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KINGSTON, Jamaica — A north Italy-based ice cream parlour in the small resort town of Alassio – which is seven square miles with a population of approximately 11,000 – hopes to begin selling its Bob Marley-inspired hemp treats before year end.
WASHINGTON - Christmas is approaching fast and this is a big week for people to load up on gifts to place under their tree. Since Initiative 71 became legal back in February, it means this is the first holiday season you can legally give marijuana as a present to people over the age of 21 in the District of Columbia.
'Tis the season for partying - and what better time than the holidays to combine all the vices (sugar, booze, cream, and alcohol) into a tasting course of delicious, sinful beverages?
No holiday table is complete without a nice, big meat roast, front and center. You could grace your table with a goose with golden-brown skin, a crispy brined turkey with truffle butter, or a pile of Cornish game hens wearing edible Santa hats. Or you could make some prime rib that truly embodies the holiday spirit.
Amazon is developing a marijuana-themed family dramedy, starring Margaret Cho, Variety has learned.
Marijuana has only just recently become legal in parts of the US, but that’s not stopping some of the biggest names in music from getting into the business.
Jessica Contrera ~ Washington Post ~ If Ohio votes yes on marijuana legalization on Tuesday, the Cincinnati native and long-ago leading man of “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica” will automatically become one of the top weed kingpins in the Buckeye State.
Ian Goldstein ~ Entertainment Weekly ~   When Kimmel asked the presidential candidate where he stood on the legalization of marijuana, Sanders discussed the excessive amount of American citizens in prison for marijuana use and emphasized putting an end to the war on drugs.
Marc Schneider ~ Billboard.com ~ Move over Miles: The legendary record store wants to convert its jazz room into Berkeley's newest medical marijuana dispensary.
Katie Shapiro~ TheCannabist.co ~ While cannabis curiosity is still at odds with social stigmas, tours with Cultivating Spirits or a stay at 420-friendly Breck Haus are enlightening options to explore.
John M. Glionna ~ Los Angeles Times ~   Step aside, Comedy Central. Beat it, MTV. Eat your heart out, Food Channel.
Jason Wilson ~ theguardian.com ~  For the fast-growing industry growing around weed, the current challenge is to make marijuana an item of ordinary middle-class consumption.
Nicole Bitette ~ NY Daily News ~   For one day, Brooklyn will have its own Great Weed Way.
AFP ~ San Francisco (AFP) - Snoop Dogg is rolling his love for cannabis into a new lifestyle website intended to be an online "encyclopedia" for anything anyone would want to know about pot.
Lindsey Bartlett ~ Westword ~   The Doggfather himself made a public service announcement wishing everyone in Colorado a happy pot tax holiday.
Valentina Zarya ~ Fortune ~   How did rock star Melissa Etheridge become the keynote speaker for the leading cannabis business event?