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Denver hotel first in nation to receive license for legal weed consumption

Denver has long been a desirable travel destination. With the legalization of adult-use cannabis, tourism has been on fire and hotels have been trying to keep up. Indeed, a recent study showed an increase of 120,000 hotel rooms rented per month once tourists were able to purchase cannabis legally, yet public consumption of cannabis was banned in Denver.

Enter the Patterson Inn, the first licensed cannabis consumption lounge in a hotel, which just obtained a provisional license from the city of Denver, clearing a major cannabis licensing hurdle to operate a cannabis consumption lounge as an amenity to the adjacent hotel.

Chris Chiari, CEO and founder of the 420 Hotels, was the first to apply for a license under Denver’s new social consumption rules. Now that he’s received approval, Chiari is transforming part of the Denver-based luxurious castle into into a first in the nation, in-hotel licensed legal cannabis consumption lounge.

“The 420 Hotels sees cannabis hospitality as the most unique and exciting amenity in the hotel industry today,” Chiari said.

“We are excited to be the first cannabis lounge to be licensed as an amenity to overnight hospitality, and to provide a welcoming space for legal cannabis consumption.”

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How the pandemic created a new generation of stoners

Americans who rarely, if ever, smoked marijuana before the pandemic now say they’re turning to weed to help them cope

Three years ago, Ricardo Capuano, 32, didn’t know how much a gram of marijuana cost. Now, after years of lockdown and an extended period of overwhelming anxiety, he has become something of a weed connoisseur.

Capuano was never a stoner; sure, he dabbled in high school, but beer and mezcal were always his “weapon of choice”. It wasn’t until the summer of 2020, in the pits of Covid despair, that he found himself reformed as a proud, regular toker. In fact, Capuano found himself actually proselytizing about the splendor of cannabis to his friends during their weekly online poker games. “I was starting to become an advocate,” he laughs.

“I didn’t have to interact with that many people,” continues Capuano, who recently became engaged to his girlfriend of five years and moved from Mexico City to Houston to facilitate a career pivot.

“I was cooking and doing dishes, I was sitting and waiting for time to pass. Weed is enjoyable when you’re doing those activities.”

“We didn’t see my parents or my friends,” he adds, “but we did see our dealer quite often.”

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Problems blamed on cannabis that actually have nothing to do with cannabis

Cannabis gets blamed for a ton of stuff it does not cause!

Every other week I notice these “cannabis studies” that find “using it to treat pain could make you an addict” or that “cannabis users’ age quicker” and a number of other alarmist titles. Of course, the vast majority of these studies could be designed to make milk have similar findings – yet rarely do we see actual studies on the “cannabis problems” that are NOT caused by cannabis but rather the laws surrounding cannabis.


I’m not saying that we shouldn’t determine the potential risks of cannabis. I don’t believe that every organism processes cannabis the same and therefore depending on the individual, there will be a risk profile unique to them. Knowing more about potential risks is a good thing to allow people to make informed decisions about consumption.

But let’s face the fact that virtually anything you eat, drink, or do contributes to the deterioration of your existence. This is because, we live in entropy. From the moment you’re born – you begin to die. The only thing that science can do at this point is tell us which activities accelerates this process and which ones slows it down. But as of now – nothing stops this.

Therefore, doing something as healthy as water simply maintains the level of entropy at base level…whereas smoking cigarettes would accelerate the process.

Now that the Side Rant is out of the way…let’s take a look at “Non Cannabis Problems typically blamed on weed”

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Where to buy legal weed in Las Vegas

Pick up prerolls, flower, tinctures, vape pens, edibles, and more at Vegas’ best cannabis dispensaries.

Upon arriving at Harry Reid International Airport, the question at the front of many tourists’ mind is “How can I score weed in Las Vegas without breaking the law?” The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time. Anyone 21 and over can legally buy cannabis from a dispensary. Just bring your driver's license, passport, or another form of legal ID. Here's the tricky part—the only place you're legally allowed to consume cannabis is at a private residence. Public consumption lounges have yet to be legally approved and while you'll catch the occasional whiff of reefer on the Strip, smoking in public spaces (including garages and parks) remains illegal. Cannabis use in hotel rooms is generally off-limits too, especially when casinos, which are heavily regulated, are on property.

So if you (or a friend) has a private home, great. Light one up. Some Airbnb rentals are 420-friendly (and a few even market themselves around it), but be clear on policies in advance. Stinking up somebody's house without permission is bad form. Vapes, edibles, and other non-smoking forms of consumption are more discreet. Just be aware of the law, use your best judgment, and take advantage of Uber, Lyft, or another form of public transportation when high. Here's the good news—cannabis dispensaries are everywhere these days. Technically, none are allowed on the Strip, but a few are within easy walking or driving distance. So look over the following suggestions and get familiar with the best places to legally buy weed in Las Vegas.

The Sanctuary

Multiple locations

The Sanctuary was founded by a group of Nevada doctors, who believe in the health benefits of cannabis and take inspiration from Burning Man's ethos of giving. Medical consultations on cannabis are offered to anyone (customer or not) on a pro bono basis and the ongoing discount of $99 per ounce is hard to beat. The Sanctuary cultivates its own crop with a hybrid greenhouse that uses Nevada's hot desert sun instead of HVAC units for cultivation. The result is a natural tasting product (under house brands Sacred Herb and Solaris Farms) and a smaller carbon footprint. Live resin is extracted from flower that’s frozen immediately upon harvest to retain quality and terpenes. The Sanctuary also has fun with old-school strains like 91 Chem and Bubblegum Breath. The Downtown location is in the Arts District with a dark, gritty vibe that's still warm and friendly. The North Las Vegas location is larger, higher volume, and open 24 hours.

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The Sanctuary

NCAA relaxes marijuana rules for college athletes

More and more professional athletes are getting high on marijuana to help them play better and recover.

Channel 2′s sports director Zach Klein first reported on the trend in February. Now changing attitudes are trickling down to the college level, with the NCAA relaxing its rules on pot.

Professional athletes are opening up about their marijuana use to help with everything from pain relief to anxiety.

“I would probably say around 80% of guys in our league use cannabis,” said Tavarres King, who played wide receiver in the NFL for seven years.

“You mentioned 80% of your teammates or guys that you know in the league were using marijuana. Were you one of them?” asked Klein.

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Dovetail workwear puts hemp denim to the test

Women’s label Dovetail Workwear is putting hemp to the test with its first jean made with hemp denim.

The brand recently debuted the Britt X Power Hemp jean made with 64 percent cotton, 35 percent hemp and 1 percent spandex. Hemp is a natural fit for a brand that prioritizes strength and durability. Dovetail reports that the fiber is four times stronger than cotton. It’s also ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking and antimicrobial, which can prove beneficial in working conditions.

The Britt X Power Hemp features the same functional elements that have put Dovetail on the radar of workers. The jeans’ EZWaist expands for comfort, and knee slots accommodate removable padding. It also features tool loops, zip pockets and a crotch gusset, as well as reinforced front pockets, knees and cuffs.

The jean is offered in sizes 000-18, with 24-28 inch inseam options. It’s currently available on Dovetail’s website for $99 and will be in retailers across the U.S. and Canada in the next few months.

Dovetail Workwear plans to bring two additional hemp-based products to market later this year, with a brand representative describing them as “lightweight, but super strong” products for working women.

The women-owned and -designed brand typically uses a “custom duck canvas,” or cotton denim, in its work pants, but recently expanded into Cordura denim fabrics engineered with a blend of military-grade Invista T420 nylon 6,6 staple fiber and cotton for an authentic denim look, feel and comfort with enhanced abrasion resistance. The fabric was recently included in its DX Ranch Collection which debuted earlier this month and offers a women’s bootcut pant in two Cordura fabrications: a 10 oz. denim with high stretch and the 9.5 oz. canvas with medium stretch.

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Cannabis hospitality licenses approved in Denver

Some cannabis businesses in Denver, Colorado have received approval to operate with a cannabis hospitality license—meaning soon there will be dedicated spaces for people to legally consume cannabis.

Applications were accepted starting in November 2021, and the first licenses were granted earlier this month. One such business, Tetra Lounge which is located in downtown Denver, is both a social equity applicant and a soon-to-be owner of a hospitality license (once the proper inspections have been completed), as of March 21.

Tetra Lounge owner Dewayne Benjamin hopes that things will be finalized soon, since there is less than one month to go before the arrival of 4/20.

“The goal has always been to prove the model to the city. Back when I opened in 2018, they just released the first hospitality rules, which didn’t allow smoking. The plan was to get the license with that smoking provision,” Benjamin told Westword.

“People travel from all around the world to smoke cannabis in Denver, and a lot of them don’t know how it affects them or where they can consume.”

Benjamin shared his thoughts on the importance of having a legal place for both locals as well as visitors to consume, especially since Denver is a hotspot for tourism.

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Is vacuum-sealing your weed worth it or is it more of an urban legend?

Should you be vacuum-sealing your cannabis flower?

Correctly storing your cannabis is critical for ensuring its freshness and quality.

Proper storage is also crucial for helping your weed last much longer, whether you are looking to store it for a few days or for the long-term. How you store your weed has a tremendous impact in its potency and flavor. Because of the importance of storing your weed, there are many specialized boxes and tools that have been designed specifically for this purpose, though many people resort to the good old-fashioned and reliable method of storing their weed in an air-tight jar.

The rules surrounding cannabis storage aren’t complicated. One, you simply have to keep it in a cool place because hot and high temperatures will degrade the terpenes and dry out the cannabis. Keep the pot away from a water system, heater, or under the sun. Similarly, you want to avoid keeping your cannabis in freezing temperatures too since they can cause the trichomes to burst and significantly reduce the potency of cannabis. This is why many opt to keep it in a drawer or dark closet.

Two, keep the cannabis in a dark place. Ultraviolet light exposure can break down the valuable terpenes and cannabinoids in your pot. Containers should always be placed in a dark but clean place.

Last but not least, keep moisture away. Moisture is the quickest way to make your buds moldy because trapped moisture makes it the perfect breeding grounds for mold. The ideal humidity ranges from just 59 to 63%; if it’s less humid than this, it can cause the weed to become too dry.

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B-Real debuts flower line at select dispensaries

We got in touch with the legendary rapper B-Real to talk about his new line of flower premiering at select dispensaries.

Hip-hop legend B-Real is dropping his first-ever line of flower on March 28 at Dr. Greenthumb’s and Cookies dispensaries. We chatted with the Cypress Hill rapper about how his career led to a love of cannabis, the story behind his new strain, his selection process and more. Read on to get inside the mind of B-Real.

What inspired you to start this line of flower, and why is cannabis important to you?

Dr. Greenthumb’s goes back to a time when the only people around cannabis were the ones who loved it, or perhaps trying to lock you up for it. So much has changed over the years. I just wanted to do something that I knew was going to bring the mindset back to the late 90s or early 2000s. I just think that for so many of us, that was the heart; those are the days when we talked about weed being legal, like really legal, across the country and just not even really believing it was gonna happen. 

And now, here we are, and so many of those people are washed up already, run over with taxes or regulations or just the investment needed. For better or worse, this is what legalization looks like, at least right now, and I guess I just feel like what people want are those days gone by. At the same time, there are a lot of people out there just getting access and still learning, and the right thing to do when there’s a new person is to invite them into the smoke circle. But, you teach them the culture, you share what’s important. I think that’s what I’m trying to do here. I want to point out what’s important in our history and our culture.

What was your process like selecting strains and genetics? 

Man, that’s always the fun part, right? You know, my team, they do a great job; my man Kenji has been in the game since forever. He’s out looking for those farms, those dope spots done right by the people who should be here, who should be winning in this new legal world. When he finds them, then I get samples. Really, it’s like it always has been. The sight, the smell, feeling the bud, rolling it up, that whole experience. And then, of course smoking. The flavor and high. When it’s the good stuff you know, that’s what we’re looking to highlight.

What is your favorite strain, and why? 

OG Kush—I mean, hey, a legend is a legend for a reason. It’s the whole package.

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How to grow shrooms for you and your buddies for under $200

The fool-proof guide to shrooms and getting started in the world of cultivation, from a fellow explorer and mushroom researcher.

I love eating shrooms.

Psilocybin mushrooms made me quit cigarettes. They made me a better communicator. They made me a better partner and a better father. All mushrooms, not just the psychedelic ones, have benefited my life and health in countless ways and I think more people should eat them.

Unfortunately, growing psilocybin mushrooms is very illegal in the United States despite multiple studies demonstrating their effectiveness at treating mental illness. I do not grow them myself. I have, however, had the privilege of extensively interviewing and spending time with mushroom growers. I’ve read many books on the subject and often hunt wild mushrooms in the forest. I am not here to recommend that you risk your freedom for the sake of a mushroom trip, but I am a huge proponent of making potentially helpful information freely accessible to all, so I’m going to teach you how to grow them anyway. All you need is about $200 and a long enough attention span to make it through this article.

Psilocybe Cubensis is the name of the mushroom most commonly cultivated at home. It likes hot, humid weather and can be found growing wild on cow patties all over the world. They need nutrition, water and light to grow. The cool thing is, once you understand how to grow one kind of mushroom, you know how to grow at least a few others as well. Lion’s Mane, Oyster mushrooms and Reishi are all commonly-grown at home for their good taste and potential health benefits.

“Edible and medicinal mushrooms can be grown at home and are fun and rewarding. Oyster mushrooms are one of the fastest, easiest and highest yielding mushrooms to grow. Loaded with vitamins and protein,” said Levon Durr, owner of Fungaia Farm in Eureka, CA and host of many “grow your own mushrooms” workshops.

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New Jersey gets more than 170 cannabis dispensary applications on first day

Recreational pot sales are coming to New Jersey soon.

New Jersey began accepting applications on Tuesday from individuals hoping to get in on the ground floor of the state’s coming recreational cannabis industry. By day’s end, state regulators had attracted plenty of interest.

NJ.com reported that the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission said that by 4 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon, it had received 172 applications from individuals interested in opening a cannabis retail store.

“Today is the day where the CRC (Cannabis Regulatory Commission) portal opens and applicants who wish to apply for a retail license to sell cannabis … are allowed to do so,” said Michael DeLoreto, a director at Gibbons’ Government and Regulatory Affairs Department, as quoted by NJ.com. “This is a day that a lot of businesses have been waiting for.”

New Jersey voters legalized recreational adult-use cannabis in 2020 when they approved a ballot measure (three other states –– Montana, Arizona and South Dakota –– likewise passed legalization proposals at the ballot that year).

In December, the Cannabis Regulatory Commission began accepting applications for recreational cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and testing labs. The commission said that by early afternoon on the first day of the application period, “the application platform was averaging 155 new users per hour.”

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Hedo Weedo, Jamaica's Cannabis Dispensary In A Negril All-Inclusive Resort

Opened in 2020, Hedo Weedo is the first legal, regulated cannabis dispensary in Jamaica. It’s connected to Hedonism II, a clothing optional resort on 7 Mile beach. The dispensary offers local flower, topicals, edibles and tinctures and is open to the public. As many who visit Jamaica already do, you can take your vacation to a whole ‘nother level!

It has been less than 10 years since Jamaica decriminalized cannabis. Currently, it is legal to carry up to 2 oz. with you in public at any time. If you’re on the beaches, you’ll probably find the weed lady. She walks 7 Mile beach daily with a big wooden basket filled with long stems with buds running all the way down.

To access the dispensary, you’ll need to obtain a medical card. You can do this one of two ways. If you have a med card or recommendation from your home state, you can use it here. If not, all you have to do is bring your ID and see the on-site doctor. The cost of the card is $15, and you’re good to purchase for 9 months. You’ll be walking out with cannabis the same day.

Just curious? Bring your ID and you can browse and ask questions.

Getty Images

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Clark University student brings yoga to new level with ganja

At the onset of the pandemic, Clark University student and certified yoga instructor, Melanie Adams couldn’t make herself practice on her mat. With so much going on in her life — from being forced to go back home to leaving her friends behind and even trying to circumnavigate a virtual world — yoga wasn’t taking priority for Adams.

Her solution? Ganja yoga.

In October of 2020, Adams earned her certification in ganja yoga, making her one of only of two yoga teachers in Massachusetts trained to teach cannabis-enhanced yoga.

“This is a great activity because cannabis and yoga pair so well with some improved flexibility, and for some people their balance can improve,” Adams said.

“People really get into the flow of it more. It takes away the obstacle or the boundary of the mind.”

“This is a great activity because cannabis and yoga pair so well with some improved flexibility, and for some people their balance can improve,” says Melanie Adams.
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Women in weed: A guide to the power players


From social justice activists and brand leaders to doctors and authors, here are women who are making serious moves in the cannabis industry.

It’s March, and while that certainly isn’t the only month we should be recognizing the contributions of women and femme folks in cannabis, it’s an awesome excuse to recognize some of the best in the biz. Here are a few women who are doing some seriously cool things in the world of weed.






Ru Johnson, Owner, Roux Black

Ru Johnson is a consultant, executive producer and branding operations strategist, as well as the founder and owner of Roux Black Consulting. She also has a background working with hip-hop artists, nightlife, Red Bull and The National Cannabis Festival, to name a few. Johnson is dedicated to social justice and serves as a board member at Minority Cannabis Business Association.

“Stigma begets more stigma, so yes, there is a connection between stoner stigma and fat-shaming,” she explained to High Times in a piece on dismantling social stereotypes in 2021.

“The idea that one’s body is ‘lazy’ if it’s bigger than the ‘average’—on many levels, that’s ridiculous, because ‘lazy’ is a term that engenders capitalism and is ableist at the root. I think we’re doing a great job of elevating the uses of cannabis beyond the standard ‘stoner’ stigma (lazy, ineffectual, brain-dead or foggy), and movements for body positivity also combat standard fat-shaming.

“Both sentiments take away agency and autonomy. We all deserve to do with our bodies what we will and to take care of them the best way we can with the resources we have. And for many of us, cannabis is a major component to that care.”

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Will rising gas prices change the price of marijuana?

As is the case with many industries, the biggest financial and operational issue facing many cannabis bosses today is staffing, which likely won’t get any better with soaring gas prices.

The rising price of gas is an unavoidable reality for millions of Americans today, and it is already making many rethink daily routines and expenses. With the average price of gas climbing well over $4 per gallon, and continuing to climb, many are worried that gas prices may result in an even bigger economic fallout. 

The recent ban on Russian oil importing is “boosting the prospect of higher short-term inflation while threatening economic growth and spending and even reshaping hiring patterns,” according to the Washington Post. It is understandable then, that many Americans are experiencing unprecedented levels of anxiety. 

For those living in a state where cannabis is legal, some marijuana therapy might be an option, but how long will Americans be able to afford it? Gasoline prices are skyrocketing and inflation has not stopped. How will this all affect the price of marijuana moving forward?

First it is important to understand if there is a strong connection between gasoline and marijuana cultivation. The answer is: occasionally. With marijuana still illegal on a federal level, marijuana must be grown and sold in the same states, which means no cross-country trips on gas guzzling diesel trucks, which is good news for cannabis consumers.

Some marijuana cultivation techniques, however, do use oil and natural gas. According to Slate, some cultivators “are putting in bottled CO2, or they’re burning natural gas on-site to basically get CO2 in the room,” which helps boost growth. This technique and others that use unnecessary fossil fuel usage is frowned upon by environmentalists, and is certainly not a requirement in order to grow quality cannabis.

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5 great concentrates for beginners

There really is no reason that you should be afraid of concentrates — as long as you start small and slow.

Cannabis concentrates have been getting more popular over the last few years because of their incredible potency, which you can’t find in other cannabis products.

But with the staggering amount of concentrate types in the market, navigating it can be overwhelming for a first timer. Whether you are a medical marijuana patient or a recreational user, there are many benefits to using concentrates most especially the fact that you need significantly less to feel its effects, and it can save you money.

Concentrates is actually a broad term to refers to many cannabis product types but one thing they all have in common is that it is a type of cannabis that’s been processed to a type of concentrate form. The single most common and widely used concentrate out there are the vape cartridges, but there are just so many more that you can explore.

More people are turning towards concentrates as opposed to traditional flower just because of their potency. You can also consume them in so many different ways: dab it, smoke it, and even eat it. But no matter which concentrate you decide to go with, it’s always critical to remember that you should start slow. It is seriously potent and it’s far too easy to get too high that it could actually ruin the experience. Gradually work your way up until you know the right dose that works for you.

Having said that, here are the best concentrates for beginners to try:

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Is the cannabis industry still welcoming to females? Was it ever?

It’s no secret that as the legal cannabis industry grows, the rate at which women are entering the industry has declined.

In celebration of International Women’s Day and to kick off Women’s History Month, Higher Standards in partnership with Flower by Edie Parker, hosted a “Women In Weed” panel discussion at Higher Standards Chelsea Market in New York City.

“The panel of Women In Weed — outlaws, pioneers, entrepreneurs and advocates – told stories about heading out into uncharted territory with superhuman dedication,” Elana Frankel, founding editor of Woman and Weed, told Benzinga.

“These women don’t mind working in high-risk, uncharted territory and it was clear the audience was ready to follow.”

Panelists, in addition to Frankel, included Margaret Hancock, director of sales for Edie Parker; Mary Pryor, founder of Cannaclusive; Lulu Tsui, founder of On The Revel; and Sophie Saint Thomas, a published author. They talked about raising capital, sex and cannabis, and how to get started in the industry

“The evening had an energy, and it was the power of personal narratives that brought a better understanding to complex issues,” added Frankel, who authored the book Women and Weed: How the Green Rush Is Changing Our Lives.

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Catholic Church against cannabis legalization in Minnesota

The Catholic Church has thrown its weight behind an effort to defeat legalization in the Gopher State. The reason? Smoking weed is a sin.

The Bible is life’s skeleton key: a document that, in the right (or wrong) hands, can be useful for justifying (or condemning) just about anything. That latest interpretation of divine will is why the Catholic Church opposes marijuana legalization in Minnesota.

Last year, with support from Gov. Tim Walz, a legalization bill passed the Democratic Party-controlled state House. Getting through the Republican majority state Senate will require support from reluctant Republicans—and will have to survive opposition from a coalition called Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization, which consists of the state police officers’ union, truckers and the Minnesota Catholic Conference (MCC), the Church’s policy shop.

Special Coalition Echoes Republican Cannabis Fears

The MCC’s stance against cannabis legalization follows other Catholic organizations in other states standing against legalization. In 2018, Michigan’s Catholic Church urged voters to reject that state’s Proposal 1. (Voters didn’t listen.) In Canada, where the national government legalized cannabis in 2018, the Church at least signaled tepid support for medical cannabis “when properly dispensed for therapeutic purposes,” but spoke out against using cannabis for “deliberate intoxication.” (The Church has yet to receive the “cannabis as wellness product” memo.)

The Church has a losing record, but fortune may be kinder in Minnesota, where the Catholic Church appears to be taking the lead against cannabis legalization. At a January press conference announcing the launch of Minnesotans Against Marijuana Legalization, it was the Catholic Conference’s Ryan Hamilton who condemned the legalization bill as not “a justice bill, [but] a marijuana commercialization bill,” according to the Associated Press. 

As for why legalization is bad, opponents brought up all the usual bugaboos—more people driving stoned, more people failing drug tests and thus unable to work—but, in a departure from the usual anti-legalization script, with the additional flavor of the holy word. “Our direction on this issue comes from the pope himself,” Hamilton said in an interview published with The Catholic Spirit. 

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Reduction of skin stress by CBD products: Aiming high above the competition

The relationship between stress and skin are further substantiated through clinical observations linking, psychological stress to the onset or aggravation of skin conditions.   (Inflammation & Allergy - Drug Targets, 2014, 13, 177-190)

To mitigate the effects of acute and chronic stress, inflammatory pathways are looked at as upstream targets for technology development. Much of the effect of the inflammatory cascades arise from lipid-like bio-signaling molecules, further sharpening the search for an effective technology development strategy. Cannabinoids fit the bill nicely.       

Leveraging cannabinoids as a hero technology therapeutically is driven out from the discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates many functions in the human body. Furthermore, the importance of the ECS and the prevalence of cannabinoid receptors (CRs) in the skin (see image below) are implicated in maintaining skin homeostasis. Dysfunction to the ECS system in the skin has been implicated in various skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis (AD), itch, acne, alopecia and hypopigmentation disorders.  (Eur J Pharmacol. 1998;359(1):1–18)  

Cannabinoids have a proven track record for modulating inflammatory pathways and can be added to the arsenal of therapeutics developed to mitigate skin stress. (Pharmaceutics. 2020 Mar; 12(3): 265) This makes them a favorable technology platform strategy as many cannabinoids functionally cross over into multiple biological systems that ultimately involve the skin, thus making them wholistic in application to skin stress and skin recovery

There is a good correlation between in vitro established mechanisms and therapeutic value as it relates to skin stress. For example, acne, itch and melanin deposition studies found that CBD inhibited the actions of several know agonists in each of these areas respectively. (Inflamm Res. 2003; 52:238–245), (Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research (Volume 5, Number 4, 2020)

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Ann Arbor officials prepare for 50th anniversary Hash Bash

The famous Hash Bash returns to Ann Arbor, Michigan next month, the 50th anniversary of the cannabis activism festival.

Festival organizers and local officials in Ann Arbor, Michigan are busy preparing for the 50th anniversary Hash Bash, a celebration of cannabis scheduled to return to the University of Michigan on April 2 after two years of virtual festivities.

Since 1972, pot enthusiasts and activists have taken to an open area on the UM campus known as the Diag to protest cannabis prohibition. And even with the legalization of recreational weed in Michigan in 2018, the event still serves to shine light on the nation’s failed cannabis policies. 

The last two years, however, in-person festivities were canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic and virtual events were held online instead. Now, with vaccines readily available and the pandemic appearing to be waning, Hash Bash will be returning to fill the air above the Diag with clouds of smoke once again.

It promises to be a welcome return for Ann Arbor businesses that provide goods and services to the happily high revelers. Frances Todoro-Hargreaves, executive director of the State Street District, said that Hash Bash is one of the best business days of the year for merchants in the downtown area, especially for restaurants and other food vendors.

“Anything that brings people downtown, especially a traditional thing like Hash Bash, is good for the community,” Todoro-Hargreaves told MLive.

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