Brigid Schulte ~ The Washington Post ~   With a wave of legalization measures in recent years, marijuana in some form is now legal in 38 states. But in the 12 where it is not — a swath of the west and Midwest, including Kansas, Nebraska and the Dakotas, and in the rust belt states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania — parents whose use of the drug would be legal elsewhere are losing their children and often seen as irresponsible parenting pariahs.
Megan Schrader  ~ The Gazette ~   In the final days of the 2015 legislative session, Gov. John Hickenlooper's office asked for a $300,000 earmark to fund a crackdown on toxic pesticides being used in legal marijuana grows in Colorado.
Jonathan Starkey ~ USA Today ~   WILMINGTON, Del. — Delaware House lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that would treat simple marijuana possession and personal use by adults like a traffic violation, replacing criminal penalties with civil fines.
Christy Strawser ~ CBS Detroit ~   ST. CLAIR COUNTY (CBS Detroit) With her four teenagers inside, Ginnifer Hency’s house was raided by officers who suspected she was using and selling marijuana.
Joshua Miller ~ The Boston Globe ~   With a major battle in the making over marijuana legalization next year, Mayor Martin J. Walsh, a recovering alcoholic and a passionate advocate for those struggling with drug addiction, is emerging as the most likely face of the opposition.
Lisa Rein ~ The Washington Post ~   If you live in the District or one of the 23 states that have legalized marijuana and you work for the federal government, think twice before lighting a joint.
Jessie Hellmann ~ Chicago Tribune ~   The Illinois legislature joined the movement to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot, passing a measure Thursday that would bar arrest for the offense.
Associated Press ~ 9 News ~   DENVER (AP) - A Colorado law firm specializing in marijuana law has endowed a professorship at the University of Denver.
Stephanie Langston ~ WKRN ~    NASHVILLE, Tenn. - It’s the final push for those that want to decriminalize marijuana in Nashville. Tennessee Norml, the group leading the efforts, still needs thousands of signatures to get their measure on the Metro general election ballot.
Bonnie Shelton ~ KTVB ~   ONTARIO, Ore. - Oregon's marijuana law is set to take effect on July 1, allowing for recreational sales and use of the drug for people 21 and older.
Max Mills ~ America Blog ~   Marijuana’s has a strange history in America.
Warren Richey ~ Christian Science Monitor ~   Nebraska and Oklahoma say marijuana laws in neighboring Colorado are causing harm to their states and want the US Supreme Court to intervene. On Monday, court showed interest in the case by asking the Obama administration for a brief.
Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter ~ Facebook & Hemp News ~   Legitimate businesses are being shut out of the banking system and forced to operate on a cash-only basis because of outdated federal regulations.
Philip Ross ~ International Business News ~   In his seven years on Capitol Hill, Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., has become known in some circles as a founding father of Congress’ burgeoning marijuana movement.
Kim Bellware ~ Huffington Post ~   Illinois has moved one step closer to decriminalizing marijuana in small amounts.
Maya Rhodan ~ TIME ~   And the resignation of Chief of Administration Michele Leonhart offers the chance for change