Much attention has been paid to the prospects for ending marijuana prohibition this year in Vermont and New Jersey. But another state has a shot to advance a cannabis legalization bill through its legislature — and it could happen this week.

New Hampshire just became the 22nd state in the U.S. to eliminate the possibility of spending time behind bars for possessing small amounts of marijuana.

'Live Free Or Die' state joins the rest of New England in rejecting criminal penalties for weed. 

New Hampshire is the only state left in the New England area to not have marijuana decriminalization laws on the books already.

A coalition of Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire has pre-filed a bill that would prohibit hemp’s designation as a controlled substance in the state, thereby legalizing full-scale commercial hemp farming and treating hemp just like any other agricultural crop.

New Hampshire remains the only New England state that hasn't decriminalized the drug.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Connolly strongly supports decriminalizing marijuana in New Hampshire, and he may be willing to go further.

Unlike many of the other candidates running for governor, Democrat Steve Marchand isn’t afraid of saying he wants to expand the state budget, rather than shrink it.

Medical pot has had a slow start in NH, but dispensaries could open soon as painkiller epidemic pressures mount.