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Marijuana 4/20 Quotes 2016: Funny, Inspirational National Weed Day Sayings To Share On Reefer Holiday – Marijuana News

April 20 may just seem like any other day, but to pot smokers and marijuana enthusiasts around the world, 4/20, or National Weed Day, is a time to celebrate — and consume — cannabis.

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WeedElect.com, The WeedLife Network’s website devoted to ‘The Politics of Cannabis,’ debuts its WeedElect mobile app

The app is expected to be a prime resource for people interested in the politics of cannabis in the United States during a crucial election year.

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Schools mull medical marijuana policies over student use – Marijuana News

Image: Wikimedia Commons

AUBURN, Maine (AP) -- After years of trying to keep marijuana out of schools, educators across the country are grappling with how to administer cannabis to students with prescriptions for it.

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WeedWorthy.com, the cannabis-related news and information web site, rolls out its mobile app - Marijuana News

A rapidly-growing part of The WeedLife Network, a ground-breaking group of websites and apps for marijuana businesses, organizations and consumers, the new WeedWorthy app will help the public stay up-to-date on cannabis news and data.

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The WeedLife Network had 1.5 million reasons to be grateful for in 2015 – Marijuana News

The ground-breaking network of websites and apps for marijuana businesses and consumers reached its planned sales goals nearly one year ahead of schedule, and looks forward to aggressively expanding its footprint in the legal cannabis industry in 2016.

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California marijuana growers are new drought target

A dog patrols marijuana plants growing in Shelter Cove in Humboldt County, California. Water quality control boards around the state have begun cracking down on practices that affect local water supplies. (Barbara Davidson / Los Angeles Times
Pot growers have been put on notice by state regulators that they will have to follow the same rules as the rest of the agriculture industry in protecting the state's drought-stricken water supply.
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Oregon marijuana shops begin sales to recreational users

Davia Fleming, 29, center, is surrounded by media members as she becomes the first shopper at Shango Premium Cannabis, in Portland, Ore. On Oct. 1, 2015. Oregon marijuana stores have begun sales to recreational users. (AP Photo/Timothy J. Gonzalez)
Jonathan J. Cooper and Bob Seavey ~ Associated Press ~
PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) -- Oregon marijuana shops began selling marijuana Thursday for the first time to recreational users, marking a big day for the budding pot industry.
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Nurturing Start-ups in the Legal Cannabis Industry

Attendees at the kick-off of CanopyBoulder's fall boot camp. Image: WeedWorthy.com
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~
Firms like CanopyBoulder are helping new, marijuana-related firms to not only survive the crucial first years in business, but to hopefully thrive as they grow and evolve.
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First marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas area opening Monday

An exterior schematic of Euphoria Wellness in Las Vegas. Image L.E. Baskow via Las Vegas Sun.
Fifteen years after medical marijuana was legalized in Nevada, Clark County’s first retail dispensary plans to open to the public Monday.
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Unlicensed Marijuana Stores Grow Like Weeds in LA

The former location of Wilmington Buds on Avalon Boulevard in Los Angeles. Photo: Martin do Nascimento/ News21
Brittan Jenkins, Martin do Nascimento and Tom Blanton ~ Carnegie-Knight News21 initiative via NBCNews.com ~
Passed by California voters nearly two decades ago, but absent statewide regulation, the legalization of medical marijuana has spawned a vast network of illegal dispensaries and wide disparities over how businesses are monitored across the state - if they are at all.
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California marijuana farmer develops pot delivery app

Joshua Artman developed a duo of apps that connect cannabis growers with dispensaries and users. Image: JOHN BURGESS / The Press Democrat

Julie Johnson ~ The Press Democrat ~

Near the heart of the remote Round Valley in Mendocino County, a back-to-the-land father and cannabis farmer is trying to get in on the ground floor of an industry that could skyrocket if recreational use of marijuana is legalized in California next year.
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Most Populous State Yet May Legalize Pot in November

Ohio state flag

An Ohio ballot measure makes some reformers squirm, but backers says its grower oligopoly is nothing to worry about.

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MS patients may someday find relief in marijuana chewing gum

AXIM already has a cannabinoid chewing gum product, known as CanChew, on the market. Image AXIM via MarketWatch.com.

Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch.com ~

Marijuana-infused gum enters clinical trials.

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Most Indian Tribes Wary of Legalized Marijuana

Tribal council leaders, parents and youth are concerned about the impact that legalizing marijuana could have on communities in the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Image: Kelcie Johnson/News21

Marijuana marathon races look to break stoner stigma

Two race participants celebrate their finish at the Saturday 4.2-mile race. Image: 420 Games via MarketWatch
Kathleen Burke ~ MarketWatch.com ~
Marijuana users on the west coast are running, or walking, away from the popular image of the Jeff Spicoli-like pot smoker.
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Get ready for a night at home, playing Pipes & Lighters

Pipes & Lighters board game
Bruce Kennedy ~ WeedWorthy ~

Cannabis-based smoothies coming to metro Dallas, Texas

Brad Ervin (left) and Melete Finch, co-owners of Hippie Butter, and Steve Rash, chief executive of North American Cannabis Holdings. Image:  Ben Torres/Special Contributor
Kristen TaketaDallas Morning News ~

FRISCO — Ah, the energizing power of a smoothie packed with blueberries, bananas, yogurt and ... cannabis?

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How is a pro-pot state like Colorado keeping teens away from marijuana?

Todd Mitchem is CEO of an app-based social network for cannabis enthusiasts, High There! He says legal recreational marijuana has changed the pot conversation for him and other parents. Image: AP via Christian Science Monitor.
Colorado's initial efforts to deter teens from taking up marijuana drew criticism for recycling Drug War-era scare tactics. Public health officials seek to strike a different tone with the 'What's next" campaign.
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Colorado pot sales spike in June, top $50M for first time

Cannabis under grow lights at a Denver facility. Image: WeedWorthy.com

Colorado pot taxes: Over the first six months of 2015, the state has pulled in a total of $60.7 million in marijuana taxes, fees.

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3 Presidential Candidates Most Likely to Legalize or Decriminalize Marijuana

White House Exterior. Image: www.GlynLowe.com via Wikimedia Commons.