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Did Jesus use Hemp Oil? Hemp Podcast explores evidence

Two weeks after many cities celebrated 4/20, people in cities around the world will take to the streets on Saturday for the 2017 Global Marijuana March (GMM, in some places known as the Million Marijuana March) as a protest to end cannabis prohibition in each of the countries where the march takes place.

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Pediatricians in Canada seeing a growing demand for medical cannabis for kids - Cannabis News

Lovers have Valentine’s Day. The kids have Halloween. And the stoners have 4/20.

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Virginia: Governor approves groundbreaking medical marijuana legislation - Cannabis News

The growing acceptance of marijuana has opened up consumer opportunities for the 420 holiday.

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10 best 4/20 sites: Where marijuana history was made - Cannabis News

While it’s not yet on calendars, April 20 has become the unofficial holiday of marijuana, particularly in the growing number of states where pot has been decriminalized for recreational use.

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Coronavirus, Counterfeits & Cannabis: Protecting CBD Brands During a Pandemic

The hunt is on for a new location for Vancouver’s 4/20 marijuana rally, starting in 2018.

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