Voters in at least six municipalities across Ohio will have an opportunity to vote on local initiatives to decriminalize marijuana in November.

It appears Ohio is having some difficulty scrounging up enough reputable cannabis companies to produce a variety of pot products for the state’s medical marijuana program.

Ohio officials are ready to announce where the state's 56 medical marijuana dispensaries will be located.

Supporters of an Ohio marijuana legalization measure can now collect signatures to put the proposed constitutional amendment on a future statewide ballot.

In September, Ohio will join 28 other states with comprehensive medical marijuana programs.

State regulators awarded a $1 million, three-year contract this week to a New Jersey-based company to operate a toll-free help line for patients, caregivers and doctors accessing Ohio's new medical marijuana program. 

Ohio’s new medical marijuana program received 104 applications for up to 40 processor licenses, the state announced Wednesday.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill, long the bench's liberal voice and a current candidate for the governor's seat in 2018, has staked a vocal claim in favor of full-on marijuana legalization in the state.

Ohio medical marijuana regulators have proposed new rules for how businesses can sell cannabis to patients.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Ohio has yet to outline how exactly its new medical marijuana law will work even as it is set to take effect Thursday, leaving a host of unanswered questions by doctors, patients, pharmacists, police and many others.

CINCINNATI - New laws hit the books in Ohio on Thursday legalizing medical marijuana, raising a host of questions for consumers, business owners and doctors across the region.

CLEVELAND, Ohio-- Medical marijuana will soon be legal in Ohio. But don't get that prescription from your doctor just yet.

CINCINNATI — The state of Ohio is hiring a pot expert, specifically someone to assist with the cultivation of marijuana.

The Liberty Township family that moved to Colorado to treat their daughter with marijuana for her epilepsy is considering a move back to Ohio if Gov. John Kasich signs the medical-marijuana bill that the legislature passed last month.

COLUMBUS — Ohio could soon become the 25th state to legalize medical marijuana if Gov. John Kasich signs a plan passed Wednesday.

COLUMBUS - In a first for Ohio legislators, House lawmakers passed a plan to legalize medical marijuana after a lengthy debate and hand wringing on both sides of the aisle.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Ohio House will cast a historic vote Tuesday on whether to legalize marijuana for medical use only.

COLUMBUS — After Ohio voters resoundingly defeated an ill-formed effort to legalize marijuana last fall, everyone started talking about "doing something" on medical marijuana.

Supporters of the new push to legalize medical marijuana in Ohio have added several new medical conditions to a proposed constitutional amendment, including chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE.

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohioans could vote on dueling medical marijuana measures this fall.