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The Largest Cannabis Golf Tournament In The Northwest Hits The Green This Summer In Oregon - Cannabis News

Later this month cannabis industry professionals will put down their lighters and pick up their golf clubs as the second annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament comes to Portland on June 30th.

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The WeedLife Network marks a major company milestone with a special offer for cannabis companies looking to expand their business communications presence, with a series of discounted press release services

For the first ten companies or business professionals that take advantage of the offering, the WeedWorthy news network will write and publish press releases at a fraction of the usual cost to them.

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5 Ways Marijuana Will Change As It Becomes A Mainstream Product – Marijuana News

From new packaging to celebrity endorsements, this is how you'll buy weed once it's legal everywhere.

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Getting past the stereotypes: Helping to update the image and message of legal cannabis – Marijuana News

Bruce Kennedy ~ Weedworthy ~

How good communications from your cannabis business can help advance the national dialogue on marijuana legalization.

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These stock photos are trying to change the way people view pot smokers – Marijuana News

The marijuana industry has a bone to pick with the media, and it involves beanies, tie-dye tees, and Sean Penn's iconic character, Jeff Spicoli.

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The Rebranding of Reefer: Savvy Startups Work to Class Up Cannabis and Fight the Stoner Stigma – Marijuana News

The players are investing in sharp packaging, refined logos, retail design and the talent to build on their progress.

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Australia's 'Stoner Sloth' Anti-Marijuana Campaign Is an Instant and Classic Fail – Marijuana News

Image via AdWeek.com

There's a long and not-very-proud tradition of anti-drug advertising that gets ridiculed for missing the mark with young audiences.

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