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Study Shows Cannabis Consumers Are Successful, Motivated, Health-Conscious: Snoop Dogg Weighs In


The long-standing, negative stereotypes about cannabis consumers have contributed to a decades-long stigma that lingers to this date, even as legalization spreads across the world while birthing one of the fastest-growing industries of our time.

But new data out today, shared exclusively with Forbes ahead of its official release, aims to erase these harmful stereotypes forever.

Clearing The Air

Cannabis tech company recently conducted a study of 5,000 adult cannabis consumers from the U.S. and Canada, seeking to provide a more accurate understanding of the modern cannabis user. The data revealed that, contrary to the outdated "Dazed and Confused" depiction, today's cannabis consumers are successful, motivated and health-conscious people.

"I smoke cannabis, advocate for it on a personal level, but I'm also an investor and entrepreneur. The opportunity in cannabis is clear, and this data highlights that consumers are highly educated, with more buying power than these stereotypes would have you believe," Snoop Dogg, co-founder of Casa Verde Capital, an investor in dutchie, commented when prompted about the results.

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