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Marijuana Legalization: Even Republicans Are Changing Their Minds – Cannabis News

Once an issue reserved for dreadlocked Green Party supporters, marijuana legalization has become a mainstream political topic.

Poll: Republican support for legal marijuana hits a new high – Cannabis News

For the first time Republicans narrowly support legalizing marijuana.

Up to12 States Could Vote on Cannabis This November – Cannabis News

It is no secret that marijuana legislation has continued to gain momentum in the United States this year.

The Cannabis Industry Finds Ways to Give Back to the Community – Cannabis News

Those running retail marijuana dispensaries or cultivation facilities want to be taken seriously, and many have taken it upon themselves to find ways to engage in their communities.

2016 presidential field friendliest ever to legalizing marijuana, advocates say – Cannabis News

Advocates for legalizing marijuana say they have reason to believe their mission to make America mellow has its most receptive audience ever among candidates running for president.

Seniors Now The Fastest Growing Demographic Of Cannabis Users – Marijuana News

The 55-and-older crowd is now the fastest-growing demographic of pot users in the country.

Colorado city will use $1.5 million cannabis tax revenues to help the homeless – Marijuana News

Aurora, the third largest city in the state, will donate funds to organizations which help low-income people with housing and community services.

The President of the United States Made a Marijuana Joke at the White House Correspondents' Dinner – Marijuana News

The President of the United States made a weed joke at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday.

Leading Orthodox rabbi rules marijuana kosher for Passover – Marijuana News

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky has ruled that medical marijuana is kosher for Passover.