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Government to explore potential for development of hemp industry

The German parliament has voted to allow consumption of the drug for medical purposes. The issue had been a point of heated discussion in the country for a long time.

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Marijuana Legalization In Europe: Is France Next? – Cannabis News

Marijuana, a divisive issue that normally resurfaces in Europe during election campaigns, has come home to France's hotly-contested presidential race.

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The global experiment of marijuana legalization – Cannabis News

(CNN) In 2016, more countries legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes.

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New Medical Cannabis Program goes into effect across the state

On Monday, July 25, Italy’s Chamber of Deputies is scheduled to discuss the possibility of legalizing marijuana.

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Portugal group demands freedom to vote for personal use of cannabis

In July, Italy's parliament will begin debating historic changes to cannabis laws that could see the drug legalized.

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'It will poison a lot of our children': Battle over marijuana heats up in Hunterdon County

For those who want to legally grow huge amounts of cannabis in Austria, business is booming — but not yet blooming.

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Study: adult-use legalization doesn’t influence children’s attitudes toward Cannabis

Over 17 million of France's 66 million-strong population have tried cannabis, according to France's National Observatory of Drugs and Drug Abuse.

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