On Sunday, Wisconsin State Senator, Patrick Testin, took a tour of the first legal Hemp harvest since the 1950's. Industrial Hemp Farming, was originally banned from the state of Wisconsin because of how closely it resembles Marijuana.

When voters in 16 Wisconsin counties and two cities go to the polls Nov. 6 they will join a nationwide debate by marking their ballots for or against legalizing marijuana use either for medical reasons or personal recreation.

In its lawsuit, the tribe argued the state had no authority on reservation lands over growing hemp for CBD oil.

A Milwaukee County Board committee has voted unanimously to put a marijuana referendum on the November ballot.

While tightly controlled, Wisconsin farmers will soon be allowed to explore a cash crop in which Wisconsin led the nation in production decades ago.

EAST TROY, Wis. (AP) — Hemp advocates say Wisconsin’s marketplace must get up to speed now that hemp production has been legalized in the state.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Democratic candidate for governor Matt Flynn says if Wisconsin voters want to legalize marijuana, he’s all for it.

A state Senate bill which would legalize the growth and production of industrial hemp in the state of Wisconsin recently passed through a Senate committee with a unanimous vote.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A legislative committee is set to consider a bill that would allow farmers to grow industrial hemp in Wisconsin.

Absent state action, city governments are reportedly free to change marijuana policy within municipal limits.

State Representative Melissa Sargent is introducing a bill to legalize both medicinal and recreational use of marijuana in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin lawmakers have introduced four pieces of legislation this session aimed at expanding access to treatment for people with serious medical conditions.

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican lawmakers want to help Wisconsin's once-dominant hemp industry make a comeback, giving farmers the chance to add a versatile and hardy plant to their fields.

MADISON (WLUK) --- Democratic state lawmakers are looking to legalize medical marijuana.

State Senate Democrats are proposing action on medical marijuana in Wisconsin, through a bill to allow use of medical marijuana and by calling for a non-binding statewide referendum.

MADISON, Wis. — As a marijuana extract used to treat seizures becomes more widely embraced, even by former Republican opponents, the conversation in Wisconsin is shifting to whether the time is right to approve medical marijuana.

A majority of Wisconsinites want marijuana to be legal and regulated like alcohol, a new poll shows.

A drop of cannabis oil. Image: Ryan Bushby via Wikimedia Commons

Families desperate to get access to a medicinal oil derived from marijuana urged legislators to legalize it at a tearful hearing Tuesday.

Federal agents swarmed the Menominee Indian tribe's Wisconsin reservation Friday and eradicated 30,000 cannabis plants, confusing and alarming tribal leaders, policy reformers and attorneys who work with other American Indian tribes considering growing marijuana or hemp.

Menominee leaders say the plants were intended for lawful research into growing industrial hemp, which is processed and utilized for fiber, food and oil and is distinguishable from marijuana by its lower levels of the high-inducing compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

Growing hemp was illegal in the U.S. for decades until an amendment to the 2014 federal farm bill allowed states to implement pilot programs growing hemp for academic or agricultural research. Several states, such as Colorado and Kentucky, have done so, and the Menominee announced earlier this year they would, too, in cooperation with the College of the Menominee Nation.

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