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Hemp, marijuana advocates push back against Youngkin crackdown
DENVER — Colorado pot smokers are helping send 25 students to college, the first scholarships in the U.S. funded with taxes on legal marijuana.
Here’s Why Millennials Are Choosing Cannabis Over Alcohol - Cannabis News
Culture & Arts
With the cannabis industry expected to thrive in some states, California is the next up to offer cannabis courses to help those looking to get into the industry.
Top 5 most popular types of Marijuana Packaging
Business & Finance
Hollie Hayes wheeled her bicycle into a tree-lined park in northeast Portland at the end of a long, hot spring day. She unrolled a brown paper bag from a backpack, and reached inside for a joint she’d rolled a couple of hours earlier, a strain of marijuana called “Animal Cookies”—the perfect choice for a sundown session of “yoganja.”
Why is the world's largest cannabis market shooting itself in the foot?
Business & Finance
Cannabis infused sugar crystals are now a thing, and they’re about to change everything you thought you knew about edibles.
Ballot measure to allow Missouri voters to decide future of recreational cannabis
Vireo, a subsidiary of Vireo Health, is one of at least two companies aiming to sell kosher medical marijuana products like tinctures or cannabis oil.
Rep. Barbara Lee introduces companion House bill to Marijuana Justice Act - Cannabis News
National Issues
Cannabis may join the herb and spice rack in California kitchens as the most populous U.S. state prepares for the possible legalization of recreational marijuana in November.
Medical cannabis advocates head for MS state capital to demand special session
From new packaging to celebrity endorsements, this is how you'll buy weed once it's legal everywhere.
How Much Cannabis Can You Legally Possess In Oregon? New Rules Taking Effect In 2022
Burn after eating. One New York City designer has the answer to munchie-minded smokers everywhere: a new pizza box that doubles as a weed-smoking device.
8 Things We Learned at Cannabis Conference 2021
Business & Finance
Colorado may have a reputation as the leading marijuana state, but it turns out New Yorkers talk about pot more on social media, by one measure.
Eerie glow in sky confuses Australian town and outs cannabis farm
Cannabis News
“The 420 Collection,” an exhibit of paintings with a marijuana theme created by vocalist-turned-artist Grace Slick, will be shown April 20-May 30 at the Area Arts Gallery in Santa Rosa.
South Carolina hemp farming could top 3,000 acres as states scramble for a piece of the booming market - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Is it a high-end cafe? Is it a grocery store? Nope, it’s a medical marijuana dispensary.
Green Wednesday Cannabis Sales Blow Away Black Friday
Cannabis News
The niche industry for cannabis weddings is new but booming.
How (the Right Strain of) Weed Can Help Your Workout - Cannabis News
DENVER -- We all know what to do when we find expired milk in refrigerators. But what about expired marijuana edibles? As Colorado's burgeoning pot industry continues to grow, it's a question some have asked.
Canadian firm unveils plans for large hemp farm in northern Maine - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Kosher kush is not just the name of an award-winning Cannabis indica strain. Starting this month, as dispensaries open their doors for business across New York, it's also a caliber of medical marijuana that will be available from one of the state's five licensed growers.
80 years after hemp was outlawed, Pa. eyes major expansion - Cannabis News
Cannabis News
Like countless commuters in Denver's urban core, Marty Otañez can't help but smell the pot smoke as he rides to work along the Cherry Creek bike path downtown. "A couple years ago it was only under the bridge at Colfax and Speer," Otañez said of the clouds emanating from public tokers. "Now it's pretty much every 100 meters."
The Industrial Hemp Farming Act is back — is this the year Congress legalizes the crop? - Cannabis News
CBD & Hemp
Alaska is about to become the first state to have pot cafes where people can buy and consume marijuana, similar to Amsterdam. Right now, that's not legal in other states that have recreational marijuana.