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These stock photos are trying to change the way people view pot smokers – Marijuana News

The marijuana industry has a bone to pick with the media, and it involves beanies, tie-dye tees, and Sean Penn's iconic character, Jeff Spicoli.

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Medical Marijuana Feeds Familiar Hopes of Renewal Around New York State

Image of  Don Crawford on his family's farm in Wallkill, N.Y.
WALLKILL,N.Y. - Don Crawford comes from a long line of Orange County farmers. Though he no longer tends dairy cows, he still cuts hay for the thriving equestrian industry, and cringes at the creep of the suburbs.
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Mock Ad For New DEA Chief Shows What It Takes To Be A - Real - Drug Warrior

Image of ad for new DEA chiefs primary responsibilities -- including mass incarceration, police state tactics, obstruction of science, subverting democracy and undermining human rights.
A leading drug policy reform group has created a satirical ad seeking a new Drug Enforcement Administration chief that skewers the DEA in the wake of scandals and the announcement that its current administrator plans to resign.
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Meet the man trying to halt marijuana legalization

Image of Kevin Sabet opposition to  marijuana legalization
German Lopez ~ Vox ~
Kevin Sabet has become synonymous with the opposition to  marijuana legalization in the US. 
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