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Industrial hemp to be grown for research in Kansas - Cannabis News

ESQUIMALT, B.C. — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says regulating the sale of marijuana will protect young people and take money away from criminal gangs, but the government is drawing the line at pot when it comes to legalizing illicit drugs.

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Detroit not releasing applications for recreational Cannabis Licenses

The business of pot started in this country with medical marijuana, and demand for it is taking off.

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Canadian Armed Forces vet says "Cannabis gave me my life back" – Cannabis News

But new restrictions on medical marijuana program means military veterans like Darrell Hulme will only be reimbursed for a third of the medicine they need to deal with PTSD and other conditions.

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Huge lineups as cannabis chain stores open for business in Montreal – Cannabis News

Pot enthusiasts lined up around the block in the cold temperatures right until closing time at several newly opened marijuana shops in Montreal Thursday.

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The Cannabis Beverages of Summer

Canada's top pharmacy chain is hoping to be the first in the country to legally sell over-the-counter medical marijuana.

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California Cannabis Equity Alliance Demands Focus on Social Equity in Cannabis

Nearly a million Canadians who don’t smoke marijuana now are very likely to start after it’s legalized, survey data implies.

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Can Medical Marijuana Help Aging Parents With Dementia? - Cannabis News

Parents of children suffering from difficult-to-treat forms of epilepsy are angry that shipments of the hemp oil they rely on to control their children’s seizures are being seized by Canadian border agents.

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Anxiety Relief Without The High? New Studies On CBD, A Cannabis Extract - Cannabis News

Colorado and Washington may have jumped ahead in the race to become North America’s marijuana kings, but Canada is now positioned to take a lead in the booming multibillion-dollar industry.

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Marijuana Legalization In Tennessee: Weed Possession In Memphis Penalties Get An Overhaul - Cannabis News

Image: Dave Simonds via The Economist

Converting a medical-marijuana industry into a recreational one in Canada will not be easy.

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