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FDA action on cannabis firm’s drug for COVID-19 patients sends Philly pharma firm’s stock soaring

Shares in Philadelphia-based cannabis company FSD Pharma spiked 324% in premarket trading this morning on news that it had been granted approval by the Food and Drug Administration to submit an application for a clinical trial using a synthetic drug that mimics the action of a molecule found in marijuana to treat COVID-19.

New York Senator Pushes To Legalize Marijuana As Part Of Criminal Justice Package Amid Protests

As mass protests over police killings of black Americans continue across the U.S., there’s a renewed push in New York to pass a package of criminal justice reform legislation that includes marijuana legalization.

How To Use Cannabis To Combat PMS Symptoms - Cannabis News

Cramps can range from mildly uncomfortable to downright debilitating, making it impossible for people to complete their daily responsibilities.

Holy smoke: Ancient Israelites Used Cannabis as Temple Offering

Analysis of altar residue shows worshippers burned pot at a Judahite desert shrine – and may have done the same at the First Temple in Jerusalem.

5 problems hemp farmers face this year - Cannabis News

Bottlenecks abound on the production end -- and that’s not even counting the fundamentals of weather and hemp farming competence.

Cannabis and coffee: How do they affect your body? - Cannabis News

There’s no denying that coffee and cannabis are both popular. What’s perhaps less clear is how coffee and cannabis consumption overlap, but with the rise of infused coffee products, it’s safe to say pairing coffee with cannabis is pretty common.

COVID-19 interstate compacts could be a model for regional marijuana trade - Cannabis News

Lawmakers in Oregon have been at the forefront of national efforts to give legal producers a way to export out of state.

How To Clean Your Marijuana Gear Without Using Rubbing Alcohol - Cannabis News

The pandemic has affected the production of a variety of disinfectants, from hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, to the latest product in short supply: rubbing alcohol.

Montana medical marijuana patients to be "untethered" from providers June 2 - Cannabis News

“I feel like everyone’s going to be just fine, and it’s the best thing that could happen to the industry in a very long time.”

States With Medical Marijuana Laws Saw 20% Drop In Some Opioid Prescriptions - Cannabis News

States with active medical marijuana laws saw certain opioid prescription rates drop nearly 20 percent compared to prohibition states, a first-of-its-kind study out of Columbia University’s Irving Medical Center has found.