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Michigan officials face deadline to launch commercial marijuana - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Michigan government officials face a ticking clock to launch a commercial marijuana industry in the state after voters approved Proposal 1 Tuesday.
Jury Rejects ‘Stinky’ RICO Case Against Colorado Cannabis Farm - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
A federal jury in Denver ruled in favor of a cannabis cultivator in southern Colorado on Wednesday, following a first-of-its-kind trial that targeted the legal cannabis industry using federal anti-racketeering laws.
In New York State, a bill to get public health plans to cover medical marijuana - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Without insurance coverage, marijuana is too expensive for many who need it.
New Marijuana Laws Blitz Old Workplace Rules - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Medical marijuana laws are sprouting up all over and, legally speaking, they’re starting to harsh a lot of employers’ buzz.
Marijuana OK’d for off-duty Canadian cops - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Officers in Ottawa will be allowed to use marijuana off duty starting Oct. 17, but there are restrictions.
Massachusetts cannabis chairman: Pot sales are ‘weeks away’ - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Legal marijuana sales are “weeks away” in Massachusetts, the chairman of the Cannabis Control Commission said yesterday after regulators approved final business licenses for shops in Leicester and Northampton.
Cities Across Ohio Will Vote On Marijuana Decriminalization In November - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Voters in at least six municipalities across Ohio will have an opportunity to vote on local initiatives to decriminalize marijuana in November.
New rulings on medical marijuana use go against employers - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
It's the latest in a series of clashes between U.S. and state laws around the country that came out in favor of medical marijuana users trying to keep or obtain jobs with drug-testing employers.
LAX travelers can carry marijuana — but first they have to get past TSA, police say - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Los Angeles International Airport is allowing travelers to carry marijuana at the giant hub — news that sent a ripple of glee and surprise across Twitter and Reddit on Wednesday.
Pennsylvania lawmaker introduces bill to legalize recreational marijuana - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Proposed legislation would authorize release of prisoners jailed for crimes associated with cannabis.
Governor of Nebraska Weighs In On Legalized Cannabis in South Dakota
State lawmakers have finally written the latest bill that would legalize marijuana and lay the foundation for a commercial weed industry in New Jersey — a bill they believe has a real chance to pass.
Home delivery for medical marijuana? Michigan regulators consider it - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
It may not have a 30-minute guarantee, but medical marijuana patients may be able to get home delivery of their weed later this year.
New York City prosecutors toss thousands of low-level pot warrants - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
More than 3,000 decades-old warrants for low-level marijuana offenses were purged Wednesday.
O Cannabis! What happens when pot's legal next door? - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
A dilemma for Minnesotans: Canada's legalizing recreational marijuana in October. And in November, North Dakota voters will decide whether to follow suit.
Michigan considering allowing medical marijuana to be delivered to patients' homes - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Medical marijuana could become much easier to get for patients in Michigan. State regulators are considering a new rule that would allow centers that provide the drug to make home deliveries.
Montana collects $1.8M in first year of medical marijuana taxes - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
The state of Montana collected about $1.8 million in medical marijuana taxes over the first year the tax was charged. Starting in July 2017, the Montana Department of Revenue started administering a quarterly 4 percent tax on medical marijuana providers.