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SALEM — From seed providers to a company offering mechanized bud trimmers, those involved in the once-illicit marijuana industry in the Pacific Northwest got ready on Friday for the first-ever Oregon Cannabis Growers’ Fair.
After months of hard work carefully tending your plants, you’ve finally harvested a crop of frosty, fragrant cannabis buds that you just can’t wait to try. But first, they need to be dried.
Oregon is the first to feature marijuana anywhere at their state fair.
On August 4th we celebrate the birth of one of the most influential figures in jazz. But did you know that Pops loved his pot?
There are pairings and tastings for wine, beer and even coffee. Why not cannabis?
Fair officials said the inclusion of cannabis plants is a nod to the newly legal status of the crop.
According to an age-old farming tradition, the phase of the moon has a huge impact on how well a plant will grow.
Renowned grower Jorge Cervantes will answer readers’ questions and give advice on all things related to the cannabis plant.
Pairing different strains with different brewing methods and roasts can make for some hand-picked, unique experiences.
While the expanding legal marijuana market is a novice of modern economy, cannabis is no new commodity.
PENDLETON — In the marijuana world, cannabis breeder Daniel John “D.J.” Short gets rock star raves while simultaneously keeping to the shadows.
"Altered State: Marijuana in California," a one-of-its-kind museum exhibition focusing on the topic, is open through the summer at the Oakland Museum of California.
It wasn’t until a chance encounter with the one and only Bob Dylan that the Beatles became truly enamored with the wacky tobacky.
This is an ambitious undertaking for the Oakland Museum of California, but it comes at the right time and in the right place.
Cannabis food products aren't for sale yet in Canada, but entrepreneurs already preparing for legalization of edibles.
As marijuana slowly starts to become more accepted socially, cannabis weddings in Colorado are on the rise.