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Hands on with the Puffco Proxy

The industry’s leading device manufacturer has evolved the playing field again.

You don’t have to be a massive stoner to be familiar with Puffco. The device producer has introduced countless innovations to the concentrate segment since its inception in 2013. From improving pen technology to pioneering e-rigs, even the least engaged concentrate consumer has likely tried at least one of their products already. Not happy with settling for the status quo, Puffco is back again with another innovation to propel the hash game—and this time it’s not even water filtered.

Led by Roger Volodarsky, known to his adoring fans as “Jolly Roger,” the company’s latest product is the result of two years of serious research and development. The result is a Sherlock-style dry pipe with a modular 3D chamber vaporizer, dubbed the Puffco Proxy. While that may not be the most eloquent description, it’s hard to overstate just how big this device is going to be. Launching today for $299, I feel pretty confident in saying this little electronic bowl is going to be a hash-head’s new best friend.

Introducing the Puffco Proxy

Last week I got to sit down with Roger to discuss his latest innovation, and the reason behind the rhyme. I’ll admit, when I first heard they were producing a dry pipe, I was a bit skeptical, but I was reassured of its function before it even reached my hands. In his own words:

“This is the most fleshed out Puffco product we have ever released.”

Roger told me, “By far the most tested and validated, and ran through quality control. We tested up and down with tons of internal beta testers in the company just abusing the hell out of it and seeing what it’s great at, and what it’s not great at. And we really feel like we got it to a place where it’s hard to imagine it getting any better.”

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Greenlab joins forces with Helius Therapeutics to develop targeted medicinal cannabis treatments

New Zealand-based biotechnology company Greenlab has joined forces with licenced producer Helius Therapeutics to develop specialised and targeted medicinal cannabis treatments for patients unable to benefit from conventional pharmaceuticals.

The collaboration will aim to further unlock the potential of medicinal cannabis for unique needs such as chronic and multi-layered conditions.

It will be co-funded by Helius and a $2.4 million grant it received in 2019 under the New Zealand government’s research and development initiative.

Partial funding from that grant has already gone towards identifying the most advantageous cultivars from imported seeds for the formulation of cannabis medicines, and identifying strains with potential for disease specificity.

Genetic materials library

Helius chief executive officer Carmen Doran said the collaboration would help the company expand its genetics and breeding program and develop a unique genetic materials library to sharpen the nation’s competitive edge in the cannabis industry.

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Former NASA-JPL engineer launches cannabis industry's first automated pre-roll infusion robot, Jiko

Sorting Robotics, an industrial cannabis-focused AI and computer vision technologies company, launched Jiko. Jiko is the cannabis industry’s first automated pre-roll infusion robot.

Approximately 70% of all cannabis manufacturing is still being done by hand, and will result in about $2B manufacturing labor spend in 2022–significantly eating into operators’ bottom-lines. With Jiko’s ability to infuse up to 800 pre-rolls per hour and reduce waste and spillage by approximately 20%-30%, Jiko has been engineered to help operators boost margins, scale, and achieve profitability. (Benzinga)

Companies using Jiko have reported being able to scale production from 10,000 to 40,0000 infused pre-rolls per month, and saving over $20,000 in labor and spillage costs during the first month of use.

“I want a world where all repetitive manual labor tasks are done autonomously; then people can focus their efforts on helping others and being creative,” stated Nohtal Partansky, co-founder and CEO, Sorting Robotics.

“Most people think robots are a bad thing. I see it completely differently. In the cannabis value chain, effectively automating repetitive manual tasks improves margins and allows operators to reinvest more into innovation and creative problem solving.”

Nohtal, a former NASA-JPL Engineer assigned to the MOXIE (Mars Oxygen In Situ Resource Utilization Experiment) project, co-founded Sorting Robotics to break through the toughest bottlenecks of cannabis brands and processors through a combination of real-time production data analytics, modern IoT hardware, and precision automation.

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Precision Extraction’s PX5 Hydrocarbon Extractor leads the way

Precision Extraction offers comprehensive cannabis and hemp extraction solutions, including facility design and build-out, state-of-the-art equipment and technical support.

In recent years, the cannabis consumption landscape has changed from a primarily flower-dominated market to one that heavily features products made from extracts that can be vaped or infused into topicals, edibles and a myriad of other products. However, not all extracts are created equal; the extraction method directly impacts product quality and consistency. In response to this, Precision Extraction provides cannabis businesses with complete turn-key lab solutions, including facility design, installation, training and technical support.

“At Precision, we realized pretty early that cannabis concentrates were growing in popularity and that consistency and reproducibility at scale in the extraction processes was key to long-term success,” said Brian Towns, Precision Extraction’s vice president of operations.

Precision Extraction is on a mission to continue evolving the science of extraction equipment and technology. To achieve this, the Precision Extraction team uses their design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to ensure that all of their products are safe, reliable, refined, and only of the highest quality. 

Precision Extraction was recently acquired by Agrify, the cannabis and hemp market’s largest integrated total solutions provider. According to Tennant, the acquisition will provide solutions for many of the challenges customers encounter across the supply chain from a single trusted source.

Top-Tier Extraction on Every Scale

Precision Extraction offers ethanol and hydrocarbon extraction equipment. The ethanol extraction system is the fastest batch extraction method on the market and is recommended for creating full-spectrum hemp extracts.

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Decentralized finance, gaming, and cannabis: Eric Benz on CannaFarm

Blockchain-enabled virtual reality technology ("VR"/"AR"/"XR"), like the metaverse, is on the cusp of changing how humans interact with each other forever. What used to be the stuff of science-fiction is, unbelievably, accessible at this very moment.

Considering how smartphones revolutionized humanity’s ability to communicate with each other, virtual reality’s effect on human communication will be exponentially more impactful. With blockchain-enabled virtual reality technology, people will be able to have hyper-real experiences that feel as though they are in a location they physically are not. Further, VR technology will also give humans access to events they never would have had access to ‘in real life’ ("IRL"); people will be able to travel the world, attend concerts & sporting events, and have experiences they have always dreamed of -- all from the comfort and safety of their own homes, or any place in the world. These virtual environments have the potential to facilitate exciting, innovative, and safe spaces for people to communicate, connect over shared interests, and learn from each other.

 As is the case with all technology, the blockchain is a tool that can be used or manipulated for different purposes, good and bad. To this point, with technology as powerful as the blockchain and virtual reality, humanity must be extra cautious when it comes to applying said technology in our everyday lives. For this reason, blockchain and virtual reality entrepreneurs must take their obligation to society and the rest of humanity seriously. Thankfully there are a handful of leaders in the space who are intent on using the power of blockchain technology and virtual reality ecosystems to realize an ethical purpose and moral vision. 

As a core contributor to CannaDAO, Eric Benz is using Blockchain-enabled technology in order to brilliantly unlock the radical power of cannabis. CannaDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization using peer-to-peer power to create a transparent ecosystem, governed by its members, in order to disrupt the cannabis, finance, blockchain, and virtual reality markets for the better. 

Benz has been a committed entrepreneur and investor in various industries over the course of his career. Benz was the CEO of Changelly and currently is a partner at MYNT.vc. With decades of experience in finance, payment technologies, and cryptocurrencies, Benz recently made the jump into the cannabis industry. Drawing on his knowledge of the blockchain, Benz believes he can help harness and disseminate the transformative power of the revolutionary cannabis plant. 

One of the most innovative ways Benz plans to unlock the life-changing and industry-changing power of cannabis is with CannaDAO's expertly crafted new game, CannaFarm.

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Leviathan acquires marijuana technology company One Cannabis Market

Leviathan Natural Products Inc. has completed the acquisition of One Cannabis Market Inc. ("OCM"). OCM is a privately-held technology company that provides solutions to consumers and businesses in dynamic markets. The company's mission is to be the industry leader in cannabis technology by innovation and value creation. (Benzinga)

Leviathan has acquired 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of OCM in exchange for 500,000 common shares of Leviathan pursuant to a share purchase agreement dated June 9, 2022. The issued shares shall be subject to restrictions on resale or transfer that may be imposed by applicable securities laws from time to time, including without limitation under National Instrument 45-102 - Resale Restrictions.

In connection with the closing of the transaction, OCM's founder and president, Kamyar Hosseini ("Kam"), will join Leviathan as head of technology, and will help grow Leviathan's technology business. In connection with Kam's appointment, Leviathan's board of directors has authorized the issuance of 500,000 stock options in Leviathan to Kam, exercisable at CA$1.10 ($0.87) per share vesting over 2 years.

Leviathan has a total of 3.82 million stock options representing approximately 4% of the outstanding common shares of the company.


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Bia Diagnostics becomes first analytical lab in the state of Vermont to be licensed for adult use cannabis testing

Bia Diagnostics, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory and global leader in food and nutraceutical analysis since 2007, has become the first analytical lab in the state of Vermont to be licensed for adult use cannabis, and is currently accepting samples at their 480 Hercules Drive, Colchester, Vermont location.

As the premier independent testing lab for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture's Hemp Program for the past three years, Bia Diagnostics was the first laboratory to be certified by the Vermont Hemp Program and Cannabis Quality Control Program to conduct compliance testing on hemp, hemp products and hemp infused products. They were also the first laboratory in the state of Vermont to be ISO/IEC 17025 accredited for cannabis testing. In addition, Bia Diagnostics is accredited to the Americans for Safe Access Cannabis standard, and participates in the AOAC Cannabis Analytical Sciences Program, ensuring the most up to date testing methodologies are used. Through these efforts, Bia Diagnostics has the scientific expertise and regulatory experience necessary to assist adult use cannabis industry stakeholders in providing safe, compliant products, with fast turnaround times and accurate results.

CEO and Co-Founder, Thomas Grace has been in the food and clinical diagnostics field for over 40 years and started Bia Diagnostics to meet the consumer safety needs of an ever-changing industry. Thomas Grace is an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Vermont Medical School.

Thomas stated, "We started Bia to provide fast and accurate third-party testing, which fulfilled compliance requirements for food manufacturers in an emerging food allergen landscape. Subsequently, we helped ensure consumer confidence with label claims people can trust. Bia has expanded over the years to fill additional rolls in the food and nutraceutical industry and that's precisely what we are doing with hemp and cannabis now as well. Our goal is to help make the VT brand the gold standard for quality and purity in this emerging market."

Laboratory Director, Luke Emerson-Mason received his MS in Food Science from the University of Vermont and has over twelve years of experience in analytical testing, specializing in matrix validations and method development as well as regulatory compliance. Luke added, "I've spent my career working with new and unique matrices, ensuring testing method compatibility and analyte specific recovery. It's been exciting to be at the forefront of the hemp and cannabis market here in Vermont and I look forward to our continued growth."

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dosist invites you to meet the most advanced cannabis delivery system in the world

Award-winning cannabis leader dosist™ today announced the launch of the all-new "dosist battery" for use with dosist pods, and premiere of the "Plus w/ LRTE Collection" creating the most advanced cannabis delivery system ever introduced for a superior dose-controlled experience. 

Already acclaimed for its transformative sleek hardware and platform of precision dosing, dosist's all-new battery technology takes the delivery system experience to the next level. It's powered by a UL 1642 lithium-ion battery and features 24k gold connector pins for greater connectivity, stability and performance. The battery has also been upgraded with an advanced smart microprocessor for consistency and control, 3-second and 6-second dose options, a smart heat ramp for optimal temperature, and an easy-snap rechargeable system for convenience.

dosist also doubled down on its mission to create the world's best vaporization collection by combining best-selling, signature formulas: Bliss, Arouse, and Relax with the purest high-potency distillate (88% THC), and single strain live resin terpene extract (LRTE) for the new dosist Plus w/ LRTE Collection. The formulas and battery are available in dispensaries across California, including Actor Woody Harrelson's new "The Woods" dispensary in Hollywood.

"Our design and engineering team has long-been focused on innovating our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers and fans. The all-new dosist battery and Plus w/ LRTE Collection are essential in reaching that goal. Now, customers can shop our full-flavored targeted effect formulas in either the dosist pod and battery system, or our disposable Dose Pen system that is second to none," said dosist Founder and Executive Chairman Jason DeLand.

"We're also excited to share that we've launched the battery and the Plus w/ LRTE Collection in new sleek black hardware, based on consumer feedback and demand. We're confident Californians are going to love this new vaporization system."

All-new dosist battery: 

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Foundations for a fine new fibre


A group of South Island farmers say they are about to expand their range after the successful launch of an apparel business based on blending hemp fibre with merino wool.

Hemprino was formed by three Kiwi farmers who say they are passionate about finding ways to eliminate the environmental impact of fast fashion by using all-natural, heritage fibres that are kind on the environment.

They launched their first product, the "Pioneer Crew" all-gender pullover, in April. Initial sales and interest are said to have been strong.

"We wanted to test the market and see if people were interested and we've had a great response. So, we've gone ahead and got other colours and styles coming soon," co-founder Siobhan O'Malley told Rural News.

Formerly of Mid-Canterbury and now West Coast-based, dairy farmer O'Malley is a former NZ Sharefarmer Of The Year and co-founder of the Meat the Need charity.

The venture grew out of her meeting Mid-Canterbury high country merino farmer Paul Ensor on a Kellogg rural leadership course in 2018. They've since been joined by Harriet Bell, as their marketing specialist.

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Study: Can hemp fiber be used in auto industry?

The Hemp Alliance of Tennessee is leading a study on the feasibility of the production of hemp fiber in the state. The organization, comprised of hemp-industry colleagues who support, educate, and collaborate for a successful industry, partnered with the Tennessee Department of Agriculture to fund the research that will be conducted by the University of Tennessee.

The study will include an assessment of the feasibility of hemp fiber production for the Tennessee automobile industry as well as an overall assessment of hemp fiber for the development of the Tennessee economy. The research will take place from now through year’s end.

“We are proud to work with the TDA and the research team at the University of Tennessee to explore the potential hemp has to benefit our state’s economy,” said Frederick Cawthon, President of HAT.

“Our organization and its members are invested in realizing the potential of this plant, and our hope is that this study will prompt significant industry investment in Tennessee hemp and its diverse applications.”

The feasibility analysis will include developing a hemp fiber crop production budget for Tennessee farmers and an analysis regarding the costs, revenue, and profits of processing hemp fiber in Tennessee including transportation and supply chain logistics. The broad outlook portion of the study will assess the likelihood for successful Tennessee-based production and processing for the various major uses of hemp fiber.

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New crypto currency for the cannabis Industry

Cannabis Cash Coin has reached an agreement to have their new cryptocurrency listed on popular crypto exchange CoinMooner. This agreement will allow cannabis enthusiasts to swap Ethereum for the coin using Uniswap, a service also hosted on CoinMooner.

“We chose CoinMooner as our first crypto exchange because of the exposure potential. In addition, we were excited about the number of users that will be introduced to our coin,” says Cannabis Cash Coin CEO and Co-Founder Robert Felder.

“We believe this listing is the momentum we need, and we fully anticipate being listed on additional exchanges in the coming months.”

The mission of Cannabis Cash Coin is to provide cannabis users with a safe, alternative payment method when purchasing cannabis-related products. Their goal is to unite the cannabis and cryptocurrency industries by providing a mobile app that allows you to buy coins, find local dispensaries, and earn rewards for your purchases. Users will be able to purchase this coin directly through Cannabis Mobile later this year.

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LeBron James' Foundation announces plans for multimillion-dollar Akron medical facility

LeBron James has said it takes a village to help raise a kid and make a true difference.

And Tuesday's announcement of the new I Promise HealthQuarters furthers his contention that a holistic approach is needed to make change not only in a child's life but for the student's entire family.

The new I Promise HealthQuarters will be the latest addition to the growing set of resources offered by James' namesake foundation and will be situated right across the street from the now-under-construction House Three Thirty.

Like the old Tangier, the property and building was owned by the George family that has operated Bell Music Co. — which supplies arcade-type amusements to businesses — for decades out of the structure that includes offices and a large warehouse space.

Once the renovations are complete, the West Market Street HealthQuarters will offer full medical, dental, optometry, and mental health services and counseling not only to I Promise students but also their families in both the general program and the school the foundation operates just down the street.

There will be room for outdoor and recreational amenities too.

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Green Check Verified announces integration with Cannabis ERP Platform Canix

 Green Check Verified (GCV), the leading fintech provider of compliant cannabis banking solutions and services, today announced an official integration with Canix, one of the cannabis industry’s most comprehensive seed-to-sale enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Canix serves both large commercial operations and single owner operators, and maintains over 2,000 cannabis licenses on its platform. This integration will enable GCV’s partners to seamlessly sync sales with Canix while greatly enhancing their data visualization capabilities. 

As banking legislation and bi-partisan support for cannabis reform gains momentum, industry maturation is on the verge of accelerating with the potential of significant new bills being passed by the end of the year. Yet as legal programs develop in new states across the country and existing programs continue to expand, there is a growing need for cannabis-related businesses (CRB) to have access to advanced regtech solutions as well as tools for processing and automating sales. 

This integration allows CRBs and users to quickly and easily begin syncing sales from Canix, while also mirroring product, price, and total order info so there’s no manually uploading or tracking sales in disparate systems. It also ensures that wholesale orders seamlessly integrate into GCV’s system once transactions are complete, and provides visualization on sales order ID to allow for total cross-referencing of payment details. 

“Over the past year GCV has seen significant market adoption and engagement from both the financial services and legal cannabis communities, and this is an important step in our evolution,” said Kevin Hart, CEO of Green Check Verified.

“Green Check Verified continues to look for ways of bringing more complete and comprehensive solutions for our CRB partners, and we believe that this integration with Canix truly is a value-added combination.”

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Dutchie lays off 7% of workforce, citing ‘dramatic market shift,’ in latest cannabis tech company cuts

Dutchie, a Bend, Ore.-based software startup that serves cannabis retailers, has laid off 7% of its workforce.

GeekWire confirmed the cuts with a Dutchie spokesperson. The company employs more than 700 people.

The cuts affected roles across product and recruiting teams, according to LinkedIn posts written by laid off employees. 

“I am saddened, frustrated, and genuinely blindsided by this decision,” one laid off employee wrote.

“Beyond my frustration, confusion, and disappointment, I’m heartbroken,” another said.

Dutchie is the latest tech company to lay off workers in response to the broader ongoing economic uncertainty. Several cannabis software companies have slashed staff in recent weeks, including Eaze and Akerna.

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Marijuana and money laundering – stains on crypto!

Cryptocurrency unfortunately enabling money laundering!

As cryptocurrency came into use and started gaining popularity, on the one side of the coin, the investors all around the world are super excited to invest and make huge earning out of it in a legal and ethical way. But, on the flip side, the emergence provided scamsters, and criminals an opportunity to commit crypto related crimes and earn millions of moneys without people noticing it for years. The instance of money laundering using cryptocurrency started becoming a recurring phenomenon for the criminals to make money. Since, the crime around crypto is increasing rapidly, the statutory body such as SEC is making their best attempt in making stringent framework for curtailing the crime.

But to what extent the crypto crimes have gone to? Let’s analyze the situation with an incident which took place recently.

Marijuana business and money laundering – two stains on crypto in recent times.

A father and a son in Washington were imprisoned for 5 years for functioning a marijuana business and money laundering from Starbucks. The son, whose name was Kenneth Warren Rule, apparently started money laundering from 2018 from an unlicensed crypto exchange. In the activity, he had a partner or an agent, whom he met at the coffee shop and swapped the money he had for bitcoins.

In the case, as the investigation went deeper, it came into notice that, Warren and his father Kenneth John Rule were actually also dealing in marijuana business. They used to sell the hash oil, weed for crypto. It was also believed that, the pair went on to make approximately $13Million in sales with a net profit of $2.5 Million.

Warren consistently used the coffee shop to meet his agent and launder money for crypto such as bitcoin. Warren also used to guide the agent, who was also a human trafficker, how to hide the money in crypto. In the end, Warren exchanged $142,000 worth of bitcoin for cash with the agent despite him being involved in the organized crime.

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Cannabis enters the metaverse to “educate” consumers


Cannabis processing and marketing companies are beginning to test the effectiveness of the metaverse to promote their products and educate consumers about the use of weed in its different presentations.

Like other companies from different economic sectors such as JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM) & Co., Miller Lite, Estée Lauder or Wendy’s, companies dedicated to the marijuana trade plan to create virtual stores for the promotion and sale of real-world products and even market non-fungible tokens.

Cannabis sellers have seen in the metaverse an opportunity to market their products more freely than on other platforms like Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Cannabis Marketing Association executive director Lisa Buffo told The Wall Street Journal.

That is if the virtual platforms can continue to operate under a totally flexible and decentralized framework as they have been up to now. "It's a wide open space in Web3... regulators haven’t wrapped their head around it yet," Buffo said. Several companies have been operating in the metaverse since last year. This is the case of Higher Life CBD Dispensary LLC, which operates in partnership with Saucey Farms & Extracts LLC and is hosted on the Cryptovoxels virtual platform.

The store is visited by about 1,000 people daily, according to Higher Life CEO Brandon Howard. Although virtual visitors cannot buy CBD products directly there, they can purchase them by accessing a link to the Higher Life website.

The second floor of the store is occupied by Saucey. From there, visitors are also directed to the company’s official website, where they can purchase other types of products other than the cannabis products that Higher Life sells.

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APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. announces opening of Hemp and CBD products e-commerce site “Global Hemp Service”

APPlife Digital Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: ALDS) (“APPlife”, the Company”), a business incubator and portfolio manager that invests in and creates e-commerce and cloud-based solutions is pleased to announce that the Global Hemp Service LLC (“Global”) web site has recently completed its extended beta period and is now a fully-functioning e-commerce platform that offers an extensive line of hemp and CBD related products including those for personal, home, beauty, organic, and industrial uses.

“We are excited to see the products being offered by Global Hemp Service becoming more prominently featured in daily use around the world. Hemp is a game-changer for its benefits to our climate. APPlife is proud to have been the lead investor in this project and hope to see it flourish in the coming months,” stated Matthew Reid, CEO of APPLife.

"It is our mission at Global Hemp Service to unify hemp stakeholders and support the category growth in all industries where hemp can be applied. The challenge isn't how to make a better world, it’s to make it happen now. Our focus on hemp is the most intelligent decision for us to do our part and reach a sustainable society within a few years," said Paul Iglesia, founder and president of Global Hemp Services LLC.

The team at Global understands that humanity is need of both environmental and societal transformations and while our current resources might be enough, the way we consume them is not sustainable. While cures for these challenges are complicated and will take time, effort, and energy, Global believes part of the cure is a simple plant, created by nature itself, named cannabis, most commonly known as hemp. It’s been interacting with humans all over the planet and the course of history from ancient writings and customs to the present days.   There are hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet working with hemp, consuming hemp in their diet, their products, their habitat, and their farms.

Together, APPlife and Global believe that hemp’s diverse applications and attributes could be valuable components in achieving numerous global sustainability goals, some of which include:

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Cannabis makes crypto connection

The cannabis industry has tried valiantly to incorporate crypto into its business with little success. It was seen as a great way to work around a banking system that was hostile toward the cannabis industry. However, the uptake has been slow and uneven results have caused many to stay on the sidelines in wait and see mode. That hasn’t kept some in the industry though from jumping in with both feet.

DocDollars the mogul, entrepreneur, and Director of cultivation and innovation for Praetorian Global is stepping in as one of the new founders of a group called the Crypto Bull Society. Founded in October 2021, CBS is a private 4k NFT collection of 7,777 Crypto Bulls and 8,888 Crypto Bears – hand-drawn by the 3D artist Gal Yosef. Living on the Ethereum Blockchain, CBS grabbed the public’s attention and grew by more than 70,000 members within the first month. However, after months of explosive development, the project’s growth finally began to stall and the community grew restless of the previous owners’ empty promises and lack of progress. A few prominent members decided to take matters into their own hands. It was then decided that a new direction was needed, leading Floki, DocDollars (Doc), Drover, and Chris to take over control of the project in support of the community’s goals.

The group said that the previous founders were able to deliver to a point. When they could no longer support the project appropriately, an agreement was reached to turn over control of the project to the community itself. Since then, CBS has grown to more than 225,899 members and has still kept its core value intact: to make CBS the best NFT project in this space.

Cannabis connection

Praetorian Global, which was founded in 2015, is the parent company for the luxury brand Binske Cannabis. In March, Praetorian announced it had entered into an agreement to buy all the intellectual property “IP” assets of Oni Seed Co. (“Oni”). The asset acquisition will add the intellectual property portfolio behind the world-renowned and award-winning Oni brand and product offerings and pipeline to Praetorian’s already burgeoning stable of cannabis and hemp intellectual property. Oni is also known for its art and merchandise.

“This is a monumental and transformative moment for our company, all of our shareholders and all of our current and future partners,” said Jacob Pasternack, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Praetorian. “We are thrilled to bring Oni’s rich and storied heritage and world-class IP into our portfolio. For years, Oni has a been a premier IP resource for cannabis brands, cultivators and infused product manufacturers looking to expand and sophisticate their product offerings. Oni’s proprietary products, know-how and methodologies have significant, broad-based application for all sizes and forms of flower cultivation, which correlates to 100 percent of the downstream products sold in retail outlets around the world.”

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Introducing Cognitive Harmony Technologies: New platform levels playing field for cannabis licenses

Digital Platform Launches for New Jersey Applicants; New York Pre-Sales Available

Calling all cannabis start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs! Today, Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT) announced the launch and rollout of the CHT Accelerator to streamline the cannabis business license application process, making it as simple as filing taxes online.  The company's game-changing service and platform offers materials, resources, live support, and guidance by industry leaders through every part of the process to allow all applicants – regardless of the amount of investment capital - an alternative to compete effectively and at an affordable price, paving the way for a more equitable and just cannabis industry where small businesses have a fair shake.

Like most disruptive technologies, Co-Founders, software engineer Walter Moore and physicist Charles Cherqui, founded CHT when they ran into their own set of obstacles. When launching their own cannabis company and social equity incubator, Perception Farms, the application process was not only intimidating, but most applicants were set up for rejection from the beginning, even in states whose laws include restorative justice components.

 "One mistake. Come back in two years," said Walter Moore, CHT Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This set the stage for the creation and need for the CHT Accelerator, which uses AI and machine learning algorithms to streamline the process to create a competitive application. The software automates redundant processes, enabling applicants to submit without missing materials or making other common mistakes.

The CHT Accelerator is now available for New Jersey cannabis business license applicants. Pre-sales for New York applicants are also available, with expansion into additional states' licensed markets rolling out later this year.

"Producing a compliant application typically requires an expensive consulting service that can cost upwards of $150K, creating a huge gap between the goodwill of legislators passing social equity laws and equitable cannabis business ownership," Moore said.

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Second cannabis delivery operator eyes Tech Circle site in Natick

For generations, Michael Marinaro’s family honed their cultivation techniques in the vineyards of Naples, Italy. Years later, the first-generation Italian-American is drawing on those techniques — not for grapes, but another agricultural pursuit: cannabis. 

Marinaro, CEO of Tyngsborough-based cultivator BadaBloom!, is part of the team behind Trevor Express, a proposed adult-use marijuana delivery operator seeking to open in Natick.

The company was formed through a partnership with Bada Bloom! — which holds provisional licenses from the state’s Cannabis Control Commission — and Revolutionary Clinics, which operates medical marijuana dispensaries in Cambridge and Somerville.

Trevor Express holds a lease at 1 Tech Circle/211 Oak St. in Natick, close to two other marijuana-related businesses: cannabis, CBD and hemp testing facility Kaycha Labs and proposed delivery operator Your Green Package, both at 16 Tech Circle. 

Trevor Express Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Tara Hopper said she and Marinaro, Trevor’s president, are looking forward to establishing the business in Natick, their hometown.

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