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Jake Plummer’s Pot Crusade – Cannabis News

How the retired QB is trying to save the NFL with medical marijuana.

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Former NFL players appeal to league to embrace marijuana use – Cannabis News

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell faces increasing demands to embrace cannabis as a solution to two crises that threaten to derail the $13 billion-a-year league: painkiller abuse and concussions.

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Randy Moss on NFL's marijuana ban: 'Loosen up the rules and let everybody live' – Cannabis News

The future Hall of Famer admits to smoking marijuana during his playing career.

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Exclusive: NFL players speak out on marijuana policy – Cannabis News

When NFL lineman Eugene Monroe spoke out publicly against the NFL’s ban on marijuana, it sparked a national conversation about the merits of cannabis as an alternative method of pain management for players.

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NFL doctors discuss marijuana usage with researchers – Cannabis News

Two of the NFL’s top medical personnel discussed the usage of marijuana as a medicinal compound with researchers partially funded by Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman Eugene Monroe, according to the Washington Post.

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NFL tackle donates $80k to Penn for marijuana research on players – Marijuana News

The only NFL player to openly advocate for medical marijuana has donated $80,000 to fund cannabis research on football players at the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University.

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Marijuana bringing NFL players to Colorado, hoping league changes its policy – Marijuana News

BOULDER, Colo. - Is the NFL all wrong with regard to its ban on marijuana? A growing number of former and active players, as well as leading researchers at Johns Hopkins, are testing whether a compound found in hemp is a possible miracle cure for concussions and brain injuries.

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Ex-NFL Players Rally Behind Medical Marijuana – Marijuana News

Faced with traumatic brain injury, depression, chronic pain, and addictive medication, former NFL players are coming together in support of medical marijuana.

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Is it time for football to reconsider marijuana? – Marijuana News

(CNN) The NFL and the NFL Players Association have a staunch policy prohibiting marijuana use, but some players are asking them to reconsider it, saying pot can be used for pain relief, and possibly as concussion prevention.

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Former Chicago Bears quarterback praises marijuana at Texas conference – Marijuana News

FORT WORTH - Former Chicago Bears quarterback Jim McMahon smoked marijuana long before the drug was legalized. “[Former Bears coach] Mike Ditka would say, ‘Oh, all you guys, you pot smokers,’ That’s what he’d call us. ‘You pot smokers.’ ” McMahon said Sunday.

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Is it time for the NFL to legalize marijuana? – Marijuana News

Reports of NFL players trying to get the same effects of marijuana without actually smoking it has observers wondering if the league should relax on their drug policy a bit.

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Football Veteran Ricky Williams Comments on Marijuana Use as Pain Solution for NFL Players – Marijuana News

Ricky Williams doesn't shy away from his support for marijuana. He used the drug as a means of recovery from the pounding he took over his 10-year NFL career, which included two seasons (2002 and 2003) leading the league in rush attempts with a combined 775 carries.

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Players Say Half of NFL Using Medical Marijuana – Marijuana News

With the countdown underway for Super Bowl 50, there’s a renewed focus on the NFL’s high rate of injuries and concussions, and whether the league should be open to players using medical marijuana to treat their pain.

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Former NFL players call for medical marijuana to be taken off banned list – Marijuana News

Image: Intel Free Press via Wikimedia Commons

Football players take an alarming array of pain medication to get back on the field but some believe medical cannabis is a safer and more effective alternative.

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Banned, but Bountiful: Marijuana Coveted by NFL Players as Invaluable Painkiller

Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray vs Tampa Hali and Luke Kuechly during 2014 Pro Bowl. Image: Sgt. Alexander Martinez via Wikimedia Commons

Datone Jones suspension arises from marijuana possession

NFL Football Marijuana
Mike Florio ~ NBC Sports ~
As expected, the one-game suspension imposed on Packers defensive lineman Datone Jones came from a violation of the law relating to a banned recreational substance.
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NFL blowing smoke on marijuana usage

Image of new Bronco Shane Ray
Let's call a cease-fire on the NFL's senseless war against marijuana.
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The NFL marijuana stance is evolving, but don't hold your breath for lift of ban

Image of NFL Logo and marijuana
The nation’s laws, and its perspective, on marijuana are shifting, and the NFL is trying to keep pace. 
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