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Chris Crowley ~  Grubstreet.com ~  This THC-infused salmon is what happens when edibles meet appetizing.
Jamie Hale ~ OregonLive.com ~ The Oregon State Fair might need to break out some green ribbons – marijuana is moving in.
Kathleen Willcox ~ VinePair.com ~ There’s been a lot of buzz about pot and wine recently.
Cathy Marshal ~ KGW.com ~   WEST LINN, Ore. -- The legalization of pot in Oregon has couples considering weed bars at their weddings.
Kyle Orland  ~ ArsTechnica.com ~ Players can still get high before and after the event, though.
Annie Sciacca ~ San Francisco Business Times ~   At chef Coreen Carroll’s latest pop-up dinner series, people may ask you to “pass the weed,” and no one will think it’s strange.
Samantha Clark ~ Santa Cruz Sentinel ~   Cannabis industry insider starts a radio talk show meant to demystify misconceptions about marijuana.
Noelle Crombie  ~ Oregonlive.com ~   The morning weekend anchor at Eugene's ABC affiliate says she was fired in late May after testing positive for marijuana.
Mary Beth Quirk ~ Consumerist ~   It almost was, until it wasn’t: The first recreational marijuana TV ad ever got pulled from its slotted schedule last night amid legal concerns.
Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch ~   Spot will be aired late Monday during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on ABC Denver affiliate.
Perry Stein ~ Washington Post ~   It’s been five months since marijuana was legalized in D.C., and now there’s a public opportunity to show off, if you’ve been letting that liberty take root.
Jamie Hale ~ OregonLive.com ~ Recreational marijuana may now be legal in Oregon, but it’s still forbidden at the state’s famous festival.
Natalie McDonald ~ PhillyVoice.com ~ Here’s what happens when you combine cannabis and a drag queen with an outspoken marijuana activist.
Julie Turkewitz ~ New York Times ~   A look at Colorado’s only pot-themed FM radio station, which made its debut June 1   ~
Nick Gass ~ Politico ~   Former President Bill Clinton made a marijuana-related joke during a Clinton Global Initiative event on Wednesday with Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
CBS This Morning ~    The number of companies looking to cash in on marijuana is growing, including some with celebrity backers, like Melissa Etheridge, reports CBS News correspondent Gigi Stone Woods.