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How Washington Could Become Even More Marijuana-Friendly

Image of legal recreational marijuana flower top
As a resident of Washington state, I've witnessed some big changes over the past decade -- but perhaps none bigger than the legalization of marijuana on a recreation basis.
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Here's what might happen to marijuana prices if it were legalized across the US

Image of legal marijuana at The Grass Station, one of Denver's best recreational marijuana dispensaries.
Over the last two decades marijuana has practically been an unstoppable force.
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Hillary Clinton Weighs in on Marijuana - and You May Not Like What She Has to Say

Image of Hilary Clinton
If you had told me even five years ago that marijuana had the potential to be a major issue by the 2016 presidential elections, I'd have probably laughed and walked away.
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5 Stunning Comments From President Obama Regarding the Potential Legalization of Marijuana

Image of President Obama
Sean Williams ~ The Motley Fool ~
Just when marijuana supporters thought things couldn't get any better, last week brought incredible news.
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7 Stunning Figures That Sum Up Colorado's Marijuana Market

Image of Graph showing total average medical and rectreational marijuana plants in Colorado
Sean Williams ~ The Motley Fool ~
Last year was another transformational year for the marijuana movement.
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