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Sisters of the Valley compete in the Next Marijuana Millionaire Show
Business & Finance
TALLAHASSEE - Five Florida nurseries, including two from Miami-Dade County, were selected Monday to cultivate and distribute the first legal marijuana in the state, opening the door to the sale of the non-euphoric strains to treat patients with seizure disorders and cancer by June of next year.
What's New In Cannabis Culture?
Cannabis News
Parents who are even occasional weed users can face accusations of child neglect or abuse, and can risk losing their children as a result.
President Biden’s Marijuana Agenda Seems Destined For Trouble
Cops are following through on Mayor de Blasio’s pledge to stop locking people up for carrying small amounts of pot.
Kansas opens first industrial hemp academy to promote alternative crop - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) -- The board tasked with writing rules for Alaska's recreational marijuana industry voted Friday to allow for people to use pot at certain stores that will sell it, a first among the four states that have legalized the drug.
Cannabis bill in Nepal would help hemp, but THC limit questioned
PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh city councilman wants to decriminalize possession of small amounts marijuana.City Councilman Daniel Lavelle introduced legislation on Tuesday.
Morocco’s cannabis industry could benefit from normalization with Israel
A Garden City mother who faces five marijuana-related charges waived her preliminary hearing Monday when she found out the state wanted her 11-year-old son to testify against her, according to a Facebook post by her defense attorney.
Global Cannabis Investments Hit Another Snag with Policy Change
Business & Finance
Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday issued an executive order telling state agencies that any marijuana grown with unapproved pesticides is a threat to public safety and should be removed from commerce and destroyed.
New Britain approves Marijuana warehouse despite neighbor opposition
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CHICAGO (WLS) -- Since recreational use of the marijuana became legal in several states, authorities report a major jump in the number of pot-filled packages being sent through the mail.
Emerging From Shadows, Pot Industry Tries to Build Brands – Marijuana News
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CHICAGO -- More than 3,000 patients with Illinois-issued ID cards will be able to buy medical marijuana legally for the first time Monday, according to the state official overseeing the pilot program.
Rising depression and anxiety have led to more Cannabis use in Florida
Cannabis News
DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg on Wednesday rejected the notion that smoking marijuana is "medicine," calling the premise a "joke."
Consumers Sweet on Cannabis Candies to Unwind, Recharge
Cannabis News
Scott Keyes ~ TheGuardian.com ~   When Colorado legalized recreational cannabis, Denver police warned of  new danger for trick or treaters. One year later are kids in pot peril?
Minnesota Pharmacy Board sues three Cannabis Businesses for violating edible cannabinoid laws
Matt Markovich  ~ KOMONews.com ~   Federal researchers spent most of the week on a working medical marijuana farm in Vancouver, Washington to study the occupational hazards of growing and processing marijuana. 
DEA Raid on Tribe's Cannabis Crop Infuriates and Confuses Reformers
Law & Crime
Steven Nelson ~ U.S. News & World Report ~ Authorities claim the plants were marijuana, not hemp – but evidence is lacking.
Year after Philly pot law changed, arrests are down
Law & Crime
Tricia L. Nadolny ~ Philly.com ~ In the year since the city decriminalized possession and use of small amounts of marijuana, arrests have fallen nearly 75 percent.
Stop Wasting Weed: Here’s How To Make Joints Burn Slower - Cannabis News
Culture & Arts
Amber Jamieson ~ New York Post  ~   The city is getting higher by the day — and we’re not talking about Manhattan skyscrapers.
Colorado Just Issued The First Marijuana Delivery License In The State - Cannabis News
Business & Finance
Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch.com ~ Federal regulations force businesses into cash-only operations.