Medical marijuana firm Potbotics to launch 'virtual budtenders'

Building a better mousetrap for the cannabis industry

A GreenBroz commercial trimmer
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
One inventor-turned-businessman says innovators are finding a market for their ideas as the legal marijuana sector concentrates on its bottom line.
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The Audacious Rebranding of the Marijuana Industry

An inside look of Dixie Elixir's grow room in Denver. The edibles manufacturer makes 40 different products, from THC-infused soda to gourmet chocolate, yet it all starts with the cannabis plant. IMAGE: Will Yakowicz
Entrepreneurs are trying to boost sales by steering pot toward the Whole Foods crowd.
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Colorado TV Station Puts The Kibosh On First Recreational Marijuana Ad Amid Legality Questions

Image via CNNMoney
It almost was, until it wasn’t: The first recreational marijuana TV ad ever got pulled from its slotted schedule last night amid legal concerns.
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Making your brand: The importance of securing a cannabis industry patent

Stacks of documents in U.S. Patent Office, Washington, D.C. / Photo: Library of Congress
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
While the legal cannabis sector still faces federal obstacles, it nonetheless has to deal with the same challenges that other commercial sectors face; including patent and trademark issues.
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California City Creates Innovation Zone for Marijuana

Cannabis Buds/Photo:
The city of Arcata has created what is believed to be the nation’s first-ever land use designation specifically meant to promote and regulate the production of marijuana and cannabis-related products.
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Plastics fabricator finds hot market for pot display cases

Will Smith shows one of his smaller containers for displaying medical cannabis. (Bob Shallit/Sacramento Bee)
Will Smith’s Bud Bar Displays sells wares in 23 states and overseas.
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First-ever cannabis commercial to air on American TV

Flower Top
Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch ~
Spot will be aired late Monday during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on ABC Denver affiliate.
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Consumers are gobbling up cannabis edibles

Hashman Infused marijuana chocolate bars are hand-crafted by a classically trained artisan chocolatier. Photo: Salvador Ingram
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Industry experts are watching carefully as more people ingest, rather than smoke,  their cannabis.
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New bill would let marijuana shops use banks

Cannabis plant at a Denver grow facilility. Photo:
Pot shops would have access to banks under new legislation in the Senate.
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Colorado pot shops sponsoring cleanup program on state highways

Some Colorado dispensaries pay for the cleanup of litter along sections of the roadways. In return, they get their signs put up and advertise their name.  Photo: KWGN
DENVER — Colorado’s booming marijuana industry is getting around a ban on some advertising by sponsoring some sections of Colorado highways with new signs.
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Cannabis Construction: Entrepreneurs Using Hemp for Home-Building

Matt A.V. Chaban ~ New York Times ~
A former Wall Street analyst believes hemp-based building materials can transform both agriculture and construction throughout New York.
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How to sell marijuana (legally) in Mass.

Cannabis Bottles/Image: AP
Allison Manning ~ ~
You may have a passion for the product, but getting the go-ahead to start growing and selling marijuana in Massachusetts can be a long, expensive and difficult path.
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Datone Jones suspension arises from marijuana possession

NFL Football Marijuana
Mike Florio ~ NBC Sports ~
As expected, the one-game suspension imposed on Packers defensive lineman Datone Jones came from a violation of the law relating to a banned recreational substance.
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After a year, legal marijuana earns $70 million in new taxes for Washington

Cannabis City clerk Will Bibbs, left, helps a customer looking over a display case of marijuana products at the shop in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)
A year after legalization, cannabis tax revenues in the state have topped expectations and sales top $1.4 million per day.
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Marijuana-growing spikes Denver electric demand, challenges clean-power plan

Robert Grandt works in the grow room at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver on March 11. Marijuana growing facilities contributed to the city's energy use increase. (RJ Sangosti, The Denver Post)
Bruce Finley ~ Denver Post ~
Metro Denver’s surging legal marijuana industry means surging energy usage in the region.
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What's next for the legal cannabis sector?

NCIA conference in Denver, 2015. Bruce Kennedy, WeedWorthy
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
A veteran industry observer looks back on 2014, ahead to next year, and at the growing national acceptance of legal cannabis.
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Rep. DeGette: Marijuana legalization is seeing inroads on a state, if not federal, level

Image of Rep. Diana DeGette (D - Colorado)
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
U.S. Representative Diana DeGette says while cannabis reforms have progressed regionally, the campaign for marijuana legalization has a long way to go.
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More professional women are taking the lead in the legal cannabis industry

Women Grow logo
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy
A growing number of women, especially those with degrees in STEM fields, are finding unique opportunities in the legal marijuana sector.
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Cannabis Grow System Aims to Turn Home Grows Into A Smartphone Accessory

Jonathan Ofir poses with a prototype of his Leaf system.  (International Business Times/Joel Warner)
An entrepreneur says his sleek, fully automated “plug ’n’ plant” hydroponic system, controlled via users’ smartphones, will bring cannabis growing out of the closet, or basement.
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