Jamaica, the birthplace of landrace strains like Lamb’s Bread and icons like Bob Marley, has long been a capital of cannabis culture, but only in recent years did the country loosen its laws on the plant. 
'The law is far from perfect, but it's a foot in the door on the way to full legalisation'.
Legislators in Greece have approved a bill to regulate medical cannabis cultivation and distribution.
  An Israeli company on Sunday announced a $110 million deal to grow and produce medical cannabis for a European buyer in what it said was the biggest agreement of its kind to be signed in Israel to date.
  After a century of prohibition, ganja is now growing legally in the island nation.
“It’s just like when prohibition was ended. This is an utterly unique opportunity in the market. These don’t come along very often.”
New laws spawn a growth in the industry as 12 permits are issues, with three more impending.
Could the United Kingdom see marijuana legalization? The UK Parliament debates this week. 
The Guinness Book of World Records can tell you which city has the fastest internet connection, and which has the oldest restaurant, but  it doesn't say which city smokes the most weed, writes James McClure.
Canadian cannabis companies are increasingly setting their sights on South America, where several countries are liberalizing their cannabis laws.