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APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. announces opening of Hemp and CBD products e-commerce site “Global Hemp Service”

APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e-commerce and cloud-based solutions is pleased to announce that the Global Hemp Service LLC (“Global”) web site has recently completed its extended beta period and is now a fully-functioning e-commerce platform that offers an extensive line of hemp and CBD related products including those for personal, home, beauty, organic, and industrial uses.

“We are excited to see the products being offered by Global Hemp Service becoming more prominently featured in daily use around the world. Hemp is a game-changer for its benefits to our climate. APPlife is proud to have been the lead investor in this project and hope to see it flourish in the coming months,” stated Matthew Reid, CEO of APPLife.

"It is our mission at Global Hemp Service to unify hemp stakeholders and support the category growth in all industries where hemp can be applied. The challenge isn't how to make a better world, it’s to make it happen now. Our focus on hemp is the most intelligent decision for us to do our part and reach a sustainable society within a few years," said Paul Iglesia, founder and president of Global Hemp Services LLC.

The team at Global understands that humanity is need of both environmental and societal transformations and while our current resources might be enough, the way we consume them is not sustainable. While cures for these challenges are complicated and will take time, effort, and energy, Global believes part of the cure is a simple plant, created by nature itself, named cannabis, most commonly known as hemp. It’s been interacting with humans all over the planet and the course of history from ancient writings and customs to the present days.   There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet working with hemp, consuming hemp in their diet, their products, their habitat, and their farms.

Together, APPlife and Global believe that hemp’s diverse applications and attributes could be valuable components in achieving numerous global sustainability goals, some of which include:

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Cannabis makes crypto connection

The cannabis industry has tried valiantly to incorporate crypto into its business with little success. It was seen as a great way to work around a banking system that was hostile toward the cannabis industry. However, the uptake has been slow and uneven results have caused many to stay on the sidelines in wait and see mode. That hasn’t kept some in the industry though from jumping in with both feet.

DocDollars the mogul, entrepreneur, and Director of cultivation and innovation for Praetorian Global is stepping in as one of the new founders of a group called the Crypto Bull Society. Founded in October 2021, CBS is a private 4k NFT collection of 7,777 Crypto Bulls and 8,888 Crypto Bears – hand-drawn by the 3D artist Gal Yosef. Living on the Ethereum Blockchain, CBS grabbed the public’s attention and grew by more than 70,000 members within the first month. However, after months of explosive development, the project’s growth finally began to stall and the community grew restless of the previous owners’ empty promises and lack of progress. A few prominent members decided to take matters into their own hands. It was then decided that a new direction was needed, leading Floki, DocDollars (Doc), Drover, and Chris to take over control of the project in support of the community’s goals.

The group said that the previous founders were able to deliver to a point. When they could no longer support the project appropriately, an agreement was reached to turn over control of the project to the community itself. Since then, CBS has grown to more than 225,899 members and has still kept its core value intact: to make CBS the best NFT project in this space.

Cannabis connection

Praetorian Global, which was founded in 2015, is the parent company for the luxury brand Binske Cannabis. In March, Praetorian announced it had entered into an agreement to buy all the intellectual property “IP” assets of Oni Seed Co. (“Oni”). The asset acquisition will add the intellectual property portfolio behind the world-renowned and award-winning Oni brand and product offerings and pipeline to Praetorian’s already burgeoning stable of cannabis and hemp intellectual property. Oni is also known for its art and merchandise.

“This is a monumental and transformative moment for our company, all of our shareholders and all of our current and future partners,” said Jacob Pasternack, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Praetorian. “We are thrilled to bring Oni’s rich and storied heritage and world-class IP into our portfolio. For years, Oni has a been a premier IP resource for cannabis brands, cultivators and infused product manufacturers looking to expand and sophisticate their product offerings. Oni’s proprietary products, know-how and methodologies have significant, broad-based application for all sizes and forms of flower cultivation, which correlates to 100 percent of the downstream products sold in retail outlets around the world.”

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Introducing Cognitive Harmony Technologies: New platform levels playing field for cannabis licenses

Digital Platform Launches for New Jersey Applicants; New York Pre-Sales Available

Calling all cannabis start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs! Today, Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT) announced the launch and rollout of the CHT Accelerator to streamline the cannabis business license application process, making it as simple as filing taxes online.  The company's game-changing service and platform offers materials, resources, live support, and guidance by industry leaders through every part of the process to allow all applicants – regardless of the amount of investment capital - an alternative to compete effectively and at an affordable price, paving the way for a more equitable and just cannabis industry where small businesses have a fair shake.

Like most disruptive technologies, Co-Founders, software engineer Walter Moore and physicist Charles Cherqui, founded CHT when they ran into their own set of obstacles. When launching their own cannabis company and social equity incubator, Perception Farms, the application process was not only intimidating, but most applicants were set up for rejection from the beginning, even in states whose laws include restorative justice components.

 "One mistake. Come back in two years," said Walter Moore, CHT Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This set the stage for the creation and need for the CHT Accelerator, which uses AI and machine learning algorithms to streamline the process to create a competitive application. The software automates redundant processes, enabling applicants to submit without missing materials or making other common mistakes.

The CHT Accelerator is now available for New Jersey cannabis business license applicants. Pre-sales for New York applicants are also available, with expansion into additional states' licensed markets rolling out later this year.

"Producing a compliant application typically requires an expensive consulting service that can cost upwards of $150K, creating a huge gap between the goodwill of legislators passing social equity laws and equitable cannabis business ownership," Moore said.

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Second cannabis delivery operator eyes Tech Circle site in Natick

For generations, Michael Marinaro’s family honed their cultivation techniques in the vineyards of Naples, Italy. Years later, the first-generation Italian-American is drawing on those techniques — not for grapes, but another agricultural pursuit: cannabis. 

Marinaro, CEO of Tyngsborough-based cultivator BadaBloom!, is part of the team behind Trevor Express, a proposed adult-use marijuana delivery operator seeking to open in Natick.

The company was formed through a partnership with Bada Bloom! — which holds provisional licenses from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission — and Revolutionary Clinics, which operates medical marijuana dispensaries in Cambridge and Somerville.

Trevor Express holds a lease at 1 Tech Circle/211 Oak St. in Natick, close to two other marijuana-related businesses: cannabis, CBD and hemp testing facility Kaycha Labs and proposed delivery operator Your Green Package, both at 16 Tech Circle. 

Trevor Express Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Tara Hopper said she and Marinaro, Trevor’s president, are looking forward to establishing the business in Natick, their hometown.

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California Department of Cannabis Control launches cannabis data visualization tool

California Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) recently launched a data visualization tool to help consumers identify licensed cannabis product retailers.

The technology would also inform business owners about which cities and counties license cannabis businesses while supporting continual conversations regarding access to the state’s safe and legal cannabis market.

“This data helps Californians understand the work we have ahead of us in realizing the promises of cannabis legalization, including supporting access to a safe, legal and equitable cannabis market across the state and combating the unregulated, illicit market,” DCC Director Nicole Elliott said.

The data tool can be accessed through the DCC website.

The offering represents the initial version of the data tool. It is slated to be updated on an ongoing basis, and input from stakeholders regarding improved functionality, presentation, and resources is encouraged.

The DCC noted collaboration with the California Office of Digital Innovation produced a map detailing 44 percent of cities and counties that allow the licensing of at least one cannabis business type, and 56 percent of cities and counties prohibit the licensing of all cannabis business types.

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New cannabis testing to help growers manage, prevent microbial outbreaks


MCR Lab’s new Environmental Monitoring Testing Suite can pinpoint contamination causes & identify effective solutions

Local cannabis testing laboratory MCR Labs has released a new testing suite designed to diagnose microbial issues and determine the best path forward for successful remediative measures.

This new service can prevent future outbreaks by allowing cultivators to monitor their grow environment closely for any potential contamination sources, avoiding a full-on outbreak altogether.

“It’s really a game changer for growers, as microbial outbreaks are not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ issue,” said Jonathan Wani, MCR’s director of Business Development.

“The biggest value for them is identifying the specific species behind the outbreak. Once you know what species you’re working with, you can develop a targeted remediation plan that’s going to be much more effective than a generic remediative method.”

MCR Microbiologist Mikaela Berthiaume homogenizes a sample for microbial testing.

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stupidDOPE launches cannabis + CBD industry focused big data & content distribution agency

Big Data & Content Distribution Powers Lifestyle-Focused Brand Marketing

StupidDOPE LLC announced today the launch of an in-house brand marketing, content distribution and big data advertising agency serving the Cannabis and CBD industry. With a focus on big data and content distribution partnerships within the cannabis industry, the lifestyle brand will help companies intelligently target and engage in-market Cannabis and CBD shoppers.

stupidDOPE delivers social media, photo and video, press trips, media buys, influencer marketing, and experiential event strategies since 2008. Its custom-built digital marketing campaigns are powered by a patented algorithm that delivers personalized content on behalf of 200M+ mobile users in the U.S. stupidDOPE’s in-depth experience in the Cannabis and CBD industry provides insight into reaching shoppers, while meeting certified corporate and regulatory compliance standards.

“Major advertising channels, including Google and Facebook, continue to shut down digital Cannabis and CBD campaigns in response to the complex regulatory market in the U.S.,” said LeVar Thomas, co-founder, stupidDOPE.

“At stupidDOPE, we are solving this dilemma for Cannabis, CBD brands and retailers who need to reach new customers without access to the most popular digital marketing channels available.”

Founded in 2008, stupidDOPE brings together a massive audience and top tiered content distribution partnerships with its lifestyle destination, sharing the latest in video, music, travel, culture, fashion, art and more. The company has worked with Fortune 100 companies and global brands, including AT&T, Harley-Davidson, Sony Entertainment Network, Frito-Lay, Topgolf USA, State Farm, M&M’s Racing, Nissan and many more. A Google, Bing, and Apple News publisher, stupidDOPE delivers timely content on trending topics, infused with unique advertising opportunities and custom created content.

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AUDACIOUS commences cannabis facility construction in New York

Australis Capital Inc. and its partner, First Americans LLC, have commenced with the construction of its New York cultivation, manufacturing and retail project located on the Saint Regis Mohawk territory.

"Early market entry into New York has been a core element of our strategy and we are 100% executing on this," Terry Booth, CEO of AUDACIOUS stated. (Benzinga)

"With first products hitting the market around October, we are well ahead of the general market, which is still waiting for the full regulations on how adult use will be introduced throughout the entire state. This partnership with First Americans shows how AUDACIOUS is a preferred partner who is able to translate its operational excellence into capex light entry for new, high growth markets. We look forward to working with Rick Hamelin, President of First Americans, and his team to claim our position among the market leaders in New York state."

While the project eventually will see the construction of an ACHIEVE12 facility, to expedite having product on shelves, the companies have commenced with the construction of a low cost, customized growing system, utilizing top class auto-flower genetics, selected for their THC potency, high yields, quality and market appeal. The cultivation system employed by the partnership will benefit from technology measures to mitigate the effects of inclement weather while at the same time benefiting from full sun and utilizing the latest in crop management techniques. All materials have been ordered, the irrigation is expected to be delivered shortly and growing activities are anticipated to commence late June/early July 2022 with first harvest commencing in September. Processing of harvested material will happen on site as well for the manufacturing of derivative products for which the company is widely known through its award-winning brands Tsunami and Provisions.


by Nina Zdinjak

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Justice Cannabis relies on video surveillance to keep facility safe, secure & legal

Large cannabis operations group integrates Hanwha video technology into their businesses

In 2014 a group of civil rights attorneys known for fighting for justice on behalf of the wrongly accused and convicted decided to form a new venture: a cannabis growing and dispensing company. Based on the ideals of “cannabis made good, that does good, to make you feel good,” the new company was aptly named Justice Cannabis. Today the company operates two (and counting) cultivation/processing facilities and more than 10 retail locations in nine states.

“We strive to help out those who are struggling to live and get out of the rut of the criminal justice system,” says Stuart Johnson, national director of security for Justice Cannabis. 

“As a former law enforcement officer, I wholeheartedly applaud this mission.” Johnson was hired in June of 2021 to run the security operations for the fast-growing cannabis portion of the business.

Justice Cannabis currently employs approximately 300 people, but Johnson says the company will likely double within the coming year.

“We cover all facets of the cannabis industry,” he says.

Cannabis is a tricky industry for more than just legal and regulatory reasons.
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Jointly app helps canna-curious figure out what works for them

According to the Jointly: Cannabis Wellness app, nearly one out of three Arizonans who logged into the free app consumes cannabis to "relax and refresh." Those are the biggest reasons people consume marijuana in this state, according to the experience-based cannabis product rating platform.

The app solicits consumers to ask themselves, "What kind of experience am I after?" The self-analysis demonstrates to cannabis users "purposeful cannabis consumption," which is broken down into 11 experiences that "is the key to unlocking a new level of well-being."

The second-most popular reason Arizona Jointly subscribers consume cannabis is to "relieve everyday stress," which accounts for one of four participating Arizonans.

The remaining nine choices are: to focus and create; improve sleep; ease everyday pain; enjoy social experiences; energize and uplift; replace other substances; enhance intimacy; recover from exercise; and stimulate appetite, which was the experience with the lowest percentile among the Grand Canyon State's subscribers.

Jointly has more than 200,000 unique cannabis experiences from worldwide users in its database. Many live in metro Phoenix. On the app, which can be downloaded onto IOS or Android devices, users rate the cannabis products they consume, which helps fellow-valley cannabis users determine the best outcome for their needs. But unlike Yelp and Google Reviews, where almost anybody with a device can instantaneously key in on their experience about a product and service — a single Jointly rating takes a few minutes to input into the cannabis product database.

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Revoltech closes seed round for LOVR Alt leather made of upcycled hemp waste materials

German startup Revoltech announces it has closed a seven-figure seed round for leather substitute LOVR, made of hemp fibres from the leftover residues of CBD products. The funds will bring the 100% biodegradable, plastic-free and climate-neutral material to market.

LOVR stands for “leather-like-without plastic-vegan-residue-based” and was developed with the goal of transforming the leather industry by introducing a truly sustainable material made from agricultural waste. Its production is based on the principles of the circular economy and does not involve the use of chemicals.

Revoltech, founded in 2021 by Lucas Fuhrmann, Julian Mushövel and Montgomery Wagner, has signed a joint investment agreement with b.value AG, BMH Beteiligungs-Managementgesellschaft Hessen mbH and HEAG. The seven-figure seed investment will be used to develop operations and expand production of the sustainable textile.

Revoltech says, “We make use of waste materials and turn them into something new. The journey of LOVR starts on a field, more specifically with a hemp plant. It is grown for CBD products. We use the crop waste as the base for LOVR. Our trusted agricultural partners supply us with their by-products. This is how LOVR promotes a transparent, regional, and sustainable circular economy. Free from global supply chains, and full of appreciation for people, materials and nature.”

Says Julian Mushövel, Co-Founder & CTO: “Our breakthrough technology ensures that we can produce LOVR with a minimal carbon footprint. Our material will play an important role in fighting climate change and preserving our ecosystems.”

Financing market entry

“The seed funding is a big step for LOVR. I am very happy that we have found partners who share and support our vision of a sustainable circular economy,” says Lucas Fuhrmann, Co-Founder and CEO.

lovr production
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Sananbio provides the perfect spectrum to help your plants grow

Sananbio has been devoted to maximizing the nutrition absorption rate for cannabis plants during their growth for higher THC/CBD content.

Say hello to Sananbio! The rising legalization and growing use of cannabis for medical purposes in North America are expected to further propel its market growth. Countries in the region are actively liberalizing laws related to cannabis, especially for adult-use, which has driven the product demand in the recreational use application segment. Furthermore, an increase in the preference for Cannabidiol (CBD)-based products, such as food and beverages, cosmetics, and wellness products in the country also supports the market growth of cannabis. The U.S. House of Representatives just recently passed the MORE Act, a bill that would end the federal prohibition on cannabis, meaning that the U.S may have full entry of cannabis on a national level.

As we all know, cannabis requires a fair amount of light, that’s why it’s usually grown in a field where it has a long day of sunlight. Recently, the demand for medical cannabis has greatly increased, and more growers have started to try out greenhouse and indoor cultivation due to the regulations regarding the CBD/THC content. Replacing sunlight with artificial light provides indoor cultivation more certainty with steady yield. Sananbio’s PHX series was born upon the request.

Combined with experiences in real cultivation, Sananbio’s PHX 1.1 has different model types that are specialized for the vegetation, transformation and flowering period based on the results collected from the research on the spectrum and light intensity.

In the vegetative period for the cannabis, Sananbio’s LED panel provides the spectrum that balances well between double wave crests of blue, green, and red light, helping cannabis to grow rapidly with the robust stem in a controllable height. When the plant is healthy and robust, it won’t fall down easily during the flowering period, which will significantly boost the THC/CBD content. 

Red light is included in the transformation and flowering period while the ratio and intensity of other lights in the spectrum is also adjusted for better growth of the plant. The endorsement of this optimized spectrum and ultra-uniform light intensity propels the pre-flower period to vegetation without plants being burnt, withered or yellowing. With a good-quality nutrition solution and gradually-increased intensity, the plant will grow stronger and bloom faster during the flowering period. Long and lush clusters of flower heads also can be easily achieved under this circumstance, most varieties are very productive, averaging one pound per flower and 10% more THC/CBD content.

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WM Technology, Inc. announces participation at Jefferies 2022 Cannabis Summit and Stifel 2022 Cross Sector Insight Conference

WM Technology, Inc. (“WM Technology” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: MAPS), the leading marketplace and technology solutions provider to the cannabis industry, today announced it will be presenting and taking investor meetings at the following upcoming conferences:

Jefferies 2022 Cannabis Summit
On Thursday June 2nd, 2022, WM Technology will be taking institutional investor meetings at the Jefferies 2022 Cannabis Summit.Stifel 2022 Cross Sector Insight Conference
On Thursday, June 9th, 2022 at 10:20am EST, WM Technology management will be hosting a fireside chat for institutional investors at the Stifel 2022 Cross Sector Insight Conference. The company will also be taking institutional investor meetings.

WM Technology’s conference presentations are expected to be available via webcast on the Investor Relations section of the company’s website.

About WM Technology

Founded in 2008, WM Technology (Nasdaq: MAPS) operates the leading online cannabis marketplace, Weedmaps, with a comprehensive set of eCommerce and compliance software solutions, WM Business, sold to retailers and brands in the U.S. state-legal and Canadian cannabis markets. The Company’s mission is to power a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy.

The Company’s technology addresses the challenges facing both consumers seeking to understand cannabis products and businesses who serve cannabis users in a legally compliant fashion. Over the past 14 years, the Weedmaps marketplace has become the premier destination for cannabis consumers to discover and browse information regarding cannabis and cannabis products, permitting product discovery and order-ahead for pickup or delivery by participating retailers. WM Business is a set of eCommerce-enablement tools designed to help retailers and brands get the best out of the Weedmaps’ consumer experience, create labor efficiencies, and manage compliance needs.

WM Technology holds a strong belief in the power of cannabis and the importance of enabling safe, legal access to consumers worldwide. Since inception, WM Technology has worked tirelessly, not only to become the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but to build the software solutions that power businesses compliantly in the space, to advocate for legalization, social equity, and licensing in many jurisdictions, and to facilitate further learning through partnering with subject matter experts on providing detailed, accurate information about the plant.

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Here’s how legal weed has changed cannabis marketing on social media

Women have slowly introduced themselves into the equation, disrupting what’s traditionally thought of as a cannabis consumer.

Legal marijuana has changed the way some people think about cannabis, leading to a shift in the way in which it’s marketed. A new study explores how is promoted on social media apps, prompting the market to open up and people who don’t fit the typical stoner stereotype.

The study, published in Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal, found that women have slowly introduced themselves into the equation, disrupting what’s traditionally thought of as a cannabis consumer. These women promote cannabis in different ways, incorporating it into their daily lives and activities.


Researchers used Instagram as their social media platform of choice, analyzing illegal sellers in Switzerland with “cannabis influencers” in the U.S., and spotting any differences. Investigators found that cannabis influencers were challenging what has long been considered appealing to cannabis markets, something that could have a global impact.


“Our findings show that cannabis influencers on Instagram are changing the stereotypical characteristics of illegal cannabis culture as being almost entirely dominated by men, to one where cannabis is represented as a desirable accessory in certain feminine lifestyles,” write the study’s researchers.

These influencers painted cannabis as an activity that can be pursued by mothers, people who are invested in their physical and mental health and more.

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Is the future of weed seedless? How triploid cannabis could lead to new strains

The era of triploid cannabis is here and it can easily be the solution cannabis growers sought in the 1970s. But what does triploid mean?

The world of cannabis cultivation might be in for a new paradigm shift in the form of seedless cannabis. The huge potential of triploid cannabis has gotten many in the cannabis industry hoping and rejoicing.

Though there is still much to know and understand about the application of triploid cannabis, early signs are already good. Here, we explore all there is to know about triploid cannabis which might just be the future of seedless cannabis.

Triploid cannabis

Many might be confused as to what the term “triploid” means and how it applies to cannabis. Surprisingly enough, the term triploid is quite common in the world of agriculture. Watermelons that are seedless for example are regarded as triploid watermelons. The same goes for a host of other crops like citrus, grapes, and banana. This helps us to understand that the common factor of triploid plants is that they are seedless. However, how does this apply to cannabis plants?

To fully understand the concept of triploid cannabis, we will have to go back to the basics of science a bit. We know that chromosomes carry genetic information in the form of genes. Humans possess 23 pairs of these chromosomes which make humans diploid. Cannabis plants on the other hand are diploid as well with only 10 chromosomes. Research has, however, shown that cannabis like most plants can be tetraploid (4 copies) or octoploid (8 copies) and more.

Triploid expression of plant chromosomes is a very rare variation that can occur naturally in plants. Scientists have since developed how to get this triploid expression by crossing a tetraploid with a diploid.

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Crypto platform CanaBoyz offers virtual cannabis cultivation

Play-to-earn (P2E) games, cryptocurrency, and non-fungible tokens truly are the hottest terms when it comes to the business of digital currency, and they have had an unexpected impact on today's financial markets. These developments have taken centre stage in 2022, and we'd like to hear your opinions on what might happen if these (so far) major and global trends mix with another quite controversial industry, that surrounding cannabis.


What exactly is CanaBoyz?

CanaBoyz is a digital gaming platform that immerses users in a one-of-a-kind gangland with the sole objective of building the world's most lucrative enterprise through virtual cannabis cultivation. This game allows users to enjoy unfettered economic benefits through the sale of in-game assets. Indeed, users will be able to raise virtual crops on CanaBoyz that will earn them real-life cash through cryptocurrency. Players will have complete control over their assets, which they will manage and scale through smart decision making and tactics.

This game is built around the players' economic relationships and existing smart contracts. The players' primary goal is to develop farms and manage in-game assets. Users have access to multiple scenarios for managing their in-game assets, such as CNB and Kush tokens, seeds, bushes, artefacts, and coffee shops, via a versatile platform. Players are able to construct an internal economic zone thanks to their freedom of action, where the main goal is to raise crops and sell them profitably.

On CanaBoyz, every player will have the ability to manage in-game items while deciding on how they should grow their business. A user has the freedom to choose whether to create their virtual business on their own or in a group with other players. They can use the CanaBoyz in-game platform to manage their tokens, seeds, bushes, artefacts, and characters regardless of the kind of strategy used. CanaBoyz's biggest feature is that every in-game item is a genuine NFT.

The idea for CanaBoyz came about due to a combination of the most prominent developments over the previous several years: the metaverse, Web 3.0, NFTs, Crypto, and the now legalised cannabis industry. CanaBoyz' creators discovered that, upon unification of their ideas, they had a truly fantastic concept for a game.

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First-ever export of Israeli medical cannabis seeds heads to US

Agriculture Ministry hails development as a major step toward country becoming a significant player in the global cannabis market

The first-ever export shipment of Israeli cannabis seeds has left for the US, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement Wednesday, hailing the move as a major step toward becoming a global pioneer in the field.

Efforts to arrange the “experimental and initial” shipment, which departed on Tuesday night, have been ongoing for the past year.

The cargo contained seeds from the local BetterSeeds company, which has a research license from the Health Ministry.

They will be examined on arrival “to verify their suitability for the US market,” the ministry said.

“Israel has the ability to make its mark [on the industry] and be among the world’s leaders,” Agriculture Minister Oded Forer said in the statement.

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Carbon correction: The cannabis and climate connection no one is talking about

Maybe you've heard that cultivating cannabis is bad for the environment. Perhaps you've seen headlines saying that growing an ounce of indoor cannabis emits the equivalent amount of carbon as burning a full tank of gas. Or maybe you've read reports that say growing a few pounds of weed yields the same environmental toll as driving across America seven times. 

All of this is (mostly) true. Indoor cannabis cultivation is not environmentally friendly. This method requires hours of blasting air conditioning, heating (if you live in snowy regions), lighting, air filtration systems and irrigation. Aside from swapping high voltage lights with LEDs, there are few green solutions for indoor grows to lessen their carbon footprint.

Outdoor cannabis grows aren't perfect, either. They've earned a negative reputation thanks to illegal operators polluting National Park lands, stealing water from protected rivers and leaking pesticides into watersheds. Even legal outdoor grows can contribute to soil erosion, nutrient loss and increased soil acidity. Monoculture, or producing one type of crop to the exclusion of others, in cannabis is equally damaging to soil as it is in traditional agriculture.

But the research highlighting the harms of cannabis cultivation lacks nuance. Why? Because growing cannabis can remediate the Earth and aid in the fight against climate change if done properly. Regenerative farming, for example, is a system of agriculture practices that involves working with plants to utilize photosynthesis and maintain "living soil." Plants draw carbon out of the atmosphere and store it in healthy soil — grazed and naturally fertilized by animals — where it transforms into stable carbon.

"The idea of regenerative farming is simple," says Leah Penniman, co-director and farm manager of Soul Fire Farm, in an interview with Now This News.

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Bloomios expands production capacity by 300%, setting stage for strong growth in 2022


 Bloomios, Inc. (OTCQB: BLMS), a leading hemp and nutraceutical manufacturer specializing in full service product development, R&D and compliance solutions, has completed a major expansion of the company's manufacturing and fulfillment systems at its new state-of-the-art 50,000 sf. manufacturing facility in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The expansion increased manufacturing and fulfillment capacity by approximately 300%, as well as lowered operating expense. It now supports more than 80 turnkey products across seven popular format categories, as well as the company's plans to enter new market verticals.

Bloomios estimates the new equipment has increased overall capacity by about 300%, while enabling many process improvements. By the third quarter of 2022, the company expects to increase its infused gummy output capacity to exceed more than 1 million gummies per day or a 5x increase in output capacity from current levels.

"Our first quarter was a transitional period where we completed the first phase of our expansion and retooling of our manufacturing facility in preparation for strong growth this year," stated Bloomios CEO, Michael Hill.

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Broadcasters are still fighting to win clearance to air Cannabis ads.

The Safe Advertising Coalition -- the year-old organization created by a group of nearly two dozen state broadcast associations spent another $50,000 on Washington lobbying during the first three months of the year. That is on top of the $120,000 they ponied up last year in their quest to bring “parity” to cannabis advertising, mostly by securing federal government clearance to allow local radio and television stations to air ads in states where recreational or medical marijuana is now legal.

Broadcasters have been pushing Congress to clarify federal law paving the way for cannabis ads on the airwaves without putting radio or TV licenses at risk. The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, or the MORE Act (H.R. 3617) was passed by the House in April, but unlike earlier bills it does not include any provisions that would clear the way to help broadcasters. Prospects are also slim in the Senate, where little Republican support exists.

One hurdle is that a champion of changing ad rules is no longer in Congress. Colorado Democrat Jared Polis, who previously introduced legislation that if passed would have treated cannabis advertising like alcohol ads, left Washington to become his state’s governor.

Broadcasters have also looked to the Federal Communications Commission. Although the FCC has generally warned stations not to advertise “illegal” products, to date, it has so far sidestepping the issue of whether it would target radio or TV stations for license reviews if the agency received a complaint about cannabis ads.

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington told the Massachusetts Broadcast Association during a speech last November that he doubted current rules allow stations in states where marijuana has been decriminalized to accept ad dollars from cannabis dispensaries.

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