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Marijuana sales in the city-What to expect

Whether you’re planning to spend your summer weekends at festivals, weddings, or a combination of the two, there’s one accessory you need above all else—flower crowns, of course!

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Pot slump creates distressed opportunities

Wedding season is approaching, if not already here. And in cannabis-friendly states, a growing number of people are tying the knot with ceremonies and/or receptions that have incorporated marijuana into their celebrations.

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Medical Marijuana and Pharmacists: Should we Expect Changes at the Local Drug Store? - Cannabis News

The Cannabis Wedding Expo, expanding to three states in 2017, showcases marijuana businesses who want to help enthusiasts incorporate cannabis into their Big Day.

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Cannabis beer, all the buzz without the caloric baggage.

A wedding is an occasion of many firsts: the first look, the first kiss, the first dance. But what about the first toke?

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Inside one nonprofit’s plans to enter NY’s legal weed industry

Florist Bec Koop is putting the finishing touches on a wedding bouquet, which in this case are buds of cannabis tucked among the roses.

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How Hemp Is Helping Fight Climate Change

As marijuana slowly starts to become more accepted socially, cannabis weddings in Colorado are on the rise.

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