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Will hemp take over the plant-based food market?
Business & Finance
Napa’s largest law firm, Dickenson Peatman & Fogarty, has made a name for itself serving the legal needs of the wine industry. Now it plans to do the same with another controlled substance – cannabis.
What’s Next for New England Cannabis Legislation After Vermont? - Cannabis News
National Issues
A court ruling last month in the Massachusetts Supreme Court might end up having a major impact in the nation’s workplaces, regarding the issue of employees using medical marijuana.
US Patent Office Issuing Cannabis Patents To A Growing Market - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Among the host of uncertainties they face, cannabis industry entrepreneurs might wonder if they can patent marijuana products -- after all, they are still illegal at the federal level.
Medical Marijuana expansion becomes Campaign Issue
When it comes to the perils of cannabis and driving, there’s a lot to take into consideration.
Dallas To Vote On Proposal Reducing Marijuana Penalty - Cannabis News
Law & Crime
DALLAS (1080 KRLD) – In Dallas, being caught with some marijuana may not mean a trip to jail anymore.
Industrial hemp faces challenges in Texas
Business & Finance
Kansas City voters on Tuesday decided to lower penalties in city court for people caught with small amounts of marijuana.
South Carolina regulators OK pesticides for hemp production - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
A Texas high school teacher can use marijuana in Colorado, where it is legal, and should not get into trouble for it in her home state, where it is illegal, an administrative law judge ruled.
Cannabis Stocks: Here’s When The Next Big Wave Is Coming
Business & Finance
Recreational marijuana is becoming legal in more jurisdictions throughout the US and is being used medically at an even greater rate.
5 Ways To Make The Cannabis Industry More Sustainable - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
As the Air Force widens its base of people to choose from, it’s also trying to make itself more appealing.
Survey: Two-thirds of cops say marijuana laws should be relaxed – Cannabis News
Law & Crime
A Pew Research Center survey of nearly 8,000 police officers finds that more than two-thirds of them say that marijuana use should be legal for either personal or medical use.
The University of Florida Introduces Hemp Approval Program
Business & Finance
A federal judge has thrown out a lawsuit brought by a Garden City, Kansas, mother who lost custody of her son over her use of cannabis oil in an incident that drew national attention.
How Can You Tell How Much CBD And THC Is In Your Weed?
Medical News
ST. JOHNS, Mich. — Michigan's medical marijuana law trumps another law that restricts how users can transport pot in cars, the state appeals court said, reversing the misdemeanor conviction of a man in Clinton County.
New marijuana facility breaks ground at former Hudson Valley prison
Business & Finance
Several states voted to legalize marijuana this past Election Day but the pot business still has a gripe -- regulations.
Mexico's president says small 'mistakes' behind delay in landmark cannabis bill
CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. -- State Police have not added more resources or stepped up patrols on the border it shares with a state that legalized marijuana less than a week ago.
Young people who use cannabis report having better orgasms
Cannabis News
When Californians voted last month to legalize recreational use of marijuana, they may not have realized they were also allowing retroactive changes that could turn a felony pot conviction into a misdemeanor.
Why this pressing issue should be among cannabis consumers’ most urgent concerns – Cannabis News
Law & Crime
Do you get high? Do you drive? This is why you need to understand the laws behind DUI marijuana charges — and the particular science of THC, too.