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New Zealand Government Unveils Final Marijuana Legalization Measure For 2020 Ballot - Cannabis News
World News
Warren Richey ~ Christian Science Monitor ~   Nebraska and Oklahoma say marijuana laws in neighboring Colorado are causing harm to their states and want the US Supreme Court to intervene. On Monday, court showed interest in the case by asking the Obama administration for a brief.
Cannabis Prohibition Is About To End — Does History Have To Repeat Itself?
Colorado Congressman Ed Perlmutter ~ Facebook & Hemp News ~   Legitimate businesses are being shut out of the banking system and forced to operate on a cash-only basis because of outdated federal regulations.
Cannabis Tolerance, What it Means, and How to Avoid It
Cannabis News
Philip Ross ~ International Business News ~   In his seven years on Capitol Hill, Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., has become known in some circles as a founding father of Congress’ burgeoning marijuana movement.
Does smoking Weed help you concentrate and improve productivity?
Medical News
Kim Bellware ~ Huffington Post ~   Illinois has moved one step closer to decriminalizing marijuana in small amounts.
Cannabis users just want one kind of flower for Valentine's day
Cannabis News
Maya Rhodan ~ TIME ~   And the resignation of Chief of Administration Michele Leonhart offers the chance for change
3 legal challenges of Recreational Cannabis
Cannabis News
Dante Chinni ~ NBC News ~   For marijuana legalization advocates April 20th, or 4-20 as it is known, is something of a holiday that is usually marked with a celebratory toke or two. And the pro-legalization crowd has a lot to celebrate on Monday.
Colorado Governor Pardons Cannabis Convictions
Cannabis News
Ngaio Bealum ~ Sacramento News & Review ~   What happens when outlaw industries like marijuana go legit? We are about to find out.
N.J. town is trying to ban marijuana sales, but residents are fighting the move
Cannabis News
Erik Eckholm ~ The New York Times ~   BLOOMFIELD, N.M. — Charles C. Lynch seemed to be doing everything right when he opened a medical marijuana dispensary in the tidy coastal town of Morro Bay, Calif.
Oregon lawmakers mull erasing marijuana arrests
Law & Crime
By KATU.com Staff ~   SALEM, Ore. -- Lawmakers are mulling over two bills that could erase marijuana arrests or reduce sentences for certain Oregonians ahead of recreational pot becoming legal in July.