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Survey: More Cannabis Consumers Seek Wellness, Not Intoxication – Cannabis News

New research by a national marketing strategy firm has turned up some surprising findings about Gen X and Millennial cannabis consumers.

Pot legalization marches ahead; Trump calls it ‘state issue’ – Cannabis News

President Obama has been politically artful in his approach to legal pot, providing states such as California with a road map on how to legalize. Donald Trump has said the decision should be left to states.

Weed legalization: 5 ways marijuana could change your city – Cannabis News

Beyond the potential tax revenue that could be coming to states across the country, how will the spread of legalized cannabis affect the American landscape?

U.S. Defense Secretary Says Pentagon Should Hire Marijuana Users - Cannabis News

Leading military chief says a pothead past should not disqualify federal job applicants.

There are 7,000 New Pot Smokers Every Day in the USA – Cannabis News

A new set of stats about cannabis use in the U.S. is painting an interesting picture of what today’s marijuana scene looks like.

Middle-aged parents are now more likely to smoke weed than their teenaged kids – Cannabis News

And it's not just middle-aged folks who are indulging more often.

Study: More U.S. adults using marijuana than ever – Cannabis News

As perceptions of marijuana change, more American adults are using pot than ever before, and they're using it more often, a new study finds.

One in Eight U.S. Adults Say They Smoke Marijuana – Cannabis News

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Thirteen percent of U.S. adults tell Gallup they currently smoke marijuana, nearly double the percentage who reported smoking marijuana only three years ago.

Pot proponents see momentum – Cannabis News

Voters in nine states will get to decide whether to liberalize laws involving marijuana this year in a rush of ballot measures that pro-pot activists see as a critical tipping point in the fight over legalization.