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What Weed Tourism Looks Like In 2022 And Beyond

Products that contain a cannabis-based ingredient called cannabidiol, or CBD, are to be classed as medicines by the UK medicines regulator from this year.

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Cannabis Testing Company may lose license for falsely inflating THC levels

It’s a small step toward a major government legitimizing medicinal marijuana.

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Gorilla Glue lawsuit: Cannabis biz stuck in the middle of branding battle over strain name - Cannabis News

Study calls for Britain to follow lead of some US states and allow the sale of cannabis to over-18s in licensed retail stores.

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The Cannabis question: What would legalizing recreational pot mean for North Dakota?

British Union Jack. Image: Michael Beckwith via Wikimedia Commons
Exclusive: Private analysis for the British Treasury concludes that regulation could also produce huge savings for the justice system.
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5 Things Employers Should Know About CBD - Cannabis News

Welcome to Scotland sign. Image: Amanda Slater via Wikimedia Commons
Cannabis should be legalised, according to thousands of Scots.
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What Tuesday’s Elections Mean For State And Local Marijuana Reform - Cannabis News

Officers said the

BBC News ~

Scores of cannabis plants have been discovered growing in a remote area of disused land in south-west London.
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Puff test for pot use will be reality within a year, WSU researchers say

British flag. Image: Jiri Hodan via Wikimedia Commons
A petition on the UK government's website calling for cannabis legalization reached more than 200,000 signatures, meaning the proposal will be debated by the British parliament.
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Ireland: People with chronic pain want access to medical cannabis

Durham Police Commissioner Ron Hogg with Teeside cannabis activists in 2014 (Photo via The Independent)

James Cusick ~ The Independent ~

Ron Hogg will now only intervene if Durham growers are being 'blatant'.

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