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How can medical cannabis help the UK’s chronic pain problem?

Cannabis tea is a popular way to consume, and can treat asthma, chronic pain, nausea, anxiety and other ailments in a safe way.

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Tennessee’s First Cannabis Restaurant set for Grand Opening

While basement chemists and chefs continue to elaborate on edibles, the market is looking toward “drinkables” as the next frontier in catching a high.

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What’s The Real Reason Why The USPS Won’t Ship Vaping Products?

Coffee and cigarettes are the classic duo. But in 2017, in many parts of the world, smoking a joint and drinking a cup of joe is seen as a healthier combo.

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Study Finds That Cannabis May Help Those Suffering From Chronic Pelvic Pain

For all you caffeine junkies out there, BrewBudz has what you've been waiting for: a line of CBD- and THC- infused coffee, tea and cocoa.

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Mexico Is Quietly On The Edge Of Nation Wide Cannabis Legalization

The “Cannabis Cooler,” as we affectionately came to name it, was tasted by a panel of sommeliers, winemakers, wine buyers and a lone non-industry civilian, in a lineup against traditional wines.

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How much did New Jerseyans spend on first day of cannabis sales? Yes, there was enough weed for everyone

Turn up your next cup of Joe.

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Mitch McConnell’s Inadvertent Loophole Is Helping America Get High

You can now get a 100% organic hemp milk which promises to sooth anxieties and pains, aid sleep and reduce stress – via CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

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Medical Marijuana Legalization Bill (SB 158) Approved By Kansas House of Representatives

With legislation legalizing marijuana expected in the spring, Eastern Ontario’s largest craft brewery is rolling around the idea of expanding into the recreational cannabis industry, its chief executive said.

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Industrial hemp arrives in the North Carolina mountains - Cannabis News

No, it won't get you high. But rest assured, the alcohol still works.

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Colorado Gov. announces 16 recipients of cannabis business grant

Pairing different strains with different brewing methods and roasts can make for some hand-picked, unique experiences.

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County supervisors will vote on another tax break for cannabis growers - who say it’s still not enough.

Simple syrups are an easy way to sweeten up or add a touch of flavor to your favorite recipes. With a quick pour of syrup, you can add a hint of natural flavors to any snack.

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It’s time for a shift in the Cannabis industry (and it’s happening now)

The essence of the pot tincture used in the cocktails is called CBD, the lesser-known of the two most prevalent cannabinoids in weed.

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The Sinaloa Cartel is borrowing ideas from California's dispensaries

DeepCell Industries, a Seattle startup that helps develop technology for cannabis-infused products and brands, has raised $410,000 to fuel growth.

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Avoid These 5 Common Cannabis Growing Mistakes – Cannabis News

Online classes and The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook aim to shed sugary stoner culture for an upscale legal high.

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5 Ways the Cannabis Industry Has Matured - Cannabis News

The legalization of marijuana has brought a bumper crop of weed-laced foodstuffs, from cookies and candies to sodas—and now, coffee.

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Your Gratuitous 420 Post! Products, Events, and More for Cannabis Connoisseurs

Pot Buttered Rum. Image: High Times via Civilized.life

'Tis the season for partying - and what better time than the holidays to combine all the vices (sugar, booze, cream, and alcohol) into a tasting course of delicious, sinful beverages?

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What Does This Recent Milestone for Canadian Pot Companies Mean for Investors?

Turkish coffee. Image: Vouliagmeni via Wikimedia Commons

A new wave of legal-weed entrepreneurs wants to put the dope in your doppio. And the potential profits from a mashup of coffee and caffeine are, well, high.

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Pot Industry in California Hit by Wildfires - Cannabis News

Red wine reflects the light from a restaurant. Image: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture via Wikimedia Commons

Kathleen Willcox ~ VinePair.com ~

There’s been a lot of buzz about pot and wine recently.

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