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California Unveils State-Certified Organic Cannabis Plan - Cannabis News

Regulators in the California Department of Food and Agriculture have unveiled their OCal program, which will label organically grown cannabis products in a market scorned by federal regulators.

Poll: Majority Of Americans Think Marijuana Legalization Is A Successful Policy - Cannabis News

A majority of Americans believe that state marijuana legalization laws have been a success, according to a new survey.

Study Suggests Cannabis Consumer Product Knowledge Is ‘Very Poor’ - Cannabis News

A study by the University of Buffalo and University of Michigan shows that even enthusiastic cannabis consumers can have a low level of knowledge about THC, CBD, and effective dosing.

Virginia just decriminalized marijuana - Cannabis News

The state is the 27th to decriminalize or legalize marijuana.

After 4-year delay, DEA will review dozens of requests to grow marijuana for research - Cannabis News

After nearly 4 years of what some researchers saw as foot dragging, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced it will evaluate 37 applications to grow marijuana for medical research and proposed new rules for the prospective growers that outline how the cannabis-growing program would work.

Industrial hemp becomes legal in South Dakota after Noem signs bill - Cannabis News

Industrial hemp and CBD oil are now legal in South Dakota after a yearlong standoff between Gov. Kristi Noem and legislators.

How to Get High Safely During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Cannabis News

We caught up with NORML Director Erik Altieri to find out the best ways to get stoned during COVID-19.

Is my dispensary open and can they deliver cannabis right now? - Cannabis News

Is my cannabis dispensary still open? In the season of COVID-19, that question just got a lot more complicated.

First recreational pot shop in a major East Coast city opens - Cannabis News

Boston’s first pot shop opened Monday, marking the first recreational marijuana store to open in a major East Coast city.

New Hampshire Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill - Cannabis News

A New Hampshire House committee approved a bill on Tuesday that would legalize marijuana for adult use in the state.