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Colorado may have a reputation as the leading marijuana state, but it turns out New Yorkers talk about pot more on social media, by one measure.

The niche industry for cannabis weddings is new but booming.

“The 420 Collection,” an exhibit of paintings with a marijuana theme created by vocalist-turned-artist Grace Slick, will be shown April 20-May 30 at the Area Arts Gallery in Santa Rosa.

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DENVER -- We all know what to do when we find expired milk in refrigerators. But what about expired marijuana edibles? As Colorado's burgeoning pot industry continues to grow, it's a question some have asked.

Is it a high-end cafe? Is it a grocery store? Nope, it’s a medical marijuana dispensary.

Image: Vireo Health of New York via Village Voice

Kosher kush is not just the name of an award-winning Cannabis indica strain. Starting this month, as dispensaries open their doors for business across New York, it's also a caliber of medical marijuana that will be available from one of the state's five licensed growers.

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