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Suspected drug dealer throws wads of weed out window right in front of police
President Obama has a rare opportunity to make history by rescheduling marijuana.
Canada: Legal pot sales continue to eat into illicit market
As the map of legalization gets a bit greener, will the Federal Government finally Netflix and Chill out when it comes to marijuana laws?
How to germinate Cannabis seeds: start and plant weed seeds
Business & Finance
PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Marijuana edibles will be legally available to buy in medical marijuana dispensaries in Oregon Thursday, June 2.
Alaska’s first commercial retail cannabis businesses receive state approval – Cannabis News
Rescheduling will not shut down the thousands of existing medical (or for that matter recreational) grows, processing facilities and dispensaries that serve people in about half of the U.S.
BREAKING: Colombia Senate approves Marijuana legalization bill
Rescheduling marijuana into a different classification wouldn't undo the prohibition on the drug, but it would likely result in increased access to the drug for scientific purposes.
Austin police will stop arrests, tickets in most low-level marijuana cases - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
A federal appeals court is expected to issue a ruling soon that could pave the way to end or overturn at least six federal marijuana criminal prosecutions and convictions in California and Washington, and limit future prosecutions of medical marijuana users and dispensaries in eight Western states that allow them.
Colorado’s MedPharm continues to blaze path for cannabis research in Alzheimer’s patients
Medical News
The agency gave no clue whether it will remove pot from its Schedule 1 category of dangerous drugs.
Medical marijuana act signatures validated, will appear on Arkansas ballot – Cannabis News
National Issues
The Garden City mother who has become a face of the medicinal marijuana legalization movement in Kansas is suing the state and some of the agencies involved in questioning and removing her 11-year-old son from her home last spring after he spoke up about her cannabis use at school.
Could Hemp Grow Back to Aid Sustainability Efforts? – Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Illegal marijuana production has fallen drastically in recent years in Washington State, although law enforcement says public lands here remain a hotbed for cartel activity.
What Experts Want You To Know About Putting CBD On Your Skin
Medical News
OKLAHOMA CITY – Marijuana legalization advocates praised the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to consider a lawsuit initiated by Oklahoma and Nebraska challenging Colorado’s recreational and medical marijuana laws.
Kentucky Bill Proposing To Ban Delta-8 Products Could Cost The State Billions Of Dollars
Cannabis News
The U.S. Supreme Court declined on Monday to take up a lawsuit filed by two of Colorado's neighboring states over its legalization of marijuana.
Cannabis prescribed for pain linked with small risk of Heart Problems
Medical News
New Orleans police will have even more leeway to issue citations for simple marijuana possession after the City Council voted 7-0 Thursday (March 17) to enact new standards aimed at reducing the number of arrests for low-level drug crime.
How EMTs and Doctors Treat Cannabis Overconsumption - Cannabis News
Medical News
Legal marijuana may be doing at least one thing that a decades-long drug war couldn't: taking a bite out of Mexican drug cartels' profits.
Disabled Veteran Sentenced to Prison Time in Alabama for Legally-Obtained Cannabis
With less than five months to go before medical marijuana dispensaries can open in Hawaii, business owners could be facing unique obstacles in a state of islands separated by federal waters.
Sonoma State University offers a Finance, Investment and Investment Law seminar, focusing on the state’s legal cannabis industry
Press Releases
PHOENIX - The fight over legalizing recreational pot in Arizona is heating up. A retired DEA agent with 18 years of experience tells ABC15 he believes it should be legalized, taxed and regulated.
Miley Cyrus can buy herself “Flowers”
NEW ORLEANS — Getting caught with marijuana in Orleans Parish could hold less penalties than getting a parking or speeding ticket.