left Whoopi and Maya in 2020 before returning to the industry with the Emma and Clyde company the following year.

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Marijuana legalization one area in which Left doesn't see Biden as ally

Senate Democrats and other advocates for marijuana legalization may not have an ally in the White House despite the popularity of the cause among progressives.

President Joe Biden is a long-standing opponent of marijuana use and of policies that would decriminalize the drug, a stance that has only softened somewhat in recent years.

A group of six Democratic senators sent a letter to Biden on July 6 expressing frustration with his administration for refusing to remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I controlled substances and for failing to issue pardons to all individuals convicted of nonviolent cannabis-related offenses, the latter of which was a 2020 campaign promise.

"There is widespread public support for cannabis legalization, with around two-thirds of the public supporting the legalization of cannabis," the letter reads before mentioning that 19 states and Washington, D.C., have legalized the drug for recreational use. "In communities where cannabis has been legalized, there have been widespread economic, racial-justice, public safety, and health benefits."

The senators wrote the Department of Justice on Oct. 6 and didn't hear back until April 13, which was a half-page response the group described as "extraordinarily disappointing."

Biden was similarly silent when Senate Democrats released a marijuana legalization bill earlier this week. The president has not commented publicly about the bill, and the White House did not respond to a request for comment from the Washington Examiner.

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Cannabis plant grows in Tunbridge Wells flower display

When they called it 'leafy Tubridge Wells', this isn't quite what they had in mind. The leafy Kent town got a bit leafier after pranksters sneaked a cannabis plant into a floral display near the Millennium Clock in Calverley Road.

Martin Steers said he was amazed no one had noticed the plant

It's thought council gardeners watered the plant for weeks before it was spotted, growing in a pot of red and white flowers, by Tunbridge Wells resident Martin Steers last week.

"I had gone up to town first thing in the morning on Wednesday," said Mr Steers, 47. "As I was walking through town I saw the plant. It was about two feet tall and didn't fit in.

"I took a couple of photos and walked up to it. I squeezed one of the leaves to double check what I thought it was and I recognised the smell."

A keen gardener with a knowledge of plants, Mr Steers says he was certain it was a cannabis plant.

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New York cannabis sales should start soon — Here’s what to know

While possessing certain amounts of cannabis is now okay, legal stores have not yet opened.

Justice-involved applicants vying for a license can submit their information by the end of August. New Yorkers are expected to be able to purchase legal recreational cannabis by the end of the year.

The process to getting there has been a long one, with many ups and downs, but it appears as though the state has finally figured out how to create a new business that benefits those who’ve been affected by the War on Drugs.

When can a consumer shop?

Buying cannabis is still illegal, something that’s confusing for anyone living in New York and witnessing the number of retail shops that are around. Still, this is about to change, with the first recreational dispensaries expected to open by the end of the year.

Who gets a license?

The first licenses to be handed out will be the ones belonging to the conditional adult-use retail dispensary (CAURD) program. These are 150 licenses provided to “justice involved” applicants, who must also have experience owning and running a business. Applicants can submit their information by the end of August. 

What if a person doesn’t qualify for a license just yet?

More licenses are expected to come out soon, with different requirements for different businesses, which range from weed bars to regular dispensaries. This will all be revealed in the coming months, with applicants only able to apply for one license at a time.

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New Documentary depicts the effects of Legalized Marijuana on Local Communities in CA

“The Daily Caller” has released a new documentary that depicts the effects of California’s Marijuana legalization on local communities.

The title of the film is called “NARCOFORNIA: How Progressives Sold Out Rural California To Drug Lords
A little bit about the film:
“Way up in northern California, two counties fight their battles against drug cartels taking over their community. In Siskiyou County, the fight has pitted Californians against Asian refugees. While in Lassen County, residents scuffle with each other on whether they should embrace legal marijuana to weed out the illegal grows. Both counties’ conflicts highlight California’s legislative and legal failures and their abandonment of rural America.”
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