Local religious leaders and community members gathered Nov. 9 to object to the proposed construction of a cannabis warehouse and courier service that would be built in Grove Hall.

The storefront, located at 415-417 Blue Hill Ave., used to house Nu Life Natural Herbs, a health and wellness store, and Nova Sheen, a dry-cleaning business. Both businesses were owned by Minister Don Muhammad, a local religious leader whom opponents of the cannabis warehouse called a pillar of the community.

According to a plan presented at an Oct. 27 community meeting, the cannabis business would serve as the offices of EnRoot LLC, which would run a delivery service for its own cannabis products stored at the Grove Hall site, as well as work with other Boston dispensaries to act as courier to deliver other products to consumers.

Under the licenses they have applied for, James Kinney, Brian Keith and the other owners of EnRoot would not have any customers coming into their location on Blue Hill Avenue.

Reverend Randy Muhammad, leader of Muhammad Mosque No. 11, said at the Nov. 9 press conference that he thinks there are enough drugs in the community already.

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In South Dakota, among the most complex states when it comes to cannabis, localities are moving ahead on medical as broader reforms loom.

South Dakota might just be the most complicated cannabis state in the U.S. 

Last November, the state was the first in the nation where voters legalized for both medical and adult use on the same Election Day. But, since then, the adult use measure has remained under legal fire, while medical was allowed to proceed.

In January, Gov. Kristi Noem issued an executive order that stated that the initiative “violated the procedures set forth in the South Dakota Constitution.” And, in another first in the cannabis world, she wrote that the legal challenge was filed “upon my prior instruction.” That legal challenge has been kicked up to the state’s Supreme Court, which has yet to make a decision.

In the meantime, a legislative subcommittee has formed and met to take public comment. It has also heard from regulators and lawmakers in other states, like Colorado, as well as from stakeholders in law enforcement, local government, and the cannabis industry. The biggest news to come out of this committee this year was its vote in October in favor of advancing draft legislation to legalize adult use cannabis. 

Take a breath: all of this is happening as advocates again collect signatures to again put adult use on the ballot in 2022], given the uncertainty of progress in the legislature or a favorable Supreme Court ruling. 

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Heirloom Pet Products recently announced it has partnered with Crystal Coast Pets to expand distribution in the United States. Crystal Coast Pets will provide Heirloom’s water-soluble hemp-based pet supplements to independent retailers in North Carolina and South Carolina.

“Crystal Coast Pets is a great fit for Heirloom Pet Products because they are very passionate about offering retail customers high-quality, differentiated pet product solutions,” said Jason Lysak, founder and chief executive officer at Heirloom Pet Products. “…Great distributor partners like Crystal Coast Pets are critical for Heirloom’s continued growth and help offering educational resources to independent retailers on the new standard of CBD for pets so they can share the differentiating benefits to the pet-loving customers they serve.”

Rob Johnson, founder and principal at Crystal Coast Pets, added, “To be a successful distributor in today’s marketplace, you need great brands and innovations that help drive growth for independent retailers. Heirloom Pet Products’ high-quality solutions fit our customers’ needs and help differentiate them from their competition. Heirloom’s unique water-soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp products do just that and are a perfect addition to our retailers’ stores.”
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Why use hemp-based products in beauty?

One of the fastest-growing plants with multiple benefits, hemp products are derived from the stems of the plant with high fibrous content. The beauty industry extracts its oil as the cold-pressed seed oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and contains all 21 known amino acids.

“With hemp in our skincare products, we can ensure skin hydration for a longer period. The Omega and Vitamin-rich hemp seed oil have been proven to ensure a soothing and calming effect on the skin which in turn helps reduce inflammation and treat acne, atopic dermatitis, and other skin conditions,” shares Yash Kotak, CMO at Bombay Hemp Company. The brand launched with a $1 million seed funding from Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Sons backed in 2018 and recently raised another $1 million in funding. The growing interest in the hemp beauty sector is visible from the same. Under the banner of Boheco Life, they provide hemp-based beauty products and oils that combine the knowledge of Ayurveda with plants superpowers. “From moderating oil production to having anti-ageing properties, there are many benefits that this single oil holds. It’s important to be mindful of what goes onto your skin, natural skincare products keep you glowing inside & out without the use of harsh synthetic ingredients,” adds Kotak about the benefits of hemp seed products.


Words of caution for hemp-based beauty products

The beneficial properties of hemp are verified by renowned dermatologist, Dr Kiran Sethi of Isya Aesthetics but with a word of caution. “Hemp-based products are chock full of essential fatty acids, so they are very moisturising. For people who do not have rosacea, the CBD component is anti-inflammatory and soothing. However, if you have rosacea, CBD can worsen your skin and be more inflammatory,” shares Sethi. She recognises the power-packed properties but suggests that people with acne-prone skin avoid it entirely. She also recommends checking your hemp seed beauty products to see if they are made from CBD or only hemp seed as the latter is more palatable for all skin types.

Intrigued by this superlative seed oil? The Indian beauty market is now saturated with products that use hemp in their ingredient list. From moisturisers, soaps, shampoos to facial oils, we have a buzzing line up of hemp seed beauty products.

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"It took me nine years to get to this point. Now people are looking up to me."

By the standards of most athletes, Daniel Rodriguez should have been approaching the peak of his career by the time he made his professional debut at age 28.

That’s not to say the mixed martial artist was totally inexperienced. By his own estimation, Rodriguez is 200-0 in jail and street fights .

He spent most of his teenage and young adult years dipping in and out of juvenile hall and jail in Southern California. By the time he turned 25, though,   that had started to change. Rodriguez became a father and found steady employment in construction, but he was far from satisfied.

Each day on his way to work, he would pass a gym in downtown Los Angeles called Tapout and wonder what he could accomplish with proper training and instruction.

“I’d go home and I’d tell my girlfriend at the time, ‘I want to go up there and try to do this,’ you know? Because I hated my job and I was thinking, man, there’s got to be a better way,” Rodriguez, 34, tells The GrowthOp from California.

When his girlfriend bought him a gym membership as an anniversary gift, he got his chance. Right away, the coaches loved his raw and aggressive energy, Rodriguez says. Among those coaches was Kathy Long, who is regarded as one of the greatest kickboxers of all time and also holds winning records in professional boxing and MMA.

Her last MMA fight, a win by decision, occurred in 2015, at the age of 51.

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Recreational cannabis sales begin in less than two months in half of Montana’s counties. Regulators and retailers alike are scrambling to finalize last minute details before that January 1st deadline.

It’s another busy morning at Missoula’s Greenhouse Farmacy. The dispensary’s staff is picking dried bulk marijuana flower out of a large plastic storage container, pre-weighing and packing it for sale in small aluminum containers.

“I feel like I’m in a hamster wheel. It’s constant," Greenhouse Farmacy co-owner Brian Monahan says.

He says the cannabis industry is intense under the best of circumstances, but especially now with recreational sales on the horizon. Monahan is preparing his medical marijuana dispensary to join the new marketplace for the first legal sale of recreational cannabis to adults 21 and over. Monahan estimates his sales could triple next year. To prepare, he’s ramping-up production, updating floor plans, installing new sales kiosks and improving parking accommodations.

"It’s almost just like a marathon runner at the end of a marathon. It’s like, just a couple more miles and it’s there.”

Most Montanans voted in support of legalizing recreational cannabis last year. While consuming it will be legal statewide, sales will be legal in half of the state counties where voters approved the ballot measure that legalized adult use.

This means marijuana sales can look different county by county.

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Elevate your “green” bean casserole or mac and cheese using cannabutter, THC extract or flower

Since marijuana was legalized in Colorado, edibles have become an increasingly popular choice for buyers. In fact, edibles — a category that includes infused gummies, chocolates, cookies, candies and even beverages — accounted for 13.9% of sales in Colorado between July 9 and Oct. 7 (the most of any state, according to analytics firm Headset).

But you’re not just limited to what’s sold at the store. As the variety of edibles has increased, so too have the ways consumers can make their own at home. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we tested three different infusion methods with popular holiday dishes — using cannabutter, marijuana concentrate and flower — so everyone can gather and giggle around the dinner table this year.

Before we dive in, let’s start with a few disclaimers: Cannabis use is a highly personal experience and the effects tend to hit differently when eating it versus smoking or vaping. The standard single serving size is 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive compound that produces a “high.”

If you’re new to edibles, start by eating a little rather than over-indulging. In classic Thanksgiving fashion, you can always go back for seconds.

These recipes were inspired by those featured in cookbooks “The 420 Gourmet: The Elevated Art of Cannabis Cuisine” by Jeff The 420 Chef and “Edibles: Small Bites for the Modern Cannabis Kitchen” by Stephanie Hua and Coreen Carroll. Both are excellent resources to learn about the cannabis plant, its use as an ingredient and how to appropriately dose your dishes. For extra culinary inspiration, check out Vice’s “Bong Appétit.”

Whacky Mac & Cheese with cannabutter

About cannabutter: Butter is one of the most well-known ways to infuse a meal with marijuana. (Brownies, anyone?) You can make your own, or you can buy some pre-made Sweet Grass Cannabutter from Colorado edibles maker Infusiam, available at LivWell Enlightened Health and other dispensaries throughout the state. The latter is great because it’s already subdivided into 10 milligrams servings. A whole stick (100 milligrams) costs $20. To dilute the recipe dosage, cut the cannabutter with un-infused butter.

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Marijuana’s effect is not completely understood, which is why some people have adverse reactions to the drug and others don’t.

People tend to have two reactions when it comes to using marijuana: they either find it very relaxing or they don’t. Those who belong to the latter group accuse the plant of causing them tons of paranoia and anxiety, making them feel like they are too “in their heads,” or like they expect people on the street to call them out on their misbehavior.

Bad highs are almost like meltdowns. They’re moments where the consumer’s body reacts in a way that’s stressful, paranoid and even scary. While temporary, these episodes still feel terrible and can turn a lot of people away from weed. The only way to get through a bad high is to wait them out.

These anecdotes leave cannabis in an interesting spot. The same plant can produce exact opposite effects in different people, all because of genetics, experience and predisposition to the drug.

Marijuana produces effects by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in our bodies, located in different areas, like our brain and skin. Cannabinoids, such as THC, bind to the receptors in the brain, causing either relaxing or stressful effects. Some of these receptors are located in spots governed by the amygdala, a section of tissue that’s responsible for managing emotions like fear, stress and paranoia.

THC is known for increasing heart rates and producing an influx of thoughts — both of these behaviors that can cause anxiety for people that are naturally anxious or who haven’t experienced these feelings before.

Studies show that the positive and therapeutic effects of cannabis are due to the influence of cannabinoids on our endocannabinoid systems. These positive results appear even more markedly on patients that have experienced trauma and PTSD, who usually have low levels of chemicals like anandamide.

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Raw marijuana doesn’t have THC, but it can be consumed for some extra benefits. Here are some examples.

Amateur cannabis users likely don’t know the inner workings of cannabis. They don’t know that a key element for the “high” experience is heat, which transforms the compound THCA into THC, which is why someone might try to add raw marijuana into their sweets and expect some sort of benefit.

While this doesn’t work, raw marijuana does have some interesting health benefits.

In recent years, people have taken an interest in other parts of the cannabis plant, removing THC from their focus. There are a variety of elements present in the plant that have benefits, at times mysterious, since they haven’t been all that studied. These compounds and terpenes are plentiful and vastly different, to a point where researchers don’t even know how many there are and what their effects are in full.

While consuming raw cannabis won’t get you high and won’t be the most delicious experience, it’s something akin to eating leafy greens. While the plant won’t produce any psychoactive effects, it might help in providing vitamins, minerals and cannabinoids to your system.

For the THC in the cannabis plant to become effective — providing the high and the sensation of relaxation or creativity — the plant needs to go through a decarboxylation process. This is the step many neophyte cannabis chefs skip before cooking edibles. Decarboxylation occurs when you apply heat to the plant, be that when smoking a joint or when preheating cannabis before adding it in to your edibles.

In its natural state, cannabis doesn’t have any THC. Instead it has a compound called THCA, which has been linked with anti-inflammatory properties, the promotion of brain health, the propagation of cells, and even slowing down the growth and spread of cancer cells.

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Having a full grasp of HHC can be somewhat complicated given it just recently hit the market. Presently, just a few retailers have it for sale and mostly in the form of vape carts. HHC is said to offer plenty of potentials so don't be surprised when you begin to hear more about the cannabinoid. As federal and state agencies continue to place a ban on delta-8 THC, HHC now provides more legal appeal and promise to canna-enthusiast. This is so because HHC is not a THC compound and it is said to also be able to elude drug tests. However, the evidence for this is simply anecdotal.

HHC is chemically known as 11-Nor-9β-hydroxyhexahydrocannabinol. It is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid and a hydrogenated form of THC. HCC was first manufactured in 1944 by an American chemist known as Roger Adams. To produce HHC, Adams added hydrogen molecules to Delta-9 THC, converting THC to tetrahydrocannabinol (HHC). This process is known as a hydrogenation reaction. However, while Adams produced HHC from traditional cannabis-derived THC, a modern approach is used today. As a result of legislation and policies surrounding the possession and use of cannabis, low-THC cannabis plants and hemp are used to produce HHC.

How is HHC made?

Given HHC is a semi-synthetic compound, it is produced in the lab. Molecules of low -THC cannabis are isolated to give specific cannabinoids with the potential to compete with their family tree. HHC is produced when a specific amount of hydrogen is administered to a cannabis compound altering its chemical structure. After that, a metal catalyst is added to induce a reaction with the compound. This catalyst heightens the overall reaction without damaging the product. The overall chemical reaction produces HHC which wouldn't otherwise occur in nature.

The catalysts usually used for the production of HHC include platinum, palladium, and nickel. These metal catalysts are removed once the reaction is complete.

How Safe is HHC?

Just like every of the recent hemp-derived cannabinoids, there's little information on the long-term and immediate effects of HHC. In fact, there are no standard dosages for these cannabinoids including HHC.Since hemp-derived cannabinoids are not liable to cannabis laws in legal adult-use states, the retailers and makers fail to test their products. As a result, the safety, purity, and potency of hemp-derived cannabinoids (HHC inclusive) aree not assured.

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Cannabis and caffeine are two very popular substances, the go-to of a lot of people for productivity. Here are 5 things you should know.

Marijuana and caffeine are substances that people are very attached to. They facilitate the productivity for many of us, making our lives easier and more manageable. Nowadays, there’s a lot of companies trying to combine the two.

Even before marijuana was embraced by the mainstream, enthusiasts of the drug were finding creative ways of mixing these two elements, adding cannabis to oil or butter and mixing it in with their coffee, perfecting recipes that resulted in a completely different high.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

More research needs to be conducted in order to understand how these two elements work together, but there’s a variety of anecdotal evidence that says that the pairing of these two results in a special high, one that adds deeper layers to the effect of marijuana. Here’s what we know about caffeine and marijuana, and the joint effect that they produce on the body.

Caffeine might increase the duration of your high

Photo by Julian Hochgesang via Unsplash

You Should Wait This Long Before Drinking Your Morning Coffee


No illnesses have been reported but health officials are advising purchasers to dispose of certain products.

Multiple Arizona-based marijuana dispensaries are initiating a voluntary recall of specific products due to possible salmonella or aspergillus contamination. 

The Arizona Department of Health Services announced Thursday it was advising purchasers to dispose of products that tested positive for salmonella or aspergillus during laboratory testing. 

No illnesses have been reported and customers who have recently purchased the recalled items are encouraged to dispose of them. Anyone who has recently consumed the items is instructed to contact their health care provider.

The recalled items include products with the "Baked Bros" and "Toasted" brand names. A watermelon syrup produced by Baked Bros was found to possibly be contaminated by salmonella, a bacteria that causes diarrhea and stomach cramps. 

The Toasted products under examination include Sugar Cookies, Rose Gold, Dawgy Treats, Pear, Dirty Sprite, Bettie Paige, Russian Cream, White Rhino, Abracadabra, Boo Berry. 

Once ADHS discovered the positive test results, the establishments involved were notified and took action to work with all distribution and retail partners to remove any products that might be contaminated with salmonella or aspergillus. 

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Willie Nelson’s Hemp-Derived CBD Brand Launches New Wildflowers Tea as a Tribute to Tom Petty’s Legacy, With Proceeds Benefiting MusiCares®

Wildflowers Tea is a botanical blend of whole chamomile flowers, lemon myrtle flowers and peppermint leaves—known for its digestive benefits. (Photo: Business Wire)

Willie’s Remedy, a hemp-based wellness line inspired by pioneering musician and activist Willie Nelson and his wife, Annie Nelson, today announced its first-ever collaboration with Tom Petty’s estate to launch a limited edition Wildflowers Tea. The families of the legendary artists founded the partnership as a homage to Petty’s life, American music and the health benefits and merits of CBD.

“It’s a dream come true to have our two families who share so much mutual admiration in both generations of listeners and fans to collaborate together.”


The amount of time you allow for your T-break is important, but how you spend that time away from THC can also affect the effectiveness of your respite.

Tolerance breaks, often referred to as T-breaks, are a great way to reset your body and reawaken the long-forgotten feeling you had when you first started using cannabis. If you use marijuana regularly, its effects can alter and weaken over time. When you need more and more weed to feel the same effects, you might be one of many cannabis users who could benefit from a T-break.

The saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” can certainly be applied to a tolerance break, which gives you a chance to regroup and start enjoying marijuana like you did when you first started consuming. But what if your T-break does not bring back that old feeling and you still need the same amount of product to feel its effects?

When you take a break from THC and it does not seem to affect your tolerance, you may need to rethink the way you take your T-breaks.

One of the most important components of a quality tolerance break is time. Marijuana may leave your blood in less than a day, but it takes much longer to reset receptors in the body that react to THC. “Research states that brain receptors called cannabinoid 1 receptors start to return to normal after 2 days without marijuana, and they regain normal functioning within 4 weeks,” wrote Medical News Today.

If your break did not lower your tolerance, or did not restore the feeling you once had when you enjoyed it for the first time, try taking a longer one. According to WebMD, cannabis breaks should be at least 21 days long. Try to last for three weeks without THC in order to effectively reset your tolerance, especially if your previous T-breaks were brief.

A three-week break is often easier said than done. According to U.S. News, 49% of American adults have tried marijuana. Although some of these users fall under the experimental or occasional smoker category, many marijuana users partake regularly. For some, marijuana is prescribed medication. For others it is supplemental or unprescribed medication.

Photo by Ivan-balvan/Getty Images

marijuana expire

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is launching a home delivery service and is now hiring 12 delivery drivers but is only seeking veterans of the military.

Oakland County's first fully licensed medical and recreational marijuana dispensary is launching the new home delivery service on Tuesday, just two days before Veterans Day, and is seeking "12 good men and women" for the jobs that can pay up to $50,000 per year.

Not only that, The Greenhouse will provide cars and gas to the delivery drivers.

No knowledge of the cannabis industry is necessary to apply but a valid Michigan driver's license and good driving record are both required.

And the Greenhouse has already started hiring. Todd Hopper is a disabled veteran who served nine years in the U.S. Army had a tough time finding work. Until the Greenhouse's job opened up.

Owner Jerry Millen said they launched the service on Tuesday, just two days before Veterans Day.

"So I'm looking to hire up to 12 veterans. We started delivery today at the Greenhouse of Walled Lake because there's such a demand for deliveries.  It's called greenhouse to go," he said

But that's not all. Jerry wants to help veterans by giving them $10,000 from the sales of the Veterans Day infused-chocolate canna-bar

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The global hemp seed oil market size is anticipated to reach US$ 336.1 Mn by the end of 2030. According to a study by Future Market Insights (FMI), the market will rise at an impressive 18.5% CAGR between 2020 and 2030. According to the report, the rising demand for sustainable products will drive growth in the market. The report offers a holistic market overview intended to help stakeholders get a better look and the prevailing trends and opportunities. Besides examining investment feasibility across key segments, the study also analyses threats to the market.

Hemp seed oil is gaining popularity due to its rich content of omega-3 and omega-6, which offer numerous health benefits. Hemp seed oil helps in reducing inflammation, causing diseases related to the heart and cancer. The rising awareness about hemp seed oil and its various health benefits have resulted in its increased application in cooking oils, sauces and salad oil, baked foods, and nutritional supplements.  

Hemp seed oil has started gaining traction recently owing to approvals by regulatory bodies for human consumption. This, coupled with its health benefits of hemp seed oil, has led to the higher demand in the market. CBD oil is more preferred as compared to the hemp seed oil, but economic pricing makes the latter more attractive for use in industrial applications.

To Get Sample Copy of Report visit @ https://www.futuremarketinsights.com/reports/sample/rep-gb-11630

It includes in-depth insights into the hemp seed oil market. Some of these are:
• The estimated value of the market was at US$ 61.6 Mn in 2020.
• Region wise, the East and South Asia emerged as a key markets for hemp seed oil.
• North America and Europe will continue leading the global market for hemp seed oil.
• Food & beverage segment is expected to remain dominant in terms of application.
• Key players are likely to focus on product innovations and expansion through merger to retain their positions in developed markets.

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A cannabis substance known as Delta-8 has become temporarily legal in Texas after retailers challenged a ban in court.

Delta-8, short for Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol, is a compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant that is known to have psychoactive effects.

Cannabis producers can concentrate Delta-8 and sell it in various forms, including as Delta-8-infused gummy sweets.

There has been confusion regarding the legality of the substance in Texas, where the growing of hemp has been legal since the passing of House Bill 1325 in 2019.

According to the Texas Tribune, many cannabis product retailers in the state had thought Delta-8 was legal under this legislation.

However, on October 15 this year, after the Texas Department of State Health Services received inquiries about the status of Delta-8, it published a note on its website stating that the substance was listed as a Schedule I drug and was therefore illegal, the Tribune added.

On Monday this week, this decision was successfully challenged by a group of companies including Sky Marketing, Create a Cig and Hometown Hero.

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Trying marijuana for the first time? Here’s how to get that high you’re seeking.

Smoking marijuana is the most popular and readily-available way of consuming weed, especially for first-timers. Still, you’d be surprised by the amount of misinformation that people believe, even those who’ve used weed for long periods of time.

We’ve made a list of the 10 most common smoking sins to try and help you achieve the high you aspire to. Try not to make these mistakes.

1. Smoking a joint like a cigar

Photo by Mohd Jon Ramlan via Unsplash

You’re not supposed to smoke a joint like a mob boss by keeping the smoke swirling inside your mouth. In order for the drug to have an effect on you, you have to inhale the smoke all the way down to your lungs. There’s also a pervasive belief that the longer you hold the smoke in, the stronger its effect will be. This is not true, you’ll only be feeling lightheaded because you’re depleting your brain of oxygen.

13 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong When First Smoking Marijuana

Rare Cannabinoid Company has launched a new website designed to help hemp and cannabis consumers learn how specific rare cannabinoids and terpenes may improve their mental and physical health. The website - rarecannabinoidco.com - offers a wealth of information and links to scientific research on THCV, CBDV, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBDA, CBD, Delta-8-THC and terpenes. People can explore the website in a variety of ways, including a new "Shop By Need" function which shows the best cannabinoids for "Sleep," "Energy and Focus," "Stress Relief," "Discomfort," "Mood Enhancers," "Appetite Suppression" and "Nausea." For those seeking even more specialized care, they can find a cannabinoid health advisor near them.

"People want to know what each cannabinoid does and how it can help them," said Rare Cannabinoid Company founder and CEO Jared Dalgamouni.

"We designed this site to make it easy and enjoyable to learn about these natural compounds and their unique properties," he said.

"Education is so important and yet so often lacking in the cannabis and hemp space," Dalgamouni said.

Rare or minor cannabinoids are compounds found in hemp, cannabis, and other plants that are believed to offer specific wellness benefits. However, unlike CBD and THC, they naturally occur in extremely small amounts. Thanks to recent advances in breeding, extraction, and technology, they can now be produced in large enough quantities to be sold on their own. Meanwhile, terpenes are oils that also produce certain effects. They are increasingly believed to be responsible for the differences in aroma and feel of different cannabis strains.

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Who will win the coveted Golden Bear award?

The state-sanctioned competition is now open to all California licensed cannabis cultivators who recently became part of the official California State Fair roster of coveted competitors who include the state's producers of wine, craft beer, cheese and olive oil. 

According to Tuesday’s update, the competition will be scored through science-based analysis performed and certified by SC Labs, which is a California-based cannabis and hemp testing lab. In addition, there will be award medals for cannabis flower.

Each cultivar will be tested for chemometric data, using an innovative cannabinoid and terpene reporting platform – PhytoFacts.

The report will identify specific terpenes and cannabinoids and their levels of concentrations in the samples provided in order to determine the winners.

The categories

Each division will have awards for 11 cannabis compound categories:

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