We in the American marijuana community lit up with sly smiles when Michael Phelps was selected to carry our United States flag at the opening ceremonies of the Rio Olympics.
As the CannAthlete movement continues to emerge within legal states like Colorado, more athletes are incorporating cannabis into their workout routines.
Marijuana use has been a dicey subject for Olympic athletes in the past.
Cannabis is beloved among some of the greatest athletes on the globe. The most decorated gold medalist to ever walk the earth, Michael Phelps, has partaken in the past.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell faces increasing demands to embrace cannabis as a solution to two crises that threaten to derail the $13 billion-a-year league: painkiller abuse and concussions.
"As long as you're confident doing the sport, any sport will be elevated by cannabis."
The future Hall of Famer admits to smoking marijuana during his playing career.
Former NFL star Ricky Williams is featured in an upcoming SI Films production in which he discusses his experience with marijuana use and his support for legalization.
A former pro football star and an advocate for athlete marijuana use have teamed up to open a gym in San Francisco that they say will be one of the first in the world to allow members to smoke pot while working out.
When NFL lineman Eugene Monroe spoke out publicly against the NFL’s ban on marijuana, it sparked a national conversation about the merits of cannabis as an alternative method of pain management for players.
Two of the NFL’s top medical personnel discussed the usage of marijuana as a medicinal compound with researchers partially funded by Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Eugene Monroe, according to the Washington Post.
When it comes to dealing with illegal substances like marijuana, the National Hockey League is much more lenient than the other Big Four sports.
This fall, San Franciscans will be able to get high while getting swole. A new gym called Power Plant Fitness will allow members to consume marijuana on-site while working out.
For years, cannabis use has been the worst kept secret in athletics.
DENVER - Hemp is helping. Former Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer says he is taking CBD, also known as cannabidoil, and it is easing the daily pain he suffered from a decade playing in the NFL.
The only NFL player to openly advocate for medical marijuana has donated $80,000 to fund cannabis research on football players at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.