The state has issued its first three licenses to hemp growers in Hawaii as part of its Industrial Hemp Pilot Program.

Kauai’s first medical marijuana dispensary has received approval to begin sales on the island. Have a Heart will open for business Monday after receiving approval from the state Department of Health late last week.

Hawaii medical marijuana patients may not have to toil over the stove baking edibles for much longer.

HONOLULU (AP) -- Hawaii said Tuesday that it aims to be the first state to have marijuana sales handled without cash, saying it wanted to avoid robberies and other crimes targeting dispensaries.

Maui’s first state-licensed medical marijuana dispensary to open for business will be closed Monday and Tuesday and will change its operating hours.

HONOLULU (AP) -- Dispensary sales of medical marijuana in Hawaii are beginning after patients waited 17 years for a legal way to purchase the drug.

In Hawaii, the first hemp research program was approved by the state Legislature in 1999, but it wasn’t until 2016 that a formal pilot program for developing a new state crop was approved.

It has been nearly a year since the state granted eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses, but it wasn't until last month that several licensees started pot production.

Hawaii residents eventually might be able to use marijuana recreationally, and patients could be allowed to purchase it from legally formed collectives. Those are among more than a dozen bills being vetted in the state Legislature related to marijuana and marijuana dispensaries.

Farmers from throughout the state gained insight into Hawaii’s newest crop as the annual Hawaii Farmers Union United Convention kicked off Friday at OK Farms in Hilo.

A mainland-based laboratory is expanding to Hawaiʻi with a facility on Maui that will offer cannabis testing as the state’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Program gets underway.

It calls for a pilot program through the Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

Legislation recently passed in Hawaii’s Senate that sets the foundation to legalize hemp grown for research, but the bill awaits Governor David Ige’s signature.

Days before dispensary licensee selections are announced, a proposal that aims to increase patient access to medical cannabis and smooth out bumps in the law is moving through the state Legislature.

The race is on for Hawaii medical marijuana dispensary licenses. The 50th state has had a medical marijuana program for 15 years and was the first state to legalize it through the legislative process back in 2000.

Hawaii lawyers assisting the state's first medical marijuana dispensary applicants were provided relief Tuesday, thanks to a figurative pardon from the Hawaii Supreme Court.



The state's highest court ordered an amendment to the Hawaii lawyer rules of professional conduct, allowing counsel or assistance to "...a client regarding conduct expressly permitted by Hawaii law, provided that the lawyer counsels the client about the legal consequences, under other applicable law, of the client’s proposed course of conduct."

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