Matthew Rosenberg and Mark Mazzetti ~ New York Times ~   WASHINGTON — For all the aspiring and current spies, diplomats and F.B.I. agents living in states that have liberalized marijuana laws, the federal government has a stern warning: Put down the bong, throw out the vaporizer and lose the rolling papers.
Aimee Green ~ Oregon Live ~ Officials say home invasion robberies again could increase when Oregonians begin cultivating marijuana crops in their homes and backyards after July 1.
Tim Evans, Jill Disis and Mark Alesia ~ Indianapolis Star ~   Authorities in Indianapolis warn that anyone caught smoking marijuana at the First Church of Cannabis’ planned service next week could end up arrested.
Ronnie Polaneczky ~ ~   A Pennsylvania couple faces charges for possessing and manufacturing marijuana that the young wife used to relieve debilitating symptoms.
René Marsh~ CNN ~   (CNN) -- A new study, funded in part by the federal government, suggests alcohol has a more extreme impact on drivers than marijuana.
Susan K. Livio ~ ~   Two NJ lawmakers introduce a bill requiring school boards to set policies for mmj use in statewide schools.
Christopher Ingraham~ Washington Post ~   A long-standing bureaucratic obstacle to privately-funded medical marijuana research has just been removed, effective immediately.
Terri Langford~ The Texas Tribune ~   Local prosecutors across the state are looking for ways to keep minor marijuana cases out of court.
Shira Schoenberg  ~ ~   A Salem medical marijuana dispensary is the first to receive permission to sell marijuana - after obtaining a temporary waiver from the state's strict testing guidelines.
Noelle Crombie ~ The Oregonian ~   In two weeks, it'll be legal for anyone 21 and older to possess and grow marijuana in Oregon. But before you light up, the state wants you to know a few things.
Regina Garcia Cano ~ The Associated Press ~   South Dakota Attorney General Marty Jackley warns that non-Indians would still be breaking the law if they consume pot on the reservation.
Alicia Wallace and Jordan Steffen ~ The Denver Post ~   Lawyer for Dish Network employee fired after using medical pot to treat muscle spasms calls ruling "devastating"
Phillip Smith ~ Alternet ~   The Senate Appropriations Committee voted to rein in the DEA.
Paul Egan ~ Detroit Free Press ~   LANSING – Two measures to legalize marijuana could appear on the November 2016 state ballot after the Board of State Canvassers approved petition wording Thursday.
Douglas Hanks ~ Miami Herald ~   A proposal that would create a $100 fine for marijuana possession in Miami-Dade gets its first hearing before county commissioners Wednesday, a key test for a law designed to keep minor pot offenses out of the criminal system.
Ricardo Baca ~ The Cannabist ~   The newly launched National Cannabis Bar Association will officially launch with an NCIA event in Denver on June 30