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Marijuana Laws Affecting the Workplace: Tools Employers Can Use to Stay Ahead During High Times

The new and flourishing business of cannabis is drawing large numbers of women execs. Why does marijuana draw a higher percentage of women than many other industries?

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What Happened When the Cannabis Industry Rolled Into Las Vegas Last Weekend – Cannabis News

Everything you need to know about the 5th Annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Sin City.

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Michigan Report: Gov. Whitmer Ends Ban On Medical Marijuana Biz Licenses For People With Past Pot Convictions

New service designed to help cannabis dispensaries and medical marijuana clinics streamline their online presence while boosting local foot traffic.

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Strong Support For The Legalization Of Medical Cannabis In Costa Rica

For the third time in three years, Fluence Bioengineering, an Austin company that makes lights for indoor plant growing, has moved into a yet-bigger manufacturing facility.

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California cannabis industry says it's been pushed to 'breaking point'

DENVER (AP) -- Wondering if that brownie contains pot? Colorado has you covered.

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New York Moves Toward Legal Marijuana With Health Dept. Endorsement - Cannabis News

The company’s founders are applying hard-won lessons learned in mainstream business towards issues such as employee retention in the rapidly-evolving legal marijuana sector.

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California cannabis industry strives for geographic branding, just like wine

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? One only has to look at the rift between the marijuana industry (aka, the unstoppable force) and the federal government (the immovable object) to get a good feel.

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Cannabis compliance: a painstaking but essential part of the legal industry’s growth

Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~

As the legal marijuana movement grows so does the need for compliance professionals, who can assist those businesses in staying out of regulatory trouble.

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Global Cannabis Investments Hit Another Snag with Policy Change

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper speaks at a 2012 event in Washington, D.C. Image: USDA via Wikimedia Commons

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday issued an executive order telling state agencies that any marijuana grown with unapproved pesticides is a threat to public safety and should be removed from commerce and destroyed.

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DEA Admits State-Level Marijuana Legalization Reduces Illegal Market Demand - Cannabis News

Image via CultivatingSpirits.com

While cannabis curiosity is still at odds with social stigmas, tours with Cultivating Spirits or a stay at 420-friendly Breck Haus are enlightening options to explore.

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Illinois: $19.7 million in marijuana sales in first 12 days - Cannabis News

Movie theatre interior. Image: Adamantios via Wikimedia Commons
For one day, Brooklyn will have its own Great Weed Way.
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CBD: here’s what science says about its real health benefits

New York City night scene. Image: Paulo Barcellos Jr. via Wikimedia Commons
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Cannabis industry representatives are looking back to 2014’s successes, as they prepare for the 2016 election cycle.
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Jamaican farmers just harvested their first legal cannabis crop

Genifer Murray of CannLabs being interviewed at the NCIA Cannabis Business Summit, June 2014. Image via NCIA
Gogo Lidz ~ Irish Examiner ~
It seems fitting that a plant called Mary Jane could smash the patriarchy.
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Filmmaking Couple Touches on Medical Marijuana's Social Stigma - Cannabis News

Image of Andrew DeAngelo of Harborside Health Center holding $9,000 worth of medicinal marijuana
Inside a cannabis shop's emerging business model
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